Doughty resigned from Jeremy Corbyn's front bench in January and is now backing Angela Eagle for the leadership of the party - but Doughty's former rival Owen Smith (Labour Pontypridd) has also now declared his candidature

Doughty resigned from Jeremy Corbyn’s front bench in January and is now backing Angela Eagle for the leadership of the party – but Doughty’s former rival Owen Smith (Labour Pontypridd) has also now declared his candidature

Stephen  Doughty, the Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth, is to back Angela Eagle’s bid to wrest the leadership of the Labour Party from incumbent leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Last night the Labour Party’s National Executive (NEC) –  after a marathon 6-hour meeting – confirmed that the party’s rule-book does allow the incumbent leader’s name to be automatically included in the leadership ballot paper, thereby allowing Jeremy Corbyn to stand.

Jeremy Corbyn emerged triumphant from last night's NEC meeting

Jeremy Corbyn emerged triumphant from last night’s NEC meeting

However the NEC has tightened up on membership rules which will prevent Labour members who joined after mid-January this year from voting.

Stephen Doughty in the House of Commons yesterday

Stephen Doughty in the House of Commons yesterday

Giving his reaction to the NEC decision, Stephen Doughty is quoted as having said “Personally, I don’t have a problem with it. For me, it’s important a process happens. It’s Labour party history that people have been able to challenge the leader and there was a contest with Kinnock and there’s a contest now, and that’s fair and right.”

Doughty is listed as being a vice-chair of  Labour’s Blairite “Progress Group”  which was  set up  as a private  company limited by guarantee  and has been prominent in the campaign to oust Jeremy Corbyn as party leader.

Progress originally described itself as a “New Labour pressure group” but subsequently dropped the “New Labour” appellation – and instead declared it represented  the Labour party mainstream – a claim emphatically rejected by the Corbynite “Momentum Group”.

It was the Progress Group which was said to have co-ordinated and synchronised the series of resignations from Labour’s front bench in June this year  in an unsuccessful attempt to de-stabilise Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader .

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg cues Stephen Doughty to announce his resignation on Wednesday's BBC Daily Politics programme

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg cues Stephen Doughty to announce his resignation on January 8 2016 on the BBC Daily Politics programme

Owen Smith (Labour Pontypridd)

Owen Smith (Labour Pontypridd)

Doughty himself had already resigned from the Labour front bench in January – and did so live on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme  tv in an abortive attempt to prompt an avalanche of resignations. On that occasion no one followed him.

Meanwhile a former rival of Doughty’s –  Owen Smith (Labour Pontypridd) – has also declared his candidacy for the Labour Leadership.

When the Labour Party selected a candidate to fight the vacant Pontypridd seat in the 2010 General Election Doughty was on the shortlist but was rejected in favour of Smith.

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  1. Keith Inker says:

    Putting power before principle may be the last straw for the membership. People need principled leadership, not a marketing ploy. We need someone who represents electors, not professional interests.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      “Though Cowards Flinch and Traitors Sneer”
      Owen Smith educated at Barry Boys is the man for me every time out of the present field.
      This is all a natural process in re-educating the Westminster Labour Club in to accepting the wonderful news that we are free from the grasping tentacles of the E. U.
      They will continue to throw their toys out of the pram until they learn to accept Brexit is truly wonderful and be as ruthlessly successful as the Tories were in dumping, Boris, Gove and Stephen (Council House Kid) Crabbe,

      • Peter Church says:

        I would have put you down as an ultra Corbynist?
        Owen Smith, the ex communications guru at the global drugs conglomerate Pfizer???
        You are turning right wing in your old age!

      • Frank Evans says:

        Owen Smith. Parachuted into safe seat in Pontypridd boyo no wonder you support him. Is iit strange how few of the labour MPs went to university in Wales 😅

  2. Ann Other says:

    Well, it could be worse. At least he’s supporting someone respectable. It will be best for all of us if the Labour Party becomes the property of those anachronisms from the 1970s, the Corbynites and what is left of the trade unions (as, indeed, it seems destined to do) so that the rest, maybe people such as our esteemed MP, are able to set themselves up as a modern, forward-looking social democratic party.

  3. Christopher David says:

    There is nothing Doughty does that worries anyone.

  4. Lyndsay Doyle says:

    He is proving himself to be a poor decision maker.

  5. Christopher David says:

    He’s entirely superfluous as are more than half of them. The ex shadow business minister that doesn’t know what a company is 🙂 .

  6. Ian Perry says:

    The challengers do not appear to be strong enough leaders to me.

  7. Andrew Worsley says:

    Doughty is a headline grabbing nonentity, a disloyal party member and bends with the wind , he is an embarrassment . Another ‘here today gone tomorrow ‘ so called MP. Totally forgettable, Corbyn is trying to get the Labour Party , “back on track” a Labour Party that seems to have forgotten its ‘mission’ . Corbyn wants the party to remember its mission , which is to champion the working classes , to give a voice to the layman , to represent the concerns and interests of the poor the less well off and the vunerable parts of our society . Unlike this break away group of which Doughty is a member , this group that cosies up to the Tories , the ‘soft left ‘ Blairite faction and those who try to distance themselves from Blair yet are in politics to ‘feather their nest’ are ‘Wolves In Sheeps Clothing’, and are out to better themselves and their career or which becomes BEFORE THE AIMS OF THE LABOUR PARTY and its original purpose, which people like Doughty disregard , or have forgotten or really don’t care about. This character is just a publicity seeking nobody as can be judged from his antics over recent months. Of course he will say he is sincere in all he does , as Mandy Rice Davies famously quoted once “well he would say that wouldn’t he”. Anyway Corbyn has now become a ‘Champion of the people’ , he is genuine , and it is this genuine person who spent years on the back benches because he spoke the truth and didn’t , ‘play the game’ as others did to further their career. And so the Labour Party decided to put this person up for election , but were not serious, but when ‘SHOCK HORROR ‘ the plan backfires and he is elected all HELL BREAKS LOOSE . Now we have backstabbers like Eagle and the latest nonentity Own Jones …. Owen who ????? exactly , I as a Labour Party supporter but not a member have never heard of this person till recent (if I ever did hear his name it meant nothing or didn’t register with me). But all these treacherous MPs like Eagle and Owen and all the rest of the treacherous self seeking individuals are now up against a GENUINE , ‘ MAN OF THE PEOPLE’ and see how they don’t like that!!? Probably spoiling the plans of some of the ‘get rich quick ‘ crowd who would have put up the former disgraced MP Jaqui Smith if she was available as she is more their style and had/has the same career motive as most of them .

    • Ann Other says:

      Can you be a ‘champion of the people’ when the people don’t like you or your plans?

  8. Andrew Worsley says:

    Now we discover Eagle and co are even trying to rig the vote for leader in their favour, the ‘traitors’ have declared that Labour Party Members that voted before Jan cannot have another vote in this election for a leader. Why not? is it the same election as last time ?? NO , so why are those members not allowed to vote ? . Possible reply from the ‘traitors camp’.. ” well the thing is it was that bunch of voters who voted Corbyn in and we don’t want them to be able to do that again , do we?”. The answer is NO so we rig the vote, we have also said new Members can only vote /join if they pay £25 and that option is only open 2 or 3 days , so if your on holiday abroad at present looks like youll miss that deadline. And note the entrance of Owen Jones another from the ‘Judas Club’ now Eagle is not concerned about Owen who’s capabilities are completely unknown, as far as Eagle is concerned his entrance will split the votes 3 ways and hopefully for her along with the exclusion of the Members who voted Corbyn in last time will secure her the win she is seeking. And tell me who will be happy with such a cunning , unfair , devious , insincere, transparent , light weight back stabbing leader . If she wins by these methods , shock waves will go through the Labour movement , I am waiting for Corbyn or his supporters to call out Eagle on this vote rigging scheme.

    • Lyndsay Doyle says:

      Owen SMITH – not to be confused with Owen Jones.

    • CoexistinPenarth says:

      I think this is brilliant Andrew. Have you emailed Doughty with this? I voted for him and have emailed him my opinions of his backing of Eagle as he is supposed to only be in power because of the people he voted for, therefore he should really try and represent us. I don’t think he is doing this currently and he needs to be reminded of what we all think.

      • Lyndsay Doyle says:

        There are moves afoot to get Trading Standards involved, as the membership drive promised the right to vote in Labour leadership elections. The 130,000 who have joined this year, and will NOT be entitled to vote in the forthcoming leadership election, can claim that Labour has misled them with a false advertising claim.

  9. Christopher David says:

    Hi Lyndsey.

  10. Andrew Worsley says:


  11. snoggerdog says:

    ive got two pet eagles (twins) called smith & jones ,anyway they both erred in unison (no not the trade union) yesterday.

  12. Christopher David says:

    Your an Eagle-tistic

  13. Christopher David says:

    Ta Mr Breller – got it from the “Doughty He Knows” book of planning and wisdom. Doughty’s no Merlin, in fact flying a Kite. He’s a Hobby politician winging it with a complete lack of talonent and a deep misguided sense of his own worth. Wish he would migrate. He’s Owling,

  14. Christopher David says:


  15. Christopher David says:

    Ah well- I’m no narcissist- not even a popping-jay…………………….you? 😉

  16. Christopher David says:

    Ha love it….now yer hooded-crowing. I think Doughty’s a bit of a grasshopper warbler meself. He doesn’t arf trumpet but no swan with that figure.

  17. Christopher David says:

    No…. U tern if you want, I give up. Too much of a wimp-brel. Still It been emotional and much more fun than engaging that godwit Lyndsey 😉 Oh yeah the non debate. Doughty and the Short Toed Eagle (see; special dietary requirements)

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