Police attended this morning's two-car crash on Victoria Road

Police attended this morning’s two-car crash on Victoria Road (Photo John Clark) 

Sunny weather, roads as dry as a bone, not much traffic around really , and bang  – Penarth suffers its second two car collision in twenty-four hours. 

This particular “coming together” was at the junction of Victoria Road and Archer Road this morning between a green saloon and Audi sports car .

The force of the impact was powerful enough to deploy the airbags of the green saloon and damage the windscreen

The force of the impact was powerful enough to deploy the airbags of the green saloon and damage the windscreen (Photo John Clark)

The saloon appeared to have hit the safety railings on the corner . It’s understood there were no serious injuries.

Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell)

Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell)

Later today Penarth Town and Vale Councillor Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell) issued a comment via PDN saying:- 

“I have asked the Vale Council to see if they can do something about accidents at this location”

Local residents say this location is becoming an accident blackspot and that larger signage is needed to warn drivers on Archer Road of the junction ahead




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  1. Anne says:

    20s plenty for Penarth. These railings give careless drivers the impression they are on a racing circuit and encourage them to drive faster. Tougher penalties are needed for careless motorists. Plus an increase in traffic wardens – The entire Vale of Glamorgan has only 3, yes 3 …in face the Vale is the only council not to make a profit on this.

    • Bobby says:

      How do you know they were doing more than 20mph anyway? its not possible to tell from just looking at a photograph.

    • Sick of the same old politicians says:

      What have traffic wardens got to do with this? They enforce parking restrictions not speed.

    • pompousfruit says:

      They can’t even keep to a 30mph speed limit let alone a 20mph speed limit. As soon as the roads get quiet in Penarth when lots of people are on holiday car drivers start speeding and I’ve almost been knocked off my bicycle as a result.

    • K. Langley says:

      What absolute rot. Maybe the railings give YOU the impression of a race track.

  2. sj11ashby11 says:

    This is a very dangerous junction, cars fly down Victiria Road, one second it is free to go from Archer, and the next second the cars are upon you…

  3. Jack Sparrow says:

    Not surprising the state of the roads in Penarth
    About time the council took responsibility

  4. Robert Jones says:

    Down Hill Derby ?

  5. Councillor Mark Wilson says:

    I have asked the Vale Council to see if they can do something about accidents at this location

  6. Peter Church says:

    “Audi sports car” says it all really.
    In my view most Audio drivers are, to put it blunt, well you can guess.
    Men of a certain age, just starting to go bald and they think “I shall buy an aggressive German car, that’ll do the trick.”

  7. Martin Coffee says:

    I walked the length of Arcot Street this afternoon and counted 17 illegally parked vehicles, some dangerously close to corners and/or blocking dropped curbs. How many does that equate to across the whole of Penarth? It seems to me that the authorities just do not care.

    With the start of the school holidays and many more children out and about I would like to think that the authorities will do something about it but I know they wont.

  8. Concerned Citizen says:

    Nobody seems to think the driver has any responsibility? I am an Audi driver and I drive sensibly and responsibly and have not had an accident in 50 or so years of driving. I am also a pedestrian and a cyclist and I know to look out for other road users. When they find the driver responsible, make him/her retrain on a driving course (and pay for it). Why cost the taxpayers for putting in extra road safety measures, just so that a few drivers can continue to drive irresponsibly?

    • whatsoccurin says:

      I think what has changed in recent years is that house building in the Vale has led to an increasing number of drivers using Penarth as a rat run to Cardiff, avoiding the Dinas Powys bottleneck-the roads around where the accident occurred are not suitable for the volume of traffic-similarly the traffic coming across from the Baron’s Court is going far too fast and at some point there will be a serious accident involving pedestrians trying to cross-I drive carefully and am frequently hooted by inconsiderate drivers behind me.

  9. Ian Perry says:

    Could it be that rather than blaming the user of the infrastructure, it’s the design of the street that is the problem. IF the design of the street is such that a warning sign is required, then there is something wrong with the street.

    Simple measures can be taken that are proven to reduce speeds and reduce the risk of collisions. The central white line is not necessary on this street, and studies suggest that it’s removal will reduce speeds. Removing the priority at the junction for those travelling along Victoria Road will also reduce speeds. A mini-roundabout would simplify decision-making for users.

    Alas, in the Vale of Glamorgan, the skills required to design safe, multi-functional and attractive streets are missing. Sometime in the future, the fact that adding more road signs does not work will reach Wales.

  10. AK says:

    Traffic lights, we need more traffic lights !

    only kidding, we have plenty

    • Lyndsay Doyle says:

      Fewer cars, that’s what is really needed – or more shared journeys… although I suspect it would be hard to find someone to share a journey of a few hundred yards from home to shops. Equally, it would be difficult to find a passenger who wants to just sit alongside a driver with no specific destination. I would guess that the majority of travel miles around Penarth are completely unnecessary, but few motorists would willingly admit it.

  11. AK says:

    I used to be a high mileage driver for work, thankfully no longer.

    My wife and I were out for a jaunt on Wednesday and comented on the endless, growing traffic. It can’t go on.

    When the development on the River Ely and around the International Pool is complete, we’ll be trapped in Penarth. There are endless appartments being build and planned, but no room for growth in the road infrastructure, which is already chaotic with traffic jams by day and unneccessary traffic lights by night.

    When I retire, my car is going and I will walk or cycle everywhere or use my bus pass.

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