Chris Elmore (left) as a Vale of Glamorgan councillor and right as a Labour MP for Ogmore . He has said he will continue to holds both jobs simultaneously

On the Council (left) and in the Commons (right) : Cllr Chris Elmore MP  has said he will continue to hold both jobs simultaneously

Plaid Cymru has attacked Vale of Glamorgan Labour councillor Chris Elmore who has decided to  retain his council seat – despite having been elected as an MP in May this year.

The arrangement means that Elmore (Labour Castleland and now Labour MP for Ogmore) is entitled to receive two salaries from the public purse at the same time – one for being a Vale councillor and the other for being an MP – although Elmore has been quoted as saying he will no longer collect his councillor’s salary.

The Labour-controlled Vale of Glamorgan Council has said Elmore’s election as an MP “does not affect his eligibility to serve as a member of the Vale of Glamorgan Council”.

Cllr Elmore stepped down the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s so-called ‘cabinet’ when he succeeded Huw Irranca Davies in the safe Labour Parliamentary seat of Ogmore – but did not relinquish his seat on the Vale Council .

Cllr Chris Franks (Plaid Cymru Dinas Powys)

Cllr Chris Franks (Plaid Cymru Dinas Powys)

Plaid Cymru says Elmore’s dual roles are “most unusual and unfair on residents”.

Vale Councillor Chris Franks (Plaid Cymru Dinas Powys) says his party is “not at all happy” with Elmore’s decision to retain both jobs.

Cllr Franks says  “It is hard to see with him being based in London – and his address apparently in the Ogmore constituency –  how he is serving his ward” [Cllr Elmore’s council ward is Castleland, Barry].

Elmore’s decision to hold both roles has also drawn criticism from Cllr Kevin Mahoney (Independent Sully) and Cllr Richard Bertin (Independent Court Ward Barry) .

In his maiden speech in the House of Commons, Elmore said he looked forward to ensuring that  ” the people of Ogmore are always my first priority”.


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  1. Spence says:

    I applaud Cllr Elmore’s transparency. His actions have confirmed what many of us already knew, that Chris Elmore’s only priority is to himself and that his hunger for power and status will not be sated. The people of Ogmore and the constituents of the Vale of Glamorgan should REALLY question his commitment to them and realise that his only commitment is to himself, his vanity and his progression up the ladder on their backs. When is the Vale of Glamorgan populace going to wake up and question the validity of the Vale of Glamorgan Council and Llantwit Major First Independents and the work they put in to maintain their grasp of power. By allowing Chris Elmore to hold both positions simultaneously they have demonstrated their greedy agenda and compromised their integrity………….again!

  2. hopenotnasty says:

    Chris Franks knows only to well that Plaid have an AM Neil McEvoy who represents Penath and also is a councillor for Fairwater. Unlike Chris Elmore he has openly said he will claim both salaries. I suggest he puts this money grabbing representative in his place first.

  3. jm says:

    two questions I suppose – 1. is what he is doing illegal/unconstitutional and 2. is he the only politician to have drawn two or more sets of allowances?
    I half recall a dinas powys cllr who was also an AM keeping both roles, but perhaps am mistaken.
    otherwise, not much of a story, really.

  4. Christopher David says:

    When they join the Westminster club grandstanding usually becomes more important than constituency matters.

  5. Kevin Mahoney says:

    I think that it is fair as mentioned above to reiterate Plaids “Neil two wages McEvoy’ who disgracefully has declared that he will be collecting both an AMs wage as well as continuing to collect his councillor wages from Cardiff council.

    How this is allowed I have no idea, and really demonstrates how the political establishment looks after it’s own. UKIPs Nathan Gill is also collecting one third of his AM’s wages whilst hanging on to his MEP £75,000 wages plus 300 euro a day attendance allowance plus 40,000+ office allowance no receipts required.

    How anyone can possibly suggest that someone can do two jobs, one based in Brussels and Srasbourg and one in Cardiff/North Wales at the same time is beyond me as is how Chris Elmore is able to work in Westminster and Ogmore in a full time capacity as well as claiming to represent Castleland ward in Barry.

    Significantly Chris Elmore failed to turn up for the very first full council meeting of the Vale of Glamorgan following his election in Ogmore. His absence was described as being caused by traffic jams on the M4.

    Which I think proves a point.

  6. Mark Foster says:

    Debbie Marles the Electoral Registration Officer of the VOG Council is currently sending out PALE PINK (you wouldn’t believe it) Register to Vote forms.

  7. snoggerdog says:

    i have a free pass for b.r. trains,where can i get a free pass for the train this lot are on?

  8. Mark Foster says:

    “As a result of our rigorous internal audit processes we are content that transactions are in line with Welsh Government business objectives.”


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