The private "Environmental Enforcers" will fine dog owners who alow their animals to foul beaches in the summer

The private “Environmental Enforcers” would penalise  dog owners who allow their animals to foul beaches parks or streets

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is considering hiring a private company to tackle litterbugs and dog-fouling in  the streets, parks and public open spaces of Penarth – and elsewhere in the Vale.

The poo-patrols – or “Environmental Enforcers” as they would be officially called – would issue penalties to dog-owners who don’t scoop up their animals’ excrement and would also  book people who throw litter and indulge in fly-tipping .

Children who play in this back lane have penned their own notice to deter irresponsible dog-walkers from using a lane at the rear of Stanwell Road

Children who play a Penarth back lane penned their own message  to deter irresponsible dog-walkers from using a lane at the rear of Stanwell Road as a dog toilet. The dog owners took no notice.

The patrols would be supplied by a private “environmental enforcement” company and work in partnership with the council’s own compliance and enforcement officers.The Vale Council now spends over £1,000,000 a year on cleaning streets, parks, beaches and public open spaces and says the cost is “unsustainable”.

The council claims that much of the litter “has been dropped by members of the public who have taken a conscious decision to do so rather than to dispose of their waste responsibly. Litter in this case also includes dog fouling.”

In addition to considering hiring the “Environmental Enforcers” to book offenders, the council is also planning new “anti-litter and dog fouling campaigns“. It says these are likely to have a much greater impact if they are also accompanied by “a strong enforcement message”.

Those who litter or don’t remove their dog’s excrement are liable for a  fixed penalty charge of £75 – but in addition to this the new Environmental Enforcers would also be able to impose “other levels of fines as necessary in line with current guidance and legislation”.

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  1. Plainjane says:

    Don’t forget Cigarette butts. Smokers seem to universally believe it’s fine to drop their fag ends wherever – these are also litter and subject to the same laws

    • Fiona Whitfield says:

      I smoke but us-some my ash tray in back garden – the front of my house is disgusting fag ends everywhere Fed up of getting them on my carpet as they stick to soles of shoes wonder what their houses are like

  2. Jan Harding says:

    We noticed last week dog excrement on Penarth Pier. It is very unhygienic when children are on the pier eating ice creams and playing on the floor, the problems of germs everywhere from the excrement could cause a real danger for adults and children let alone the fear of a dog bite. It would be much safer to put back up the NO DOGS sign on the pier, they have all of the beach and esplanade to run and enjoy but please let’s keep the Pier free of these germs.

    • Dog & Pier Lover says:

      With NO clear signage The VOG. have caused a great deal of confusion by allowing Dogs on the Piers Concrete walkway only The Ban still applies to the Wooden planking. This was supposed to be a experimental exercise Clearly it has failed Being a dog & pier lover I believe the NO DOGS ALLOWED rule should be reinstated For health & safety reasons alone.

    • Fiona Whitfield says:

      But dogs cant read and some owners wouldn’t care any way-Im not a dog owner but I feel sorry when all dog owners get tarred with the same brush as Im sure its only a few dog owners who make life a misery for every one

    • Respectful dog owner says:

      I walk my dog every day through the parks and along the sea front and yes there are signs to say NO DOGS on the pier and there should NOT be dogs running along the beach as they are not allowed on the beach between 1st May – 30th September as with most of the beaches, which I totally agree with. I agree that there is far too much dog mess around Penarth and I get very cross with owners who do not clean up after their pets, because along with children and adults stepping in mess, dogs also can walk in other dog’s mess, which also can be very unpleasant. I am also baffled as to why some people take the trouble to pick up their dog’s mess, in proper poo bags and then throw the bag on the grass verge or even worse hang it off the railings!! I personally do not think there are enough dog poo bins around, as I don’t like to use a general bin, but unfortunately have to. Do we know if these “Environmental Enforcers” are going to tackle youngsters drinking in public places as I think that something should be done to stop people drinking in Alexandra Park, as for some unknown reason, they find it necessary to smash their empty beer bottles and leave the glass all over the paths, which is just as dangerous to humans and pets.

  3. Noel Evans says:

    What a good idea, should have been done a long time ago, Does this include Barry island? One of the worst places in Barry is the Knap, there is a lot along the front walk there.

  4. Christopher David says:

    One of the rugby juniors in years gone by had a small cut infected by dog faeces picked up on the rugby field. The effects were quite serious. So £75 seem cheap to me. Worth a trial.

  5. Kevin Mahoney says:

    As I pointed out in council to the cabinet member for responsibility for this, Gwyn John, last Wednesday the problem with this is that the last time the council employed an external company to do exactly this ( Exfor in 2012) all their operatives seemed to do was to prosecute a handful of people who had dropped fag butts, to the best of my knowledge not one dog fouler was prosecuted and when I made enquiries I was told that it was too difficult to provide evidence for dog fouling.

    Mr John replied to my comments in relation to introducing new bye laws in regards to banning litter and fishing at Rhoose point that people can ring 101 for the police to come out and to enforce these by laws.

    I can only assume that Mr Johns comment was some sort of bad joke in regards to actually getting a response from the 101 line and if in a rare occasion getting of an answer not getting laughed off the line when asking for the police to be sent because someone is littering.

    There is of course a maximum £1,000 fine for littering and dog fouling lets start seeing these sort of punitive punishments as well as maximum publicity in the media giving the identity of offenders in an attempt to see if these sort of measures might improve the situation.

    I remain to be convinced of the effectiveness of a new firm being appointed to stimulate prosecutions unless they are closely monitored for results.

    • MGG says:

      i onc rang 101 to complan that contactors vehicles doing up what is now Costa were using parking spaces in Windsor Rd from 7am and staying all day and had been doing so for a week or so.The operator noted I should be glad they were doing up te building and making the place nicer. !!! And now we have delivery vehicles on the pavement or in the disabled section or the crossing zig zags Why arnt these vehicles caught on camera and fined ??

  6. Martin Coffee says:

    Please can their duties include dangerous and illegally parked vehicles.

  7. pompousfruit says:

    Why a private company? Why doesn’t the Council hire people in-house to do this instead?

    • Mark Foster says:

      Who’s going to pay the Labour Party if they do that? Dopey.

      • pompousfruit says:

        What’s this got to do with the Labour Party? It would come out of council tax not Labour Party money. That comment makes you the dopey one not me.

  8. Jillabong says:

    Way too much litter/poo/fag butts etc in Penarth, but way too few bins too. Start fining offenders. Let’s be proud of our beautiful town.

  9. AK says:

    Judging from the photographs in the press this week of the litter strewn beaches at Barry Island, the wardens’ duties could be extended to litter warden as well.

    Or the Council could pay a couple of people to wander the beach with a black bag and a pickup stick.

    Mermaid Quay and its surroundings were also in a terrible mess with litter early this morning.

    I realise that dog mess and litter is not the fault of the Council, but collecting litter can be easily done by a man on a bike with a trailer.

    • 249ers says:

      On Barry Island there is a team council litter pickers that sweep both beaches every morning, then all the bins are emptied. This happens every day but by the end of the day the litter is back. On Penarth beach there is a team of voluntary Beach Wardens who litter pick. I have no idea why people do not take their litter home with them but that is the problem not the lack of litter pickers

      • pompousfruit says:

        What’s wrong with having more litter bins? The litter has to go somewhere When people take their litter home it still has to be picked up by bin men on bin day and adds to the rubbish they pick up.

  10. snoggerdog says:

    i went on the “keep wales tidy” website ,left my details as a volunteer community litter picker,that was about three weeks ago,still waiting.

    • 249ers says:

      Penarth have a team of volunteers Beach Wardens and there is a new group who are caring for the Railway Path footpath. A contact is Chris Wyatt who can be found on Facebook

  11. Andrew Worsley says:

    I quite agree with Jillabong about the litter problem in Penarth town centre. Penarth was votes as ‘Best Town In Wales’ quite recently with no thanks to the ‘litter louts’ and fly tippers etc who are doing there best lately to turn the centre of town into a ‘disgrace’.
    At this time of year Seagulls will rip open black bags looking for food , anyone who has been living in the town a year or more should be aware of this , so should not put black bags out days before collection is due. You have only to take a stroll around the town recently to view the examples of complete disregard of community spirit or pride in the town. The bank next to the roundabout usually has its car park strewn with litter at times , the reason being the car park gates are never closed to prevent it, Then the bank puts boxes and bags of documents around the litter bin , further on the next bin is also surrounded by bags and boxes from the coffee shops or wherever. Moving on the cycle stands outside the pub at the bottom of Glebe St once more stacked with boxes and bags . Further on still rubbish (that has been their a while despite not household rubbish ) has been outside the club next to Blockbusters , then coming up Arcot St , once again rubbish in the form of boxes or bags stacked against the wall . Rubbish in the Lanes , and im tired of seeing a can or a bottle deposited on someones window sill , when a bin was only feet away. On top of all this potholes half heartedly tackled by the Council , only the worst filled in to avoid insurance claims. And in all this I never even got to the vandalisation of the trees especially on Hickman Rd. So its nice to see that at the height of the Summer season with tourist and other visitors coming to the town the sights I have listed above are here to greet them , well done litterbugs.

  12. Andrew Worsley says:

    Further to my last remarks, I am well aware that some in Penarth and in the local media are almost or maybe totally obsessed with the Peir , the seafront in general any attractions and its activities. But that is supposed to be ‘the cherry on the cake’ not the whole cake, but as ive just ranted on about the rubbish in the Town, maybe I can see the reason to avert visitors eyes to the seafront and not the town itself . So whilst some talk about ‘magical’ footpaths around the headland and other dreamlike scenarios the town centre itself slowly sinks into the litter strewn squalor worthy of a third world slum.

  13. Phil says:

    What about graffiti and black bags being put out when there is no rubbish collection, causing them to be ripped open by foxes and seagulls and causing a horrendous stench? Or those how throw food waste – notably in All Saint’s Church (where it is particularly bad) and Sully Terrace on the railway path – allegedly to ‘feed the birds’?

  14. Janet says:

    Coastal towns in the South Eastern USA ban dogs from the beaches from April to September when the holiday-makers are on the beaches. Does Penarth have such a by-law?

    • MBW says:

      Yes it has from 1st May to 30th September as do most beaches in Wales and further afar!!

  15. AK says:

    In spain recently, the community and retail areas had recycling skips set into the ground on most street corners. On top were the recycling bins which went straight down into the skip.

    The skips were emptied daily, and the streets were cleaned daily.

    No back bags lying around, no piles of recycling lying around.

    There are many areas of the town where this would be a workable solution.

    We need to think beyond our third world waste collection efforts.

    • pompousfruit says:

      Good idea but also the continentals seems to have more discipline when it comes to recycling and litter. They weren’t urged to take litter home in the 80’s as high streets and tourist attractions had litter bins removed from them. Therefore they’ve always used litter bins.

  16. Christopher David says:

    I spend a lot of time overseas. Third world slums aside the UK is far and away the dirtiest place anywhere. Many Brits are dirty people. £75 is too cheap and in any case a few weeks community service added to a fine (on clean up duty) should be mandatory. But does beg the question, if a post above is correct why do Barry enjoy a council worker clan up on the beach every morning but Penarth have to rely on volunteers? Blatant discrimination by the green eyes?

    • 249ers says:

      Penarth Beach Wardens are volunteers and clean as and when they wish. Penarth is not an amenity beach, there is no sand to encourage the footfall that Whitmore Bay and Jackson’s Bay attracts. This means the litter is much less, added to the fact our beach is washed daily by the tides a pick at Penarth is about two carrier bags of litter. After a hot day in Barry there will be more than 20 black sacks full taken from Jackson’s Bay and I presume many more from Whitmore.
      I would strongly support the appointment of Dog Poo Wardens.

  17. Ian Perry says:

    Simple ideas:

    – Ban dogs (and BBQ’s) from playing fields/sports pitches/golf courses
    – Dogs to be kept on leads at all times in public places, e.g. gardens.
    – Provide specific areas for dogs to be allowed off the lead
    – Vigorously enforce the dog bans on the beaches and playing fields

    Dogs are dividing society, with dog lovers against those fed up with the mess left behind by the irresponsible and/or inattentive dog owners.

    • MBW says:

      Obviously not a dog lover (or any kind of pet) are you!! Bet you can’t stand bbq’s either!!

  18. AK says:

    Black bags out in Bridge Street Cogan since Sunday.

    Next black bag collection – Tuesday

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