Six new members of staff joined Penarth Town Council last month . Now two more vacancies are to be advertised

The Mayor of Penarth and Leader of the Council Cllr Mike Cuddy (centre) along with Cllr Mark Wilson, Town Clerk Emma Smith, Cllr Anthony Ernest, Cllr Gwyn Roberts Cllr Martin Turner and Cllr Neil Thomas welcomed six new  members of staff who joined Penarth Town Council last month.  Now two more colleagues are set to join the “re-structured” team .

Penarth Town Council is to make a further staff appointment following the engagement of several new members of staff already taken on this year.

The latest vacancy about to be advertised is for  a “Civic Services Lead” –  the duties of which an internal council report says will include “day-to-day management of the general office,  democratic services of the council.” 

The post-holder will also work with another member of staff called the “Customer Services Lead” to “promote the town council and its events”  – including “the Summer Festival , Christmas event and Picnic Penarth”  .

The ‘Civic Services Lead’ is also to work on “the development and improvement of the council’s engagement with its community , manage the planning consultation process and will work on “future town-twinning links the council may make”. The salary is  £23,935-£25,694 pa.

A further post called a “Development and Innovation Assistant” is to be filled “in the near future”.

The council claims these are  posts are already accounted-for  in its new staffing structure  but which – until now – have been frozen.

All Penarth Town Council’s income is derived from the town precept included in council tax which is now at a record high.

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  1. Harry says:

    Where is the money coming from for these new jobs – let me guess from the pothole filling fund!!!

  2. New to Penarth says:

    In the words of Victor Meldrew “I don’t believe it”. Over half the precept they collect from council tax payers each year is spent on staffing costs – that’s nearly half a million pounds with the Town Clerk pocketing a cool £40,000 plus. Nice work if you can get it! Given that they have done very little for it in the past what more can we look forward to from this new establishment that will presumably cost us more? This lot have delusions of grandeur and although I am not a fan of the Vale Council it would be better if they took over from this bunch of money grabbers.

    • Lyndsay Doyle says:

      You are definitely new to Penarth if you think the Town Council “have done very little for it in the past” – how far back do you want to go?
      If you imagine that the Vale of Glamorgan Council, who would gladly spend NOTHING on Penarth, if they could get away with it, represent an improvement of ANY kind, you are deluded.

  3. MGG says:

    lets get something straight here with some simple economics. Those compalaining that ,ooh wheres the money coming from , thats half the precept for staff costs and others ..oooh nothing gets done. Take Turner Gallery ..lets say Penarth gets it back and the priceless pictures . Just who the hell do you people think it will be managed by ? And that mangement has to be paid for. Why oh why oh why do some think we can have a council that that has no staff but still does things. You can argue whether a post holder is doing the job worthy of the salary , thats a valid question in any walk of life but stop with the ridculous ideas of nos ataff , no paid staff . I could go on , would you rather pay no council tax and take your own rubbish to the tip . Again you can argue if its a good service etc but you have to pay someone along the line. As for a blanket ..ooh they do nothing.. Summer Festival, Picnic Penarth , Paget rooms , .Offer a realistic appraisal or stop contributing.

  4. jackmc says:

    I prefer the town council to the wretched Vale council – another example of the latter’s complete disregard for the town – it’s the height of summer, someone pinched my green garden refuse bag last time and, guess what, not a single one to be found (or rather, available for purchase) anywhere in penarth. Although Barry has been told it will have a new consignment next week, no one even knows when there’ll be any here!
    £140 a month for vale council tax, and I can’t even pay for a container for them to take my hedge clippings away in.
    More power to the town council, I say, but PLEASE, next May, let’s see civic minded locals run for election and take the party hacks out.

    • MGG says:

      oops i see that you are indeed paying council tax and might be taking your rubbish to the tip !!!

  5. Martin Coffee says:

    Could someone explain was a “Civic Services Lead” actually does?

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