Black bags dumped at the side of Arcot St today. They're not due to be collected for another week

Black bags dumped at the side of Arcot St today. They’re not due to be collected for another week

Scores of Penarth residents expecting to have their black-bin bags collected today have been left disappointed and confused after Vale Council refuse lorries drove-past without collecting them today.

As reported by PDN on July 15th  (see ) a new refuse collection routing scheme was introduced on August 1st which involves changing the day most people get their bin bags/recycling  collected.

The council said the new system “will allow us to manage our collection fleet more effectively and it will allow us to work the crews so that they all share an equal amount of work“.

Every householder should have received a letter from the council  advising them of their new rubbish collection day and a calendar .  However what the council’s literature didn’t make clear was that the new collection system also involved re-phasing the cycle of collections – and, in particular, on which day, in the fortnightly cycle, black bags would be collected ,

Black bags left in Queen's Road Penarth today for collection. They could be there for a while yet

Black bags left in Queen’s Road, Penarth today for collection. They could be there for a while yet

Under the old system black bags would have normally have been collected in Penarth yesterday (Thursday August 4th ) –  but under the new schedule black bags won’t be collected  until Friday August 12th.

It means black bags left out today for collection – as they have been today in several areas of the town – will be on the streets for another week before eventually being picked up on Friday  August 12th  .

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  1. AK says:

    The letter was clear enough if you actually read it.

    In any case, the concept of collection day seems to be a total mystery to some parts of Penarth – Bridge Street flats in Cogan seem to have a particular problem. Their black bags (collected today) have been out since Tuesday last week.

  2. Jim Candy says:

    Note your very recent piece on black bag collection in Penarth. I wonder if you could kindly highlight another problem? We, as local residents, have tried and failed with the Vale of Glam Council to stop certain local residents dumping their black refuse bags on Windsor Rd directly outside their houses. The individuals involved don’t care what day is allocated to them for collection, they just dump their bags outside when they are full and leave the seagulls to rip the bags open and distribute the contents up and down Windsor Rd. The bags are regularly left outside 42 & 56 Windsor Rd and directly outside the Office Club (formerly RAFA Club).
    I’m sure other residents also suffer from the actions of irresponsible neighbours and we can’t seem to make any headway with the Vale despite them saying that they have sent ‘warning letters’. Photos of the bags would not be a problem if you need them……..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Kevin Mahoney says:

      Jim, you need to contact your councillors to ask them to contact the head of waste at the Vale and request that the bags are looked at and inside to determine who is putting them out on the wrong day so that the offenders can be warned and prosecuted if required.

      If you are getting nowhere with your approaches to the Vale it is your councillors that need to ensure that something is done as they have direct contact with the head of the waste collection department.

  3. Ivor Bagman says:

    The leaflet ( bilingual )
    Told us to put them
    Out today .
    Don’t talk Welsh
    Punters don’t understand .

  4. Cogan nomen says:

    Meanwhile – the rats are feasting on the debris.Especially near Llys yr Eglwys !

  5. Jenny james says:

    Archer Terraces recycling has not been collected

  6. Christopher David says:

    “and it will allow us to work the crews so that they all share an equal amount of work“. Aha- the managers were told what to do by the crews then. These are the same very highly paid mangers that got the meals on wheels budget wrong by 400%.

  7. Alison Game says:

    The pile of black bags in Arcot Street is there every single week, full of food. I have just walked by them and, as ever, they have been torn open and their contents strewn across the pavement. The letter from the council was perfectly clear, and no-one else in Arcot Street was confused – these people, whoever they are, simply do not care about the area in which they live.

    • hotsteppa says:

      Commercial kitchen waste, from a local cafe or bar. Reported to the Vale several times previously.

    • hotsteppa says:

      sorry to post again but forgot to add, there are also flowers in the rubbish, single ones you have on tables.

  8. Steven says:

    I’m still waiting for my recycling waste to be collected. Along with the rest of the residents of Windsor Road. From the Brains railway bridge to Cogan. Called the council at 4pm and was informed to be patient as there is a new collection rota in place but they will treat my uncollected waste as a missed collection and get someone outo asap. Let’s see how long it takes them!

  9. Emma says:

    Someone had put their dog poo bag on top of my black bags outside the house, the crew collected the black bags and left the dog bags on the floor! Whilst I appreciate it might be a matter of health and safety if they were wearing gloves surely the staff could’ve put them in the rubbish truck instead of leaving them in the middle of the pavement!!

  10. Lyndsay Doyle says:

    It wasn’t clear, by any means. I had a letter delivered, but no calendar. I checked online to find out the new collection schedule.
    I hope you’re not trying to blame residents? They didn’t instigate this change, and many people I spoke to about this were still confused. That boils down to a failure in communication.

    • ColaniXL says:

      The calendar for scheduled collections in August, September and October was very clearly displayed at the bottom of the letter.

    • Lindsay says:

      Lyndsay, at least by responding to each other’s comments we are putting to bed the theory that we are one and the same! Indeed I am blaming residents for some of the issues raised on here, e.g. refuse left out days early, filling black bags with food waste which attracts gulls and which the green, lockable caddies are designed to avoid. More to the point though, I was attempting to counter the complete negativity prevalent on here. The changes are not “a shambles” although there may well be teething problems. By the way, the Council letter I received did indeed give a collection calendar for August, September and October.

  11. Keith Inker says:

    It’s ridiculous to exonerate the council because, in your opinion, the “Council literature is clear enough”. It clearly wasn’t. The mess is considerably worse than usual, and as changes were instigated by the council, they are responsible for the current mess, despite residents being confused.
    Acting as an apologist for the Council when they are unfairly attacked is one thing, but blaming residents for the increased mess is clearly down to a failure to convey information satisfactorily.

  12. Doctor David says:

    That is a straw man, Lindsay. Cheeky!.

  13. Peter Church says:

    Two week collections are great but if you work away from home and miss the odd collection it can be a pain.
    Sometimes I go 6 weeks between black bag collection and have to drive to the skip. Why do I pay my council tax I sometimes wonder?

    BTW don’t try and use Hadfield Road depot as they want proof of address now!!
    Until we merge I keep a utility bill in the car from a friend who lives in Cardiff 🙂

    • AK says:

      Cunning plan

    • Lindsay says:

      Not beyond an underhand tactic yourself then Peter!

      • Christopher David says:

        And why not with dick eadian run councils who don’t even (try) and allow a walk in. I don’t get it- you’re fully fit- on benefits but a jobs worth. You must be running a “consultancy” on the side. Well done Mr Church. Showing some initiative despite the half wits trying to make life difficult.

  14. hotsteppa says:

    Arcot street has a regular problem as stated above, with food waste in black bags. This is commercial kitchen waste, not residents. Right now among the bags dumped there are around 2 dozen half lemons, lots of pineapples, loads of cracked eggs & many drinking straws and more, from a cafe or bar. Basically, a local business dodging paying for rubbish removal services and dumping the cost on the community. This happens week in, week out as you see from the streets.

  15. ron says:

    I read the letter from the council, took note of the change of day, and change of week. My refuge was collectedwithout any problems

    • Graham Breller says:

      You had a refuge?

      • Peter Church says:

        Yes, but most peoples day didn’t change so they half ignored the letter. Unaware the sneaky council had swapped the collections over!

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