Rubbish outside Roxburgh Garden Court, Plymouth Road, Penarth (Photo Kevin O'Sullik)

Rubbish outside Roxburgh Garden Court, Plymouth Road, Penarth (Photo Kevin O’Sullik)

Penarth residents have continued to cite further examples of uncollected rubbish around the town following the change in the designated collection days which came into effect on August 1st.

On Friday August 6th PDN reported that scores of local residents had not had refuse collected. (See PDN

In some cases rubbish had not been collected, not because it was put out on the “wrong day” (most residents appeared to have seen the council’s circular letter and complied with it),  but apparently because it was “the wrong kind of rubbish”

Many residents had failed to notice that the introduction of the council’s new schedule had postponed “black bag day” for a week – leaving  bags full of “landfill” refuse, like soiled babies nappies, uncollected.

A montage of rubbish spotted around the town this weekend by local resident Kevin 0'Sullik (Photo Kevin O'Sullik)

A montage of rubbish spotted around the town this weekend by local resident Kevin 0’Sullik (Photo Kevin O’Sullik)

In other cases other classes of rubbish which were due to be collected had not been picked up.

PDN contributor Kevin O’Sullik has provided photographs taken yesterday of some of the detritus still awaiting collection in various parts of the town.  He says “A stroll around Penarth town centre on a Saturday afternoon, full of shoppers, alfresco diners and tourists. Sadly the town is not looking its best with piles of recycling left by every bin and black bags torn open.”

Mr O’Sullik asks “Why has the recycling not been collected? ” and, citing the example of  Roxborough Court on Plymouth Road (top of the item) says “If you know of any councillors who live here can you ask them why?”


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  1. Ron foxton says:

    Even allowing for the change of collection date and rules, it’s obviously far too difficult for a refuse management operative to form an ad-hoc team drawn from available staff, collect a set of truck keys and arrange a spot tidy up of the borough… heavens above they might be proactive in their approach knowing August 1st might create a situation.

    • AK says:

      Goodness, that would never be permitted.

      It would need to go through several focus groups and public consultations, referred to committee and full council before such a radical step. There would probaby also need to be the employment of a co-mingling consultant.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Notwithstanding any “chaos”, the Council does provide free, lockable hygiene caddies for the disposal of nappies and the like. They do not need to be spilling out of black bags. Frankly, if any of my refuse or recycling material were not collected for any reason I would bring it back into my property rather than allow it to stand for days and foul the pavements.

    • Paul says:

      Lindsay, fair point, but a lot of people don’t have room to accommodate more than a weeks worth of rubbish and the idea of a fortnight’s worth of nappies left in my house would turn my stomach – I took them to the tip on Friday along with all the rest of the rubbish the council didn’t collect. Has to be said the tip was very busy as everyone realised that the council had messed it up and there was no way they would collect rubbish over the weekend.

      By the way, at our house they took our black bags and left everything else so the “wrong kind of rubbish” excuse is nonsense. It’s incompetence on the part of the council to organise it properly. I’ll be expecting a refund for doing their job for them (ha ha ha)

  3. Peter Church says:

    The letter I received from the council was so very badly worded, here is the first sentence.
    “Your recycling and waste day may be changing. From week commencing Monday 1st August 2016 your waste and recycling day will now be/continue to be collected EVERY Friday”

    So what the sneaky ***** have done is swapped over the Waste and Recycling days, result no one in my street put out the black bags and just left the garden waste which wasn’t collected! Result: no collections. They will probably change it again next year.

    Why is garden waste picked up? To increase kerb side collection weight to increase “recycling” statistics. This should be composted in your own garden, not picked up to spread plant diseases.

  4. Sue says:

    It might have been a good idea to have factored in some overtime for the teams for the day after the new collections, to deal with any leftovers (including perhaps provision for collecting error bags?) Seagull having a field-day in town this morning.

  5. chris says:

    We had to call back the recycling crew to our street and when questioned as to why they did every other street and not ours was because they don’t usually take their “bigger lorries” down roads like this.

    Total bs as the refuse, food recycling and green waste all make it with their bigger lorries!! Ah well, least I got collected

    Total bs

  6. Andrew Worsley says:

    At the height of the tourist season and shool holidays the town looks like a third world town with streets strewn with rubbish creating a environment of squalor and to think Penarth was voted as the Best Town In Wales about 18 months ago. Just a quick word or to be correct a quick question to the Vale of Glamorgan Council ………CAN YOU GET ANYTHING RIGHT ???? . We have had no flowers planted at the town centre roundabout , opposed to the usual display, we have had ‘mad axe men’ butchering the trees at the wrong time of year , we have had trees cut down so the few people in Penarth Heights can have a better view of Cardiff Bay. We have had about 7 or 8 small yet mature trees in the grounds of a town centre school grounds that gave those same grounds character and charm totally removed which is nothing short of vandalism and wanton destruction. We have had reduced street lighting put in place on some streets whilst at the same time the pavements are in a terrible condition (especially on Plassey St from the Labour Club to Albert Rd). A baby could have told the VOGC that you secure the footpath before dimming the lights and I know without even asking that the paving stones that are cracked , loose or uneven wont even be on the ‘ jobs to do’ roster. And the Beatles wrote a song years ago that contained the words , ‘10,000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire’ , before long Penarth will hold that dubious honour . WELL , WELL DONE VOGC oh sorry you didn’t??? and what you did do you did wrong . Why do I get the feeling that Penarth has virtually ‘gone to the dogs’ since Council business was moved to Barry or is that just my imagination running away with me …………….as the song goes !!??.

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