Despite today's s warm sunny and calm weather Balmoral remained at the end of Penarth Pier this morning - and wasn't going anywhere.

Despite today’s  warm sunny and calm weather Balmoral remained at the end of Penarth Pier this morning – and wasn’t going anywhere.

The excursion ship Balmoral had to cancel today’s scheduled cruises adn return to Penarth Pier because of last-minute technical problems.

Balmoral had had to cancel yesterday (Sunday’s) sailings because of high winds in the Bristol Channel – but earlier today her crew had issued a tweet on the “Twitter” social medium saying all today’s sailings would be going ahead according to plan.

A frustrating day for Balmoral's captain and crew and a day of sunny calm weather wasted

A frustrating day for Balmoral‘s captain and crew and a day of sunny calm weather wasted

The ship had anchored off Penarth overnight and berthed at the head of Penarth Pier at at eight oclock this morning.

PDN reader Tim Hughes says Balmoral departed on her scheduled cruise to Clevedon – but only got half-way before having to turn back to Penarth . Engineers reported there was an electrical fault with the ship’s generator which meant all today’s programmed sailings had to be cancelled.

"...Ah well, maybe tomorrow". Passengers had to postpone today's plans.

“…Ah well, maybe tomorrow”. Passengers had to postpone today’s plans.

Engineers were working on the fault as she lay alongside the pier . She later moved out to her usual anchorage off Penarth and it’s hoped she will be able to carry out tomorrow’s scheduled sailings as planned.

The generator is understood to be one of the items of the ship’s machinery for which the M.V.Balmoral Trust was raising funding to replace.



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  1. Tim Hughes says:

    She got half way to Clevedon but then had to turn back.

  2. snoggerdog says:

    the 1st & 2nd of august were cancelled because of high winds as well,can has someone out in the ether got a better memory than me,in the 50s,60s,70s, & 80s,the boats just went,wind ,rain,hail,sleet,plague of locusts etc or am i just idealizing those bygone days ?

    • AK says:

      I think you are idealizing.

      But it is also a historic wooden ship, owned by a charity which struggles for funds, so the last thing it needs is either to be dashed against a metal/concrete pier by waves, or to cancel its money making sailings.

    • Andrew Davies says:

      In the 70s and 80s, I tied up the Balmoral and the Waverley on hundreds of occasions. Only once or twice in 9 seasons was a sailing cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. It did get very hairy when the wind blew up though, and trying to help passengers disembark when the gangplank was rising and falling six feet at one end certainly sharpens the senses.
      Apart from the potential danger to personal safety in an increasingly litigious world, I suspect that the risk of damage to the vessel, and the cost of engineering spare parts, means that the captain is more concerned than ever about breaking a passenger or bits of the Balmoral. In the past, some captains showed less sensitivity.

  3. Paul says:

    Well it looks good anyway…..

  4. snoggerdog says:

    thanks for the answers,the waverley is cruising around the scottish isles,knowing the weather in scotland,im wondering how many times journeys between the isles have been cancelled.

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