Penarth coastguards arrive to advise picnickers to keeop on the right side of the Cliff Walk railings

Penarth Coastguards advising intrepid picnickers to keep on the right side of the Cliff Walk railings

Penarth Coastguard – whose mission is to help people in trouble on the coastline – have had to take action almost on their own doorstep last night.

Barely a few hundred yards from the Penarth Coastguard Station  – next to Cioni’s cafe off Cliff Parade – a group of fearless picnickers had plonked themselves right on the edge of the cliff on the other side of the protective railings.

They also seemed to have missed seeing a yellow notice on the railings bearing the words “Danger Cliff Edge”.

All four were gently encouraged to get back onto  the landward side of the railings and carry on watching the sun set from a safer vantage point.



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  1. Gryff55 says:

    How stupid can people be? Or is illiteracy more prevalent than I thought!!!!

  2. e roberts says:

    If they were there to watch the setting sun they should have been facing the other way!

  3. Paul says:

    Are these the sorta people who ignore all warning signs: “Keep off the grass, no entry, no swimming, road closed, one way street, exit only, do not enter……

    • Jonny says:

      No, they’re the type who think they are way too ‘out there’ to do as they are told.

  4. whatsoccurin says:

    Doh!!-we had a very wet summer a few years and I informed the Council that cars were parking very near the cliff edge on very soft ground-immediately the Council moved the safety fence and my two favourite benches were “out of bounds” and were dismantled-safety is always paramount and these idiots do not know what is beneath them-may be an overhang!

  5. Peter Church says:

    They were trying to swim to Sully Island as they heard the RNLI do free boat trips back!

  6. CelticMan says:

    Die ….

  7. Mgg says:

    A sandwich short of a picnic,,

  8. Pow says:

    I’m guessing that everyone here has never done anything reckless as a teen, must be wonderful to be so righteous. They screwed up and thankfully noone was hurt, lesson learnt get over yourselves.

    • Hamish Munnypenny says:

      Good candidates for Darwin Awards. Maybe you don’t know of anyone who took themselves out of the gene pool by doing something stupid, but I remember quite a few, so get over yourself. The picture serves as an example of stupidity, not one of youthful love of life.

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