A sight which raised some eyebrows on Barry Island Beach yesterday

A sight which raised some eyebrows on Barry Island Beach yesterday

As four French resorts – backed by the French government –  are  imposing municipal bans on the wearing of Muslim burkas – or “burkinis“-  on their beaches, yesterday several full-length black burkas were in evidence on the beach on Barry Island.

The resorts of  Cannes, Villeneuve-Loubet and Sisco (Corsica) have already imposed bans on burkas and Le Touquet is also introducing a ban. The French say the garment  defies French laws on secularism – but there is no such ban in Britain.

Several families with young children formed a group on the beach

Several families formed a group on the beach as other holidaymakers looked on

Yesterday sunbathing holiday-makers looked on as, in brilliant sunshine and high temperatures, several family groups with pushchairs and young children  arrived on the beach at Barry Island in which a number of adult women were clad head to foot in burkas or nicabs with their faces totally obscured.

Apart from France – where the burka ban is supported by the European Court of Human Rights – several other  European countries have also imposed various bans on the burka, the  niqab or the “burkini” –  including Belgium, the Netherlands, some parts of Italy and Catalonia in Spain.

Burka wearing is tolerated in Australia but has been condemned there as being “an implicit slap in the face from one culture to another.” In the UK the well-known Muslim columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has called for a new British law banning the Burka, describing the garment as “a perversion of our faith” and a “dreadful garment”.

However in response to an on-line petition calling for a ban in Britain, the UK Government has said it  “sees no need for measures restricting what people can wear in public places. We support the rights of individuals in keeping with Britain’s tradition of freedom and fairness.”

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  1. Andrew Sarchus says:

    “the UK Government has said it “sees no need for measures restricting what people can wear in public places. We support the rights of individuals in keeping with Britain’s tradition of freedom and fairness.” Admirable words which at one time I would have applauded. Now they just seem very brave words. Peut regretter, France has its reasons and its secularism is yet to be understood here.

  2. Frank Evans says:

    Maybe they get a VOG grant to wear them to encourage diversity. Seems strange to me the liberated town in Syria the women wearing burning them while here they wear them on the beach! Not seeing someone’s full face I think is rude in any culture.

  3. MH says:

    Maybe a little tolerance here, they are not breaking the law, they caused no issue,they went to the beach with their families as did lots of usto enjoy it . How about reporting on the drinking, littering and abuse from more western dressed members of our community. They are following a religious culture, as long as they have a choice to wear it then this is not worthy of comment.

  4. Tom says:

    I wonder what ‘they’ think of the slobs in shorts and bikinis drinking beer and swearing.

    • Martin Coffee says:

      Drinking alcohol is banned on the beach there. Mind you. If they enforce that ban as well as they do the parking in Penarth…

  5. Doctor David says:

    I’m told that there is no specific command in Islamic scripture that relates to how women dress. However, as long as the UK, with a majority of people who are NOT religious, acts as if it were a Christian country, we cannot criticise those who have different beliefs.
    It’s about time that we got rid of archbishops and bishops in the House of Lords, for a start. Also, if nuns and Catholic priests stopped wearing their own burkas, it might encourage those of other faiths to start dressing like rational 21st century human beings.

    • Professor Paul says:

      What a religiously insensitive and bigoted thing you have said about Nuns and Catholic priests, Doctor David. I suspect you are no more a Doctor than I am a professor, because the GMC would have struck you off years ago.

      • Doctor David says:

        I am a Doctor of Theology, not of medicine.

      • Woowoo Wizzywoo says:

        “Religiously insensitive and bigoted”? Are you serious? We have to be in the slightest bit concerned with anyone’s religious sensitivities?
        It is about time that people who have been indoctrinated to believe fairy tales, without the merest shred of evidence, were treated as the gullible sheep that they are. I have absolutely no respect for people who refuse to examine reality, and content themselves with Bronze Age explanations in the face of modern knowledge.
        Also, are you aware that ‘Doctor’ is an academic qualification? Many doctors have nothing to do with the practice of medicine, and have no connection with the GMC, ‘Professor’ Paul. What are you a professor of? The virtues of snake-oil, probably.

      • Taoist Talker says:

        Doctor of Theology and a Plaid Cymru supporter!
        You could write a thesis on irrational beliefs in politics in Wales!

      • Andrew Sarchus says:

        How unfortunate “Doctor” sad “we” can get a Ph.D. in such a subject unless as an historical discipline of course.

      • Doctor David says:

        Taoist Talker – yes, I could write a thesis, although I studied for my doctorate more than 50 years ago, and as you can probably tell from my comments, reading between the lines perhaps, I am not a believer.
        As for my politics, the idea that supporting Plaid Cymru is irrational may amuse you, but as we have an unelected government running the UK, and a Labour Party mutiny led by professional politicians who put their own jobs before their principles, it is difficult to see any rationality from any side at the moment.
        As a progressive, I would argue that voting for Plaid Cymru, as opposed to the other mainstream parties, is the least irrational choice for someone living in Wales.
        Back to the subject of nuns and Catholic priests, when they stop child abuse I might have a modicum of respect for their dedication, but certainly not for their brainwashed beliefs in imaginary beings such as God and Jesus, for their paedophilia and sadism, their hypocrisy, and their sanctimonious denial of such by colleagues. They live a life of pretence.
        When the Christian church in the UK disappears in the future, and the majority of sane, secular thinkers base decisions on empirical facts rather than irrational beliefs, the human race might learn some tolerance and co-operation. As it is, organised religion demands ignorance and obedience, and the unexamined opinions of the sheep who believe that any of these charlatans are worthy of the least respect will be a cause for social disapproval, instead of being held up as ‘piety’ or ‘righteousness’.
        If we, in the West, continue to challenge other faiths with our own faiths, we will lose. The only way to stop all these ridiculous, primitive and infantile beliefs is with rationality, and that means we can be critical of those who wrap heavy cloth around themselves on a very hot day despite the fact that human skin is designed to deal with such situations through perspiration, and that to inhibit such a normal process, that has evolved over countless millions of years, is both unnatural and ignorant.

      • Christopher David says:

        Love it DD much sense, religions per se are irrational and dangerous. – well love except for supporting Plaid C. We have an £18 + billion annual budget deficit and Plaid wants independence! Why? How? its mad. Wales spends £500,000,000 (of other peoples money) on supporting the Welsh language- Plaid would increase this! Why? There are valid alternatives that would cost comparative peanuts. Sorry, Plaid C has no purpose that I and many others can see.

      • Doctor David says:

        Well, I’m glad I don’t need your advice. I repeat my claim that, to me, Plaid represents the least irrational choice for someone living in Wales. I say this because I wouldn’t consider either mainstream party, and certainly not the lunatic fringe of UKIP, Neil Self-Serving Hamilton et al, or the pseudoscience of too many Green ‘new age’ supporters. The Libdems conduct ‘hold your coat’ politics for a few microwatts of power, and all of these factors make Plaid the least of the various evil options. They may have faults, but in my opinion, such faults are less than the alternatives.

      • Lyndsay Doyle says:

        When Christopher David refers to “many others” to support his assertion, he means his own alter ego Andrew Sarchus. I’m sure those with multiple personality disorder do not qualify for extra votes at election time.

      • Christopher David says:

        And you cant count idiot.

      • Peter Church says:

        Multiple personalities! Well said Lindsay, you tell’em girl.

      • Lyndsay Doyle says:

        Amazing! One illiterate who doesn’t know how to punctuate (and has probably “corrected” his autocorrect), and another one who can’t read, and doesn’t understand different spellings for different genders (- “you tell ’em girl”). My wife is still laughing.

      • Peter Church says:

        Touchy Lindsay are ent we!

      • Lyndsay Doyle says:

        I’m still amazed that you are just too dumb to copy my name properly when it is right in front of you. That’s a special kind of stupid.

  6. Ford Prefect says:

    I can understand people not liking the full-face covering, but the burkinis don’t cover the face, just the head. In that sense it’s the same as someone wearing a hat with a neck baffle to block the sun, or a balaclava in the winter. I don’t understand how you can ban something like that, because you are in effect only banning the reason behind the garment, which is tantamount to thought-crime!

  7. Louise C says:

    Whether you wear a burka or a Niqab is cultural rather then religious. The ‘burkini’ looked like a great idea and it seems spiteful of the French to ban it.
    We live in a free country and people here can wear what they like.

    • Pokemon Penarth says:

      You can be arrested under the public order act if what you are wearing causes offence. So can’t just wear what you like. A man in Brick Lane London was arrested for sitting in a deck chair wearing just speedos, later he was un-arrested!!
      Maybe if more people took offence at this type of dress code on a beach then the police might have to act as they seemingly did in Brick Lane.
      The police in Corsica also have banned Muslim Burkas or Hijabs on public order grounds as so many people took offence and started fighting.

  8. Andrew Sarchus says:

    No Louise C you cannot wear what you like and certainly not where you like. Some are full face covering. You cant even be sure of what sex in under the gown nor what is being carried under it – which has cost lives. Have never seen a nun with a full face mask ! DD its my believe that getting rid of any religious representatives from the gravy train Lords is absolutely essential.

    • Mike hunnam says:

      we didn’t stop the Irish carrying suitcases just because the IRA used them to conceal weapons and bombs.

  9. Peter Church says:

    Why do these people wear such medieval style garb. What a misogynistic culture where the men do and dress as they please, while the poor women feel the need to conform and to dress like this.
    No it is not religious dress code as was correctly stated, more a very strange cultural symbolism.
    I tend to either treat them with a mixture of pity and sadness!

  10. Chris Shamb says:

    They must be STEAMING under there!

  11. Andrew Sarchus says:

    And your point Mr Human?

    • Mike hunnam says:

      Just because somebody wears different clothing doesn’t mean they are a threat.

  12. Andrew Sarchus says:

    Just because an ostrich is a bird doesn’t mean it can fly! so what? Your statement is meaningless in this context.

    • MH says:

      I think you need to read and understand your own comments and understand what you are writing, you have observed and commented that because they wear full cover clothing and are being different that they are a threat. We can question it, try to understand it and hopefully accept it, we have a very diverse multi cultural society you can accept it personally or not, but you have no right to label somebody as a threat to you or the general populace because they wear different clothing. I hope that explains clearly to you my comment.

      • Andrew Sarchus says:

        I think you need to understand your an over PC naïve individual MH. What do you think uniforms as opposed to fashion are all about? Jeez I’ll not explain- it wont go in.

      • MH says:

        I think you need to look at yourself here, maybe a little prehistoric in your views, it is not naive in any way for us to consider other cultures weve been doing it for thousands of years in this country and I hope our tolerance continues. We need to have a tolerant society that allows us to enable acceptence, rejection or change. If the women on the beach want to reject Burhkas then they are in an environment that can and should allow that, but if tehy dont then we also accpet it. I hope you take the time to consider that.

  13. Andrew Sarchus says:

    Ha yes Mr C

  14. Christopher David says:

    L Doyle has a wife!? Naw- no way. Delusional as well x

  15. R Recorde says:

    The Lindsay’s and the Doyle’s (Doppelganger’s?) are quite amusing and obviously not familiar with Dr Johnson. Pseuds corner comes to mind. Oh My Doyle- if your wife’s laughing I suggest you go online and find a solution. Lots of aids for that problem now, your sister told me 😉 and maybe even an app.

    • Lyndsay Doyle says:

      For someone pretending to be the man who introduced mathematical symbols, your wayward conclusions simply do not add up. This Recorde is scratched.

    • Crue Doyle says:

      The usual problem for some going through the comments with nothing pertinent to add themselves, so picking on comments by other people. Christopher David’s huge ego is surely a compensation for other failings, and encourages the timid (R. Recorde) to snipe. You’re both wearing intellectual burkas.

      • Hamish Munnypenny says:

        Actually, your husband started the comments on the comments.

      • Christopher David says:

        Yeah you picked a winner there wifey- still an O level in English aint bad see innit luv.

  16. Paul says:

    It would seem, that as they are no longer tourists having come here to “settle”, their culture comes with em and at the end of the day:
    Its all about oppression of women, nothing to do with offence, according to their book.
    This practice will increase and eventually “these men” will demand that Western women also cover up.
    We shall what happens then.
    The men rule over the women, and cannot (under any circumstances) allow them to gain the upper hand. This would constitute a threat, to their way of life!

  17. Christopher David says:

    Ha- brightened my day. Such a boost to one’s confidence. Ta gang. x

  18. Robert Jones says:

    Its nice to see families enjoying themselves at the seaside. Respect please.

  19. Andrew Sarchus says:

    Ha ha patronising git MH. Got you down as another bible basher- doubly naïve.

  20. AK says:

    Good to see the families being able to enjoy a real beach – I can’t see the point in the Cardiff Bay beach, being as it is only a short train ride from the seaside.

    I do feel sorry that they have to remain covered, for whatever reason, and therefore get picked out as being ‘different’ and in a way isolated.

    I had a video call the other day (isn’t technology wonderful), with a Syrian friend who lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I guess the cider swilling, bikini clad chavs would be singled out on their beaches too!

  21. Christopher David says:


  22. Peter Church says:

    I wish this website would publish IP addresses of posters, I suspect there are 4 people on here with many aliases.

  23. Christopher David says:

    Well Mr Church- I was accused of being you last night ha. But the fair do’s you do make sense. still, I put them straight. Best is let the L guys, T the very ex fruit and veg man and other doppelgangers believe you have an alter ego and enjoy the ride 😉

  24. Christopher David says:

    Ah Lyndsay Doyle but is it you? if not the spellings not important. Fragile chap aren’t you! Under achiever? From what I’ve seen Mr C makes much more sense than your persona and may even be dyx lex ic for all you know- nasty.

    • Woowoo Wizzywoo says:

      Can anyone recognise and translate this odd language?

      How can the written word be slurred?

  25. Christopher David says:

    Ha one of the Lyndsay – Lindsey guys / galls has invented yet another persona. Actually maybe not WoWiz does make sense when writing about the religious and delusional!

  26. Christopher David says:

    Exactly! Someone once said “It is about time that people who have been indoctrinated to believe fairy tales, without the merest shred of evidence, were treated as the gullible sheep that they are. I have absolutely no respect for people who refuse to examine reality, and content themselves with Bronze Age explanations in the face of modern knowledge” I’m a right wing atheist heh.

  27. Christopher David says:

    Ha- sorry not really worth answering a question so overly simplistic. Night.

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