The Pilot in Penarth's Queen's Road

The Pilot in Penarth’s Queen’s Road

A former sous chef – who had moved from West Wales to work at The Pilot pub in Penarth – is starting a 12 months jail sentence after pleading guilty at Cardiff Crown Court to assault causing actual bodily harm.

Davey Paxton - who had 24 previous convictions - was employed at The Pilot Pub in Penarth

Davey Paxton – who had 24 previous convictions – was employed at The Pilot Pub in Penarth

At a friend’s flat in Cardiff, after a night-out boozing, the chef – Davey Paxton (24), –  used a can of aerosol deodorant and cigarette lighter as a “flamethrower” on a sleeping acquaintance – Connor Gammer (20)

The court heard that Mr Gammer had woken up to find his hair was on fire. When he ran into the kitchen, Paxton had punched him.  Mr Gammer’s hair was burnt away on the left side of his head, suffered burn wounds to his ear and neck,  and may need skin a  graft.

The court was told that Paxton had received 24 convictions in his home town of Kilgetty, West Wales before moving to Cardiff to take-up employment at The Pilot in Penarth .

Jailing him for a year, Judge Thomas Crowther told Paxton: “You used a flamethrower on a man who was fast asleep.The public would be horrified if I didn’t give you an immediate prison sentence.”


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  1. Ford Prefect says:

    One year for flamethrowering someone in the face seems a little lenient.

  2. Penileaks says:

    Out in 6 months and free to cook again !

  3. jm says:

    Did the Pilot know?

  4. Red rose says:

    So much for asking for and checking references. Managers should have checked him out before employing him!

  5. MGG says:

    They checked him out but went to the wrong sauce!!!

  6. MGG says:

    Daggertown 2016

  7. Paul says:

    Theres something fishy about this guy, that having had 24 charges against im, he just ups sticks and settles imself in a cosy job in another town, and assaults again. Why was he allowed to wander round free.

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