Dozens of these new recessed low-level light-fittings have been destroyed by vandals at Barry Island

Dozens of these new recessed low-level light-fittings have been destroyed by vandals at Barry Island (Photo Ian Richards)

Residents of Penarth and the rest of the Vale of Glamorgan are to see yet more public money being spent on cleaning-up and repairing deliberate damage carried out by vandals on brand-new public facilities in Barry.

Yet again the  £3,000,000 Barry Island re-development has been targeted by anti-social criminals who have smashed  virtually every one of dozens of expensive light fittings installed to illminate the specially constructed ramped pathway and steps leading down to the Eastern end of the beach.

Unswept broken glass lies alongside every one of dozens of safety lights installed along access ramps to leading to Barry Island beach

Broken glass lay on the ground alongside every one of dozens of safety lights installed along the new specially built pathway  leading to Barry Island beach (Photo Ian Richards)

The latest damage to the lighting it will be difficult to access the beach at all in the evenings or during the winter unless expensive repairs are put in hand.

This damage comes on top of the vandalism carried out shortly  before the development was opened early last year when  vandals unscrewed the door-numbers on 21 of the 24 beach huts. A few weeks later the locks were ripped off all 24 huts.

The brand new Barry Island beach huts were vandalised even before they were opened last year

The brand new Barry Island beach huts were vandalised even before they were opened last year

The huts, and the new access ramps and steps built to link them and the beach with the adjoining car-park, were part of a £3,000,000 Welsh Labour Government-funded regeneration scheme at Barry Island.

Meanwhile the Barry vandals have also attacked what was to have been a “dog-free” children’s play area and park at Hatch Quarry in Barry’s Cadoxton Conservation Area which was only opened in March this year.

This Vale Council sign bore the wording "Dim Cwn - No Dogs" - but was deliberately obliterated with grey spray paint

This Vale Council sign bore the wording “Dim Cwn – No Dogs” – but was deliberately obliterated with grey spray paint

Time after time,  the “Dog Free” signage has been obliterated with spray paint – presumably by “dog-lovers” in a series of attacks costing  what the council describes describes as “considerable expense” to replace the defaced signs. Within a day of installing brand new signs only this month – the signage has been obliterated yet again with spray paint .

The area had been fenced-off and notices erected to keep dogs out   in a bid to stop the animals fouling the grass with faeces carrying the  toxocariasis roundworm – an infection which  can cause serious illness and blindness in children and adults.

Cllr Anne Moore

Cllr Anne Moore

Local Labour councillor Anne Moore – wife of council leader Neil Moore –  says “We have repeatedly placed signs in the park for well over a year and each time we do they are either removed or defaced. This is unacceptable, not only because the risk caused to the children, but also because this is costing the council tax payer a great deal of money at a time when resources are stretched to the limit.”

One Penarth Council tax payer says she intends to write to the Vale Council suggesting that the cost of  damage sustained in Barry should be borne only by Barry council-tax payers  through a local precept – rather than it being borne by all Vale council tax-payers.

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  1. £3,000,000 in Barry, but only £100K painting some lamposts in Penarth – My A Level Maths makes that a factor of x 30.
    Of course that is Vale Council (Ie Penarth taxpayers) and Welsh Government (ie Penarth taxpayers) moneys once again being spent on grandiose projects in Barry, which are just not appreciated by many of their unruly residents, it would seem.
    At least the Conservatives, when running both Barry and Penarth some 5 years or so and before that, DID spend wisely in Penarth (think Penarth Pier completely re-built, think Pier Pavilion completely refurbished, think lovely floral arrangements on the Roundabout and Cliff Walk, think Penarth Marina redeveloped into a superb and popular Marina, think our roads safely lit throughout the night) and just reflect on who looks after YOU best using YOUR money !

    • Ivor Bagman says:

      Don’t be sheepish
      Stand up for your
      Lambposts !
      Or – why not
      Lamp-posts ?

    • Tim Hughes says:

      I think it is a little disingenuous to cherry pick particular projects for any particular party, many of these capital projects are long term and require continuous approval through different administrations, for example the Railway Path. At about the time the investment was made to strengthen the Penarth Pier, in Barry, the Cold Knap Lido was being abandoned. Not really sure simple division needs A level, or in fact O level, mathematics.

    • Sue Eldridge says:

      i imagine Penarth did do very well whilst the vale was run by the conservatives, it seems it had more than its fair share at the expense of the vale council tax payer ( ie Barry taxpayers ) get over yourself, snobbery is most unappealing.

    • Barry boy says:

      Pompous grandstanding by someone who has form in insulting Barry residents. Most of us are peaceful and law abiding and your ignorant divisive comments are not accepted

  2. AK says:

    Was not Penarth Marina redeveloped by Crest Nicholson and Camper and Nicholson ?

  3. Johnabutt says:

    One would have thought by now the Vale would be using vandal proofed installations as routine whether in Barry or Penarth. Such designs are used in other places and in the long term it is cheaper than having to replace things as related in this item. Sometimes it may even be better to not create facilities in the first place.

  4. Janet says:

    Do they have CCTV at all these facilities?

  5. jm says:

    i have never noticed penarth being cared for by the vog, whether red or blue runs it!
    outrageous enough before you think that this town comprises 20% of the vale population and yet contributes about 40% of its coumcil tax, under administrations of any colour!

  6. 249ers says:

    The Pier received a £1.68million cash injection from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

  7. Peter Church says:

    Barry spends the money in Barry, which was raised in Penarth, what’s new?

  8. Big Davey says:

    Surely the Vale should have fitted anti-vandal light fittings in such an obviously exposed place.

  9. AK – yes the marina section was, but the main dock’s infrastructure, infill and remaining development (e.g. Pont-y-Werin) were all done by the then Vale administration, who handled all the works together with CBDC. The dock was purchased by VOGC for just over £1 million on the resolution of the Council.

  10. Tim – you may say that it is disingenuous, but the reality is not always obvious to local Penarth residents, who have been big tax payers over the years but have seen relatively little in return of late. We are of course talking about the £9 million Barry received for a number of projects, closely followed by a further £3 million in grants. Neither I, nor my friends and constituents, see Penarth having received a fraction of that huge sum even though we are half the size of Barry ! I feel sure you will agree.

    • Tim Hughes says:

      Anthony – I actually see a significant (£48m) investment in a new large community school within Penarth but this does not seem to feature on your list. Perhaps on reflection you may think better of your neighbours; there are a mixture of good and bad in both poor and wealthy areas.
      I am also not that keen on streetlights being on all night, it ruins it for the nightlife. So not sure we agree on much after all. However I am sure you are right that you and your friends agree about everything, but that is often not really a good sign!

  11. Mark Foster says:

    Alun Michael and the South Wales Police will not provide CCTV of these offenders and we all know why. Its for the same reason as the failure to provide descriptions of the despicable Chip Shop bashers of the young woman. This is what happens when you allow politicians to capture a police force.

  12. Neil Avo says:

    Anthony Ernest, your Tory government and it’s fake austerity has made the council spend less money on services and facilities for the people of the Vale.

  13. It’s good to hear that so many are apparently happy and supportive with the present situation in the Vale, and it is best left at that !

  14. Lin peters says:

    why is it assumed that it must be dog lovers who obliterated the signage and that it must be Barry residents who committed the acts of vandalism on Barry Island? This infuriates me! Dog owners are largely responsible adults who are respectful of the signs and Barry residents are for the most part, peaceful and law abiding, not ‘unruly’! Barry attracts people from a very wide area so If you have no proof then don’t start flinging unfounded accusations!

  15. John S says:

    I have never known anywhere as rough as barry is these days.
    Someone above said most Barry residents are law abiding..rubbish! Most barry residents would steal anything that isnt bolted down (I have personally witnessed this countless times!)
    Most would sell a family member for alcohol or drugs.
    The majority are happy to scrounge on benefits!
    Im honestly not surprised by this vandalism knowing as many people as I do in Barry all these years.

    I honestly feel safer walking around ‘dodgy’ areas of London and Manchester than I do in Barry!

  16. Kate says:

    What? It’s an outrage! I mean, rich, privileged people helping provide safe places for less fortunate children to live after others have vandalised their towns!! Ridiculous!! I think we should only pay for Penarth facilities. Like the rich parts of England should only pay for England, leaving Wales to thrive on the money it earns, rather than the current system in place where Wales receives £1000 more public spending per person than England. The system is flawed people!!

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