Penarth Town AFC in training on their pitch at the Cwrt-y-Vil Playing Fields , Penarth

Penarth Town AFC in training on their pitch at the Cwrt-y-Vil Playing Fields , Penarth

Members of Penarth Town Association Football Club  are calling for their home ground – the  Cwrt-y-Vil  Playing Fields –  to be resurfaced, using the proceeds of a Section 106 development deal.

Players say the soccer ground at the Cwrt-y-Vil fields is in dire need of resurfacing and having drainage improved  – and the same problems apply to the condition of two adjoining rugby fields on the site.

Penarth Town AFC in training for the coming season

Penarth Town AFC in training for the coming season

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has received £18,240 cash from  the developers of a housing project in Caversham Park and has already resolved  to spend the money on carrying out improvements at Cwrt-y-Vil Playing Fields.  However the council says the amount of money available is only sufficient to give the site what it calls a “face-lift”  .

Today members of the Vale of Glamorgan Council planning committee and planning staff are carrying out a site visit at the Cwrt-y-Vil Playing Fields  – (which are off Lavernock Road and reached via St Marks Road ) – to decide what to do with the money. The cash is ring fenced for local use only and has to be spent by January 8th 2019  .

The Cwrt-y-Vil Playing Fields were originally a quarry which was the source of much of the distinctive grey limestone used to build older houses in Penarth.

Penarth Town AFC has its origin in the original town soccer club which was founded almost 100 years ago. For some years it was renamed as Cogan Coronation AFC, but the original Penarth Town name – and the club’s original badge – was revived 7 years ago

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  1. Alistair says:

    Resurface the football pitch? Resurface the roads first! They are an absolute disgrace.

  2. Steven says:

    My sentiments exactly

  3. Andrew Worsley says:

    As you can see once again VOGC have their priorities exactly right , the pavements in part of the town are a disgrace especially on one stretch of Plassey St and the pothole situation especially on the upper half Ludlow Rd is ridiculous . If you notice workmen have been choosing which holes to fill in and which to ignore instead of resurfacing the lot. But I suppose I should be glad I mean whats a twisted ankle to me or a broken wheel shaft to a car owner , just as long as a football field gets resurfaced???

  4. KnockJohn says:

    Personally I don’t care, so long as Cymdeithas don’t change the spelling of Cwrt-y-Vil.

  5. Robert Stansfield says:

    I think it’s absolutely great that the council are considering using this money to help the local community. The pitch is used by numerous teams from Penarth Town AFC, at all age levels and it’s in a very poor state. I am the Chairman of the club and myself purchased and laid around 500 liters of topsoil in order to level out uneven areas and also drilled and seeded the goal areas through the early part of this summer. Sport is so important to young people and if we want them to keep doing it and not spend every free minute on their play stations we need to provide good quality facilities.

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