Thousands of pounds of council-tax payers' cash are on offer for outdoor events provided they're held in Barry

Grants worth thousands of pounds – funded by Vale council-tax payers –  are on offer for outdoor events, provided that the organisers hold them in Barry

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is offering outdoor-event organisers the opportunity to apply for cash grants of £1,000 – funded by Vale council-tax payers – provided the event they want to stage will be held in Barry.

The Vale Council says the “financial support” is on offer to “local event organisers delivering unique and interesting events, along with the opportunity to hold their event on the recently refurbished Eastern Promenade at Barry Island”.

The council’s stated aim is to – as it puts it –  broaden the offer” at Barry  whilst also “helping independent events to establish themselves and grow”.

Apart from the condition that all the events in question are staged in Barry, the other provisos are that they should take place “before the end of March 2017”  and the organisers “will have to demonstrate that their event meets a number of criteria in order to qualify for funding”.

The closing date for all applications to the Vale Council’s “Events Fund” is 12.00 noon on Wednesday 31 August 2016.

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  1. Anne Greagsby says:

    And they can’t find the funds for flowers on Penarth centre roundabout! Or fix all those potholes…

  2. cariad. says:

    Does the Vale Council realize that Barry is just one town in the Vale, how about spending money in other parts of the Vale for a change, it seems that everything revolves around Barry.

  3. Elizabeth McCarthy says:

    Barry has a larger population than the other towns in the Vale put together…It has also suffered by having a high level of socio-economic difficulties in a wider area which is considered to be very well off financially. Because of this Barry has not been able to qualify for funding other towns in south Wales have been able to access – despite being in similar circumstances. So in many ways – in council tax and in being unable to access important money – Barry puts in the most and is the most in need.

    It also needs more entertainment. Their cinema was demolished and saving it was overlooked. There was a massive, heartfelt local response in Barry and the cinema was still financially viable. An Edwardian theatre was allowed to be demolished because the council would not consider the possibility of contributing towards buying the land and lease and running it. A scathing letter criticising ‘Barrians’ ‘taking money off the vale’ etc… in the Barry Gem from a Penarth councillor around that time gave a hint as to why on earth this had been allowed to happen.

    • Peter Church says:

      Poor Barry let have a collection for them, oh I forgot that’s what our Council Tax and Town Council Tax is spent on!

    • Mgg says:

      Elisabeth M , which other towns got money ..?? And yeah some facilities fell by the wayside but think Penarth St Paul’s and a replacement community centre for North Penarth Dinars powys by pass .Don’t cherry pick examples that can be found elsewhere

    • Robert says:

      Are you habing a laugh or are you Lis Burnett in disguise? What a about the waisted money CRC spends in the rural vale? Barry gets everything.

    • Tim Hughes says:

      Need to be careful Elizabeth, not sure readers are ready for your evidence based moderate balanced considered views. Expect lots of unstructured random rants.

      • Alistair says:

        Haven’t you read the recent story about the new low-level lights and beach huts being vandalised on Barry Island? Invest money in that town and look what happens…

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    Spot on Anne Greagsby couldn’t have put it any better myself , and yes they have the nerve and brass neck cheek to even make this offer. Just shows how ignorant , out of touch and pixelated ( ‘away with the fairies’) this shower are .

  5. NickP says:

    Aa long as we let them do it to us we just have ourselves to blame…

    • Mgg says:

      Well said . Apart from elections who knows a way we can challenge these decisions . Are the finance sheets available etc ?

  6. Mgg says:

    I would think that the depravation one speaks of is precisely why Barry has accrued various eu funding over the years .If one says ooh Other places get funding and Barry doesnt you must be mistaken penarth eg cant qualify for certain funding due to its ostensible affluence .Surely Barry has now caught up , and rightly so, but i would seriously offer the thought that it is now indeed the other towns that are losing out. YEAH Penarth probably doesnt need the, now, ongoing investment that Barry does to maintain its new facilities but the current penarth investment is plainly risible .

  7. Mgg says:

    Oh and its ok to use ones power to retaliate againgst Penarth who made a crisicsm ?? Kids .playground #$%÷× &€ grow up

  8. A Local Lurker says:

    A friend of mine has sent in numerous freedom of information requests to find out roughly how much money is raised in Barry and Penarth through the Council Tax. The FOI office in the Council replies each time that they have no idea!! and whats more is, it would take 24hours solid work to even come up with an estimate.
    How can a council be run so badly, they of course must have a very good idea but don’t wish to say.

  9. Tim Hughes says:

    According to the 2015/16 VoG budget the Barry Town Council precept for a Category D property is £51.29 and for Penarth Town Council the precept is £57.72, with the VoG element being £1269.42. The precept provides BTC with £968,457 and PTC with £636,946. With a 2011 census population for Barry and Penarth at 51,502 and 27,226, respectively, this suggests that the average Penarth resident contributes £514.51 to the VoG coffers and the Barry resident £465.40. So not much difference really!
    I am not sure if this calculation is 100% correct, any local authority finance experts out there?
    On a separate issue I am not sure that I want my council to waste time on FOI requests like this, they all take time and cost money.

    • Peter Church says:

      Tim, what the precept is set at and what is actually collected are two very different things!
      The precept just sets the Band D Council tax level. In Penarth the average house is band E/F while in Barry its Band C/D. This means the money collected has very little relationship to the precept. One of the quirks of the way the Council Tax was set up so I’m told.

  10. Tim Hughes says:

    I think the calculation I have done takes this into account. The amount collected for BTC should include all the different rateable values in Barry and similar for PTC in Penarth. The amount payable on each different rated property is different but the % payable to the town councils is a fixed % of the amount collected. So for BTC they get 4.05% of what they give to VoG and for PTC they get 4.55%.

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