Spot the odd one out. The grey Ford Ka has four essential components missing... wheels

Spot the odd one out. The grey Ford Ka has four essential components missing… wheels

The owner of a Ford Ka hatchback parked on the forecourt of the former Robert Smith Garage on Windsor Road, Penarth, seems to have devised the ultimate car-theft deterrent.

Any car parked directly opposite Penarth Police station should surely already be safe enough – but in this case nothing seems to have been left to chance.

The car has been propped up on breeze blocks .

The car has been securely propped-up on breeze blocks .

Amongst the precautions taken is the removal of all  four wheels  – leaving the vehicle propped-up on breeze blocks. For good measure a rear bumper and registration plate have also been removed.

The former Robert Smith car dealership moved to Cardiff in May 2014 and the vehicles parked outside are understood to have nothing to  do with that  firm.

The building belongs to the Ludlow Street Investments – part of the Ludlow Street Healthcare Group –  a Cardiff-based 1,000 employee company named by its founder after Ludlow Street, Penarth which already has planning permission to change the use of the former car showroom to retailing.

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  1. Mgg says:

    Robert Smith cars went into liquidation owing thousands to its customers and stating it had no assets Mr Smith then opened a new busines selling cars called e cars just off Penarth one can see him everyday in his souped up sports car and personalised reg rumbling through Windsor rd .
    If you hadn’t said I would have thought this picture was taken around the time they lost their Ford contract

  2. Ivor Bagman says:

    I was in school
    With Ford Prefect !
    He was good at
    In the 60’s .

  3. A FRIEND NO MORE. says:

    Yes Mgg You are correct. [COMMENT EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS – PDN]

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