Penarth's Conservative AM Andrew R T Davies has written in this Bank Holiday weekend's Sunday Times On-Line that Welsh voters would now scrap the Welsh Assembly

Penarth’s Conservative AM Andrew R T Davies has written in this Bank Holiday weekend’s Sunday Times On-Line that Welsh voters would now scrap the Welsh Assembly

If the people of Wales were allowed to vote now – in a new Devolution Referendum – they would scrap the Welsh Assembly, says Welsh Conservative Leader and Penarth Assembly Member Andrew R T Davies.

Writing in a Bank Holiday weekend article in the Sunday Times On Line Davies says  “The result [of the Devolution Referendum] was tight in 1997  but if the question were put to the people tomorrow I believe that they would vote to abolish the National Assembly.”

Andrew R T Davies being interviewed on BBC Wales News

Andrew R T Davies being interviewed on BBC Wales News

Andrew R T  Davies (Conservative South Wales Central – which includes Penarth) is leader of the Conservatives in Wales and in the Assembly. He accuses the current Welsh Labour Government of now trying to “subvert” the outcome of the E.U. Referendum in Wales – even though the people of Wales voted solidly to Leave the European Union.

Davies says  “instead of seeking to reflect the will of the people –  the Welsh Government is effectively seeking to subvert the [E U Referendum]  result”.

Andrew R T Davies warns Labour that  “They shouldn’t forget that in five Assembly Elections, turnout has never exceeded 50%, and whilst the public may support the principal of local decision-making there is very little evidence to suggest any great affection for the assembly itself.”

Davies says that in the wake of the E U Referendum “business as usual” is not an option for the Welsh Assembly . He says  “We  actually look to do business differently, and actually reach out to all parts of Wales, rather than just think we can continue as have done in the first 17 years,”

The disgraced Labour Secretary of State for Wales Ron Davies announcing the result of the controversial 1997 Devolution Referendum - which - although proclaimed as a victory - delivered a less than convincing result

The disgraced Labour Secretary of State for Wales Ron Davies announcing the result of the controversial Tony Blair 1997 Devolution Referendum which – although proclaimed as a victory – delivered a less-than-convincing result.

  • In 1979 – when the Labour Party first tried to get the people of Wales to vote for “devolution” [i.e. the setting up of a Welsh Assembly and all the paraphernalia that goes with it] to the dismay both Labour and the Welsh Nationalist Party – Plaid Cymru,  voters comprehensively rejected the idea by a massive four-to-one majority against.  The turn out was 59.01%  .
  • In 1997 Tony Blair’s Labour Government then engineered a second controversial and, some claim, highly-suspect Welsh Devolution Referendum in which the rules were re-jigged to favour the pro-devolutionists and in which a much lower vote-threshold was required to swing the result. The outcome was a miniscule majority of only 6,721 in favour on a turnout of only 50.22%.


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  1. pompousfruit says:

    The Tory party would like to get rid of the Welsh Assembly not most voers There was overwhelming support for the Welsh Assembly to have law making powers in the referendum in 2011.

  2. Brandon Reece says:

    Nonsense. A turn-out of 35% in 2011 is hardly “overwhelming”.

    • pompousfruit says:

      It’s not about turnout but the results of the referendum. Those who didn’t bother to vote in the referendum couldn’t care less about whether the Welsh Assembly has law making powers or not. It also doesn’t mean they want to abolish it.

      • Paul says:

        Pity people don’t seem to take the same view regarding the EU referendum. Personally I wouldn’t miss the assembly and would prefer to see Wales front and centre in Westminster, with our talent concentrated in the Welsh office instead. I don’t see the assembly as patriotic, I see it as isolation and small politics, exactly what Carwyn was saying about us leaving the EU. I am proud to be Welsh but I’m not blind to the poor quality of the am’s and the university level politics course debates that happen in the bay

      • Colin Davies says:

        it most certainly is about the turnout when you’re banding about comments like “overwhelming support” 65% of 36% of voters voted for that’s 23% of the eligible electorate, not even a quarter!!.. lets be fair any lower of a turnout and we’d all be asking if it was enough to make the referendum result valid. Kudos to those who bothered to actually vote, but lets not kid ourselves that people actually care, because based on the turnout they most certainly do not.

  3. Kevin Mahoney says:

    As one who voted for the establishment of the assembly but now recognises that it has just established another tier of third rate politicians lining their own and their cronies pockets I would now scrap it in an instant.

    I think that it is worth pointing out that the vote for greater powers in 2011 was, as highlighted above, made on a turnout of of just 35%,with only 23% of the electorate voting in favour of greater powers which of course is even less than the 25% that voted in favour of actually establishing the assembly.

    However that is democracy and so be it, but polls indicating that after 17 years the assembly is gaining greater support amongst Welsh voters, given the figures above would suggest that any increase in approval is amongst a percentage of a decreasing number of the Welsh public

  4. Lindsay says:

    This is pointless speculation with no evidence base. By the way Andrew, it’s “principle”.

    • Frank Evans says:

      Lindsay, labour can do no wrong in your book. Most people I know could give a toss about the wag. Maybe it’s different at local labour party meetings😁 maybe you could post the minutes.

  5. Simon says:

    Of course it should go, it’s ridiculous – peopled by third-raters who ran youth clubs and strut about in suits thinking they’re ‘politicians’. What makes me laugh is how the ‘lefties’ – apparently so keen on ‘democracy’ – challenge the Brexit vote which had more ‘overwhelming’ support than the laughable 1997 devolution ‘referendum’. Assembly is a big expensive joke but it shuts the boring, thick windbags up.

    • Paul says:

      Exactly, it keeps the Welsh interests tied up while real decisions are being made in Westminster where we aren’t well represented. The turnout is so low because we are voting for third rate people who wouldn’t stand a chance of being elected elsewhere.

      • Daniel Lawrence says:

        And you think we’d be better represented in Westminster if we voted to abolish the Assembly? They are in the process of getting rid of 11 of our MPs so that we’ll have 29 out of 600, with no extra powers coming to Wales. We’d be even more neglected (and massively outvoted, even more so than previously). And don’t get me started on the Welsh Office.

        I agree that many of our AM’s are 3rd rate, mostly the Labour ones, but we need to vote for better ones if that is the case, and there is plenty of evidence that Labour’s dominance of Wales is crumbling as they can’t blame everything on Westminster any more. That is the point of self government, learning from your mistakes, lets not pack it in just when we are starting to learn the lessons.

  6. Anne Greagsby says:

    Plaid’s Leanne Wood said: “Brexit provides an opportunity for the nations to take more power and responsibility from the UK. The referendum result shows how Westminster rule has left many communities behind. It should in no way be interpreted as a vote to centralise more power in London. No self-respecting country should be timid or ashamed of governing itself. It’s disheartening to see such a negative attitude from some in Welsh politics.”

  7. QueensRd says:

    The assembly is just an embarrassing collection of wannabes swanning about in limos.

  8. snoggerdog says:

    i think it should be raised, (razed) to ground level. clear all the train passengers out first of course,wouldnt want dust on their shiny suits & shoes.some of you say wales is crumbling take another look the UK is crumbling,traitors couldnt do much worse

  9. Peter Church says:

    The Welsh Assembly is one big gravy train there to line the pockets of those who get elected.
    I would love to know where each Assembly member lives?

    • david kerslake says:

      your right there look at lord windbag Kinnock and his family even got his son in a safe labour seat now.
      Honesty they don’t know the meaning of the word

    • Frank Evans says:

      Welsh assembly = buy a nice house in Cardiff or Penarth and sod the people you represent.

  10. Colin Davies says:

    Perhaps the huge amounts of money given to the Assembly could be better used being allocated to struggling Local Authorities to improve front line services that we ALL benefit from rather than lining the pockets for 3rd, 4th, 5th rate politicians and second rate Civil Servants and their unbelievable levels of paid Annual Leave!! It was a waste of money in 1996, it was a waste of money in 2011 it’s a wast of money now and it will continue to be a wast of money in the future…

  11. Alistair says:

    The chronic state of health and education in Wales tells you all you need to know about the performance of the WAG…mind you, it brought in a 5p charge for carrier bags. Pioneering stuff!

    • Peter Church says:

      Don’t forget the domestic house sprinklers that had to be quietly dropped.
      I think they got wet feet!!

  12. Harry Herbert-Hyde says:

    I did not vote for the welsh assembly in the first place so I don not care for more experiments on the general public. We have had enough leave us alone thank you.

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