Penarth Athletic Club was the venue for the weekend "Penarth Music Festival"

Penarth Athletic Club was the venue for the weekend “Penarth Music Festival”

A Bank Holiday weekend Penarth “Music Festival” has come in for criticism from some local residents whose homes are amongst those which  surround Penarth Athletic Ground .

One home-owner –  who acknowledges that he may be accused of being a “killjoy” – said the noise from a “small event” held at Penarth Athletic Club on Bank Holiday Sunday was “beyond belief”.

He says there were “Screaming DJs and very, very loud music”.  At 14:30 on  one of the warmest afternoons  of the summer, the noise was so loud he and his family weren’t able to sit out in their own garden. Nearby neighbours were also affected .

Penarth Athletic Ground is surrounded by some of the most expensive properties in Penarth.

Penarth Athletic Ground is surrounded by some of the most expensive properties in Penarth. The nearest – to the rear of the club-house – are only 100 feet away

When the club was called on the phone at 18:30 the Music Festival organisers are reported to have said that he Vale of Glamorgan Council had been advised about the event and that the Festival – which had begun at 13:00 –  would be continuing until 20:30 that evening.

A poster advertising the "Penarth Music Festival and Family Fun Day"

A poster advertising the “Penarth Music Festival and Family Fun Day”

The neighbour told the club “It’s my Bank Holiday too’” – but the comment apparently fell on deaf ears.

Several other neighbours are also said to have complained about the volume of noise which was said to be so loud it was “reverberating off walls in Augusta Road” – (on the far side of the Athletic Ground from the club house).

One neighbour is said to have had to close all his doors and windows and watch a recording of a  Formula 1 motor-race to drown out the extraneous sound  until it eventually stopped – as promised – at 20:30.

Neighbours say the noise level at the Music Festival was “inappropriate for a residential area” .  There was no one available at the club yesterday for comment.


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  1. Anne Greagsby says:

    Such curmudgeons!

  2. Ron Foxton says:

    Perhaps they could have enjoyed the day by PARTICIPATING!

    Just a thought…

  3. Fishhenge says:

    We enjoyed it at Lavernock Point.

  4. Steve says:

    It is NOT curmudgeonly to enjoy calm. People are different. Some like to listen to loud music, others like peace and quiet. Why should people have to ‘participate’? These days,unless you are dancing about to a blaring racket at an outdoor event, people mock you. It has become that you are a ‘killjoy’ if you don’t like being able to hear yourself think. Perhaps we should start mocking those who attend such things – so ‘hip’ and such ‘free spirits’ by getting on down wiv the kids.There is such of a din from everywhere these days I can perfectly understand why someone complained – and feel sad on their behalf that they felt obliged to preempt the predictable response by calling themselves a ‘kill joy’. What about calling the event-goers ‘rabble’ or ‘ignorant’?

  5. Geoff says:

    Writing as someone who cannot comprehend the attraction of “live music events” I am in total sympathy with the residents who had to tolerate the senseless noise of such a “festival” on a day they would have liked to spend quietly. When did it happen that people can make as much noise as they like and it’s considered that everyone is “enjoying” it?

  6. Dave says:

    The phrases ‘music festival’ and, worse, ‘family fun day’ send a chill of horror through me. My thoughts are with the poor residents whose Bank Holiday was spoilt by having to tolerate such a fair.

  7. Stuart says:

    What is additionally disturbing is how such an ‘event’ is allowed to be held in a residential area. Why don’t the residents ask for a rebate on their council tax for any days when their quality of life is affected? At best, this kind of thing should be held in an urban area – where noise is par for the course – or miles from anywhere so the party crowd can make as much noise as they please without disturbing others?

  8. Frank Evans says:

    Money making event at the expense of local neighbours 😈

  9. J says:

    Could easily hear it on Althorp Drive on Lavernock Park even with the TV on.

  10. Mgg says:

    On our way to cosmeston and back we could hear the festival.It sounded awfull with screaming and shouting down the Mic and , to coin a phrase, that tuneless dance /rap music .There’s a place for this type of music event and a place for a generic covers bands event with no screaming , one can be accomadated in an semi urban environment and one can’t .

  11. Richard says:

    If you think of the amount of noise there is nowadays:
    1. ALWAYS building work going on with drills and hammering and stone cutters – people just can’t STOP potching with their houses.
    2. garden tools – used to be polite clipping of shears, now it’s hedge trimmers and lawn mowers as loud as tractors
    3. people going round with music as loud as anything in the car
    4. people who adjust their car exhausts to make it louder.
    5. ‘integral sound systems’ in terraced houses which weren’t built to shield neighbours from such noise so music and X Factor come through the walls.
    6. ‘trendy’ teens whose indulgent parents – presumably allowing their offsprings’ ‘creativity’ to flourish – allow electric guitars or drum kits in terraced houses (see no. 5) or detached houses and ‘garages’ for that matter.
    7. buses and lorries and vans revving and accelerating
    8. no shop quiet now – all with music, often heavy metal if you go to a supermarket when the late shift are on and they play it as loud as they like.
    9. people going along the street and in shops bellowing inanities into phone.

    is it any wonder people want a bit of peace and quiet on a Bank Holiday? Why can’t people just shut the **** up?

  12. sjleworthy says:

    How did this event compare to the Bellevue event this year with regards to loudness, time, permissions, resident complaints, stalls/events etc etc

    Also PDN, why not any piccys ?

    • sjleworthy says:

      Also, why didnt i know about it? Advertising pretty small and local? No PDN notifications like the Belleview event, not an ‘official’ event etc?

    • Mgg says:

      Belle vie music 2 to 7 , no screaming down the Mic , familiar and locally loved bands , bandscscreened for content and delivery I say no screaming Dee jays “softer”? Music choices . Popular covers .one complaint ..despite 10 portable toilets and no queues someone either from park or drunkenly confused on way home from town urinated in a local garden . If belle vue was disruptive we would be refused licence as its public park . of course athletic club have their own entertainment site licence

    • newsnet says:

      It’s a case of CBE. …can’t be everywhere 😦

  13. Andrew Worsley says:

    The people living close to the event were given advance notice according to the story , so no one can say they were surprised . I wonder how many people complained ??? nowadays we hear the well worn words, ‘some people say ‘ , ‘lots of people say’, ‘ number of people’ etc this is usually political to try to add weight to a certain point of view or give it credibility , those SOME people are never produced or numbered or contacted because usually or in most cases they don’t exist. I think the posh people living in the posh houses had their peace disturbed for approx. 8 hours , but it was in the daytime and finished at 8 pm . Instead of being killjoys and spoilt , why didn’t some go for a drive in their cars or plan something for that day to be out and about so as the avoid , either all or most of the event ???? I would be interested in how many people did complain and how many people attended the event . I once had a noisy neighbour who decided to have a barbecue on night , I don’t know how many people attended but it was still going on at 12 midnight , so I I had to close my bedroom window as it was below it. I managed to get to sleep but was woken up around 5 in the morning by someone arguing at the top of their voices , and this was a Sunday morning and my day off work. I even had to get up and get dressed to go and see what was going on , when I complained I was called a ‘killjoy’ at 5 in the morning !!! luckily it did the trick and I went back to bed . Now if the people complaining about the event above had my scenario I would be sympathetic, as it is I don’t have a lot if any.

    • Richard says:

      By being so concerned about relating your own experiences of noise and other people’s ignorance, I think you may have missed a number of points.
      1. Of what relevance is ‘being given advance notice’ in relation to the noise made? If you were given advance notice of someone continuously kicking a football at your window, would that make it acceptable?
      2. I don’t see anyone saying they were ‘surprised’ by the racket, more horrified and distressed by it.
      3. Why is a raucous event such as this being held in a residential area, regardless of how many people ‘complained’?
      4. Why does the number of people who complained endorse or otherwise a point of view? I think it has come to the stage now where people are frightened to say anything, precisely because people are so quick to call them killjoys or Nimbys etc. Everyone now seems so keen to appear ‘with-it’ that anything goes. Ignorance and discourtesy rule.
      5. Your reference to the ‘posh people’ does you no favours – if the people complaining about the event were ‘not posh’, would you have more sympathy? And would it be all right then if there was only one of them complaining?
      6. Eight hours is a heck of a long time on a Bank Holiday day.
      7. Why should people have to go out in the car and get out of their home simply because the house they pay (presumably a fair amount of) council tax for (if they’re ‘posh’) is surrounded by screeching and ‘music’?
      8. Your little barbecue story about being woken at five on your day off surely endorses the experiences of those who complained – what if their Bank Holiday was precious to them and they didn’t want it ruined by pandemonium going on for what must have seemed an age?

  14. Alistair says:

    Noise pollution…the scourge of modern life. Silence truly is golden.

  15. Andrew Worsley says:

    Well Richard you stuck to your point of view , no one said they should have gone out but it was an option in nice weather , and you say the using of the word ‘posh’ did me no favours!!?? if you read the original story those complaining live in some of the most expensive homes in Penarth (not my words) in old fashioned parlance such people used to be (are!?) regarded as posh. We are talking about ONE DAY out of 365 of the year, ONE DAY, are you telling me they couldnt have compromised for a few hours ??? No theyd rather go on about the very few disturbed compared to the many people who attended . To them it was an inconvenience for 8 hours, yes killjoys is what one person called them and indeed they are and were and didn’t want to do anything else but complain . I have never heard about the people who live near Belle Vue Park complaining about activities in the park ( but then again they may have been exceptions ) or maybe they are more tolerant and fun loving and not ‘posh’ or spoilsports???.

    • Jeremy says:

      Andrew Worsley, it’s also an option in nice weather to sit in the garden or house – as many people like to enjoy, as opposed to “going out” all the time, to be surrounded by Bank Holiday madness. Re Belle Vue, I suspect there’s more of an element of “luvviedom” in that area where people want to appear all Notting Hill and right-on (though underneath the ‘Bohemian’ facade, I’ll bet there’s a few who cursed that noisy spectacle too). Why is it being a killjoy and spoilsport to like a bit of peace and quiet, especially in one’s own home?

    • Ralf says:

      In keeping with the parlance – I think Richard just “owned” you

      • Paul says:

        I live nearby, I didn’t attend but did listen to some of it sat in the garden and quite enjoyed some of it. Yes it was loud but I wasn’t all that bothered, I can sympathise with the people who were disrupted by it though. Calling those who did complain posh killjoys says more about the person who said it in my opinion. I’d prefer someone did something about the noise from cars speeding up and down Lavernock every day before there’s another accident than ban a slightly noisy music day – by the way, if the man who was driving the blue fiesta that overtook a car on Saturday afternoon for no reason and nearly knocked down a pedestrian happens to read this, you sir, are a complete tw@t and shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a car

  16. Ffion says:

    Noise levels are appalling these days. People just don’t know when to stop.

  17. Harry says:

    Anyone any idea who organised the event?

    • AK says:

      I think the clue is at the top of the poster

      ‘Penarth Athletic Club Presents……….’

  18. Ivor Bagman says:

    My Betty reckons that
    I sing in my
    Sleep !
    She snores
    Yet is in denial .
    The neighbours –
    Well !
    They don’t complain
    They wear mufflers.

  19. Dunmoaning says:

    I live in robins wood, and really enjoyed the free music from my garden whilst having a few beers. Prehaps my neighbors need to turn their hearing aids down!!

    • Jalopy says:

      I enjoyed it too. I though that the town sounded (for you could hear it through most of the town) like an actual community. What a silly fool I am to think such archaic thoughts!

  20. snoggerdog says:

    dont you dare call southern daggertown——notting hill!!!

  21. Andrew Worsley says:

    Jeremy we are talking about ONE DAY out of 365 , we are not even calling it 24 hours but 8 hours . Yes its nice to sit in your garden and yes its a shame that some noisy rabble playing the sort of ‘music ‘ you don’t like spoilt the day . Anyway this is a so called ‘ free country’ that means for all and Jeremy we are still on about 8 hours for one day of the year were do you get your ‘going out all the time’ from 1 day or part thereof is not ‘all the time’ , you might as well say you go out regular on your birthday.

  22. Harry Herbert-Hyde says:

    I heard this so called music coming from the fields and I thought it was a drug rave of sorts. Shocking truly shocking.
    I will turn my 3 in 1 stereo system on full blast with both speakers out the bedroom window and they can have the Vivaldi at 3am. Lets see how they like it.
    I am shocked they get away with it.

  23. hopenotnasty says:

    One day and you would think Penarth has been hit by a nuclear bomb from North Korea. Very very sad to read many of the comments. It would appear a fair number of people with little to think about should take a step back and remember what it was like to be young.

    • Frank Evans says:

      I’ll have you know the average age here is less than you think!!

      I hope you are thinking of a very large number ☺

  24. Ellabell says:

    Gosh how ever do these ‘neighbours’ manage when it’s bonfire night??
    Next year perhaps the athletic need to get in contact with all the bands that play at belle vue too, if they are so familiar and locally loved and can also play ‘softer’ music surely that would limit any complaints.

  25. Tracy says:

    If you live near a community venue – you can expect community gatherings from time to time – Penarth Athletics Club does not host music events often and I don’t feel that one music event a year warrants any kind of complaint, particularly when it ends at such a reasonable time. Perhaps some suggestions on how to manage a music festival would be helpful?

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