Sword-play in rehearsal for "Knights of the Damned"

Sword-play in rehearsal for “Knights of the Damned”

The popular mediaeval village at Cosmeston Country Park will be closed to visitors today (Tuesday August 30th) and tomorrow  because a film company has hired the location for a horror-movie shoot.

The rest of Cosmeston Country Park will be open as usual – it’s just the mediaeval village which will be out-of-bounds to visitors for two days.

A "mortally wounded" actor crashes convincingly to the ground in them middle of a swordfight.

A “mortally wounded” actor crashes convincingly to the ground in the middle of a swordfight whilst two of his phlegmatic  colleagues look on .  It could be their turn next.

A prone actor is dispatched with a stab of cold steel on the Cosmeston set

A prone actor is dispatched with a stab of cold steel on the Cosmeston set

The movie is a zombie thriller  called “Knights of the Damned” – so anyone of a nervous disposition might be well-advised to steer clear of the location anyway.

Meanwhile there is another mystery, of sorts, at Cosmeston  – the ‘Mystery of the Missing Bus Passengers’ .

What evidently must have been zombies can be glimpsed sitting inside this No 91 bus parked at Cosmeston with its engine running. The latest figures from Cardiff Bus show incontrovertibly that no real passengers at all have used the service this year.

What looked like ordinary bus passengers sitting inside this No 91 bus parked at Cosmeston with its engine running – may not have been what they seemed. The latest figures from Cardiff Bus show  that  no real passengers at all have boarded at the Park so far this year.

The latest figures from Cardiff Bus for their summertime weekend No 91 service  – which runs from Cosmeston Country Park to Cardiff via Penarth Esplanade, Penarth Town Centre and the Marina –  show that not a single passenger has boarded the bus at Cosmeston so far this year.

The No 91 Service runs on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays during the Summer months. However, from the start of operations this year,  up until August 21st, no passengers at all commenced their journey at Cosmeston .

The lights are on - but there's no one on the No 91 bus.

The lights are on – but there’s no one on the No 91 bus.

A total of 4,124 fare-paying passengers did board the service at other stops . The total of “concessionary trips” ( for qualifying passengers and pensioners) was 2,082 .

Only 41 passengers hopped aboard at Penarth Barrage (the stop is on the Custom House roundabout) whereas  694 boarded in Penarth Town Centre and 1,130 boarded at Penarth Esplanade (although it isn’t clear in which direction they were travelling).

Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward)

Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward)

Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymoputh Ward), who is vice chair of the Penarth Tourist and Visitor Association, says “People generally go to Cosmeston to visit the lake and park and would not normally jump on a bus to go to Penarth or the Barrage.” 

Cllr Ernest believes the uptake for the 91 Bus  is low at Cardiff Barrage because there is no bus shelter with livery at the location to “ really promote the service” .  He points out there is only a “pole stop with timetable outside El Puerto’s“.

Another factor, he says, is that  people walking the barrage generally have children or dogs with them and are, more than likely, to be visiting the  barrage and play area and not necessarily intending to extend their visit to  Penarth and Cosmeston.

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  1. Mgg says:

    ..??? Do you mean no ” new” passengers got on at cosmeston ? Surely all going to cosmeston would have a return and indeed get back on at cozzie .Cant see how anyone would get on at cozzie. Ok a few might e.g. walk from Penarth and get bus back later but as I say can’t see how you would get new passengers. Of more use would be the destination stats of all passengers.

    • newsnet says:

      Mgg you are correct. The statistics are apparently compiled from an automatic count of the tickets issued at the locations at which passengers board the bus. It appears nobody boards the bus for the first time at Cosmeston Country Park (at the car-park stop inside the country park).

  2. Christopher David says:

    WOW PDN- they could’ve casted from here 😉 They had Pinewood now we have Penarthwood.

    • Peter Church says:

      I suppose this is more irony Horace, but to be honest its not very funny and a little bit insulting.
      At least its not just me you verbally “abuse”

    • Christopher David says:

      Neck down! – AW NOOO, your mums grassed me. Horrie please, neck up beats your plight sweetie 😉 x

    • Lindsay says:

      Bit rich Peter. Christopher is well versed in insults. Anyway, he’s quite able to speak for himself

  3. Anne Greagsby says:

    There isnt enough publicity about this route or the lake where there is no shelter. The one day I used the service there the bus turned up for the return journey aa hour late. I haven’t spotted the bus stop at the barrage. I agree with Cllr Ernest that we need a bus shelter there. The service finishes too early. However it is of great benefit to those in Penarth who live in St Augustines ward who have no bus service otherwise on a Sunday.

  4. 249ers says:

    just an idea, but if cars were parked at Cosmeston for passengers to be taken to shop/eat in Penarth this would increase the footfall in the town and the bus company would benefit too. Park and Ride

  5. AK says:

    “A pole stop with a timetable outside el :Puerto” On the double yellow lines on the roundabout.

    What idiot thought that was a good location for a bus stop?

    There’s a good bus stop right outside Cosmeston, with a shelter and a lay by.

  6. Joely says:

    How much do the Vale get from film companies for closing off the medieval village? They were quick enough to get rid of the pigs, and presumably cited cost as a reason for that?

  7. Concerned Citizen says:

    I used the 91 yesterday to go to Mermaid Quay. I waited 45 minutes for the return bus to come home and then asked the 91 going the other way (into Cardiff) whether they had been diverted as there was a lot of traffic congestion at Mermaid Quay. He said ‘no, I’ve just passed it at Cogan’. It seems that the driver, with or without authorisation, just took a diversion to avoid Mermaid Quay! I had a vital appointment to get back for, so had to pay £10 for a taxi back. Some public service

  8. jm says:

    two thoughts, first that bus drivers hardly ever issue tickets with the correct entry point on them, and second, the 91 needs to be a regular service, not just summer says and sun (plus aug bank hol). the current mess with the 88s and 89s mean that anyone who has forked out for a daily, weekly of monthly cardiff bus pass must pay again to use them.
    And if anyone thinks it is sensible for cardiff bus to charge £1.80 to travel from cogan leisure centre to the windsor arcade …

    • penarthblog says:

      An evening service to the promenade would be useful for residents and visitors alike and could help, albeit in a small way, reduce parking problems.

  9. Harry Herbert-Hyde says:

    I am shocked that they still allow so called zombie movies to be made after so many of them were banned for in-sighting video violence.
    I hope our councilors make sure the movies are fit for consumption if they ever get shown on the penarth pier cinema complex.

  10. Martin Coffee says:

    The timetables for this service have not been placed in the displays at the bus stops along Penarth Portway so it’s hardly surprising that few passengers join the service in the vicinity of the barrage. Furthermore the bus stop nearest the barrage is missing from the Traveline Wales database which expects you to walk past it to the previous stop! I have had email correspondence with them over this latter point but they have not fixed this problem.

  11. Christopher David says:

    Roll on Penarthwood- what an excellent bonus for our town all this filming is.

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