The scene on Victoria Road Penarth this morning following a collision between a car and a skip carrying lorry (Photo Tom Crooks)

The scene on Victoria Road Penarth this morning following a collision between a car and a skip-carrying lorry (Photo Tom Crooks)

Police and an NHS ambulance have been called to Victoria Road, Penarth this morning following an accident involving a car and a lorry carrying a skip.

One of the persons believed to be involved in the incident has been given a yellow high-viz jacket and is sitting on the ground on the right hand side of the top picture

The blue Vauxhall car which was damaged in today's crash

The blue Vauxhall car which was damaged in today’s crash

The car involved in the accident was a blue four-door Vauxhall hatchback which sustained a severe impact to its front offside – deflating the front tyre.

Police say both drivers were shaken-up but no injuries were reported.

Local residents say Victoria Road has had a number of serious road accidents in recent months and is being used increasingly as a “rat-run” through  Penarth


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  1. Frank Evans says:

    Victoria Road is a rat run as is many other roads in Penarth

  2. Anne Greagsby says:

    Lets have 20s Plenty on roads in Penarth

    • Bobby says:

      Why? There is no evidence in the item to even suggest that this was caused as a result of some one breaking the 30mph limit so what makes you think dropping it to 20 would have made any difference?

      • Doctor David says:

        A collision at 20mph, rather than 30mph or more, means those involved are appreciably less likely to suffer injuries that require hospitalisation. That’s the difference!

    • Dan Potts says:

      No lets not, we rejected them in a ballot, As Bobby says there is no evidence of excisive speed, more likey someone was not paying attention to the road ahead.

      • Peter Church says:

        20 is Plenty.
        Drive at 10 and think like Zen
        Please drive at 5
        No more than 2 will do
        Drive at 0 and your be a hero.

        Barking mad, speed doesn’t kill, bad driving does!

      • Doctor David says:

        Idiotic misunderstanding! Of course speed kills. If the world’s best driver, going along a clear road at 30mph, had a child run out in front of them, there is a strong likelihood the child would be killed or seriously injured.
        At 20mph, the likelihood of survival improves.
        This is not an opinion, it is a FACT. Just because, in your opinion, bad driving is the cause, doesn’t mean that your opinion has any basis. You are simply wrong, and the official statistics prove your ignorance on the matter. A good driver is someone who drives safely in a given environment, and not simply someone adept at using the controls of the vehicle. Even world class racing drivers and rally drivers make mistakes – sometimes lethal mistakes.
        You should check the facts. Your opinion on this matter shows a profound lack of thought.

      • Hamish Munnypenny says:

        I am aghast at the lack of basic common sense shown here. Speed is a critical factor in the outcome of a collision.
        In round figures, a vehicle travelling at 50 MPH has approximately 2 seconds to react to an object in its path 60 feet ahead, but has no time to stop. A vehicle travelling at 25 MPH, therefore, has 4 seconds to react to an object 60 feet ahead and, if the driver responds immediately, has a chance of stopping in time to avoid a collision.
        This really isn’t difficult – it is basic physics. Why are you, Dan and Peter, in denial? Hundreds of tests prove that cutting speed means safer driving. I suppose you believe the earth is flat and that gravity is only a theory?

      • Jalopy says:

        I think motorways should be restricted to 20mph. You’ll likely survive a crash at 20 much more than at 70. 20’s plenty.

      • Peter Church says:

        There is a balance between a speed and people getting from A to B in a timely manner.
        Yes if we drove at 5mph with a man waving a red flag then injuries would be reduced.
        But this is the real world Penarth (do good, bleeding heart brigade) Posters.

        We have to be sensible, 30mph is fine as long as its enforced.

      • Hamish Munnypenny says:

        Jalopy, which motorway goes through Penarth? I can’t tell if you’re a bit slow or just perverse, but try to stick to the subject.
        Peter, I see you have backed down from your previous comment that speed doesn’t kill to effectively say what others are saying – that driving with care for other road users is necessary.
        I’m not sure you chose the best place to do a U-turn. However, I still have trouble with your concept of ‘the real world’, as none of your comments demonstrate that you have more than a passing acquaintance with it.

    • Alistair says:

      I suppose your next suggestion after that is to bring back a man walking in front of vehicles waving a red flag…imposing 20mph near schools is fine but there is nothing wrong with our 30mph limit

      • Doctor David says:

        There is a problem with drivers at 30mph though. Since I started driving decades ago, vehicle performance has improved in leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, driver performance has not improved one jot.
        I remember when drivers used to slow down for corners and bends, and when a driver would begin to slow down when approaching a junction. That is no longer the case. Because road-holding and braking is so much better than it once was, many young drivers, still inexperienced in the finer points of vehicle control, tend to drive everywhere at the same speed – bends and corners included.
        Human reaction times are no better now than they were a million years ago, let alone the last fifty years. But in that time, the performance of vehicles has outstripped the average driver.
        Considering the fact that vehicle safety features are markedly better than they were decades ago, the incidence of deaths and serious injury in RTAs is still much too high.
        Perhaps we should limit drivers with less than five years experience to lower performance cars, or models with speed governors.
        I am not, of course, implying that the age and experience of the driver was a factor in this particular incident, but I’m sure most reasonable people would agree that speed is a critical factor.
        Anyone who has regularly used zebra crossings in Penarth in recent years will be able to relate a ‘near miss’ from drivers whose car’s performance far outdoes their own.
        So to those who are happy with current speed limits I would say, do you think every driver is as skilled and experienced as you? Are there any drivers better than you, or are they all worse than you?

  3. sjleworthy says:

    i certainly wouldn’t want to argue with a skip laden lorry! hope all are ok.

  4. AK says:

    Small car, big lorry; after you, big lorry.

    “Here lies the body of Mr Day
    Who insisted he had the right of way”

  5. Mgg says:

    Mmm? Both vehicles facing the same way in the picture ?

    • AK says:

      Car ran into back of lorry, or
      Lorry spun the car round, or
      Skip was unloaded onto blue car, or
      Police/motorists moved car as it was causing obstruction.

      Your career as an accident investigator has failed, Mgg 😉

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