Some stallholders at the 50-Mile-Market to be held at the Paget Rooms today will be travelling quite a distance to get there

Some stallholders at the 50-Mile-Market to be held at the Paget Rooms today will be travelling quite a distance to get there

Penarth’s first-ever so-called “50-Mile-Market”  – due to open in the Paget Rooms this morning – appears to be selling food from a lot further away than customers might have been expecting.

The concept of the“50-mile-market” is that no food brought for sale at the monthly event by stall-holders will have been produced beyond a radius of 50 miles from Penarth – thus making it environmentally acceptable to green lobbyists and those who demand freshly- made locally-produced food.

However – according to Twitter – amongst  the traders due to be at this morning’s augural 50-Mile-Market in Penarth is “Mrs Brown’s Bakes” – a bakery which is based in Plymouth which would  involve a 2 hour 33 minute road journey of 155 miles – making it a round-trip of 310 miles.

It now transpires that the name of the Plymouth firm may also be being used by another business –  but as addresses of the  businesses participating in the “50-Mile Market” are  not specified in the promotion posters, other than those which use their locations as part of their trading name , its not possible for customers  to identify the origins of their produce.

Stallholders participating in today's 50-Mile-Market

Stallholders participating in today’s 50-Mile-Market

Of all the 17 stall-holders listed to be at today’s event, only appear to be based in Penarth and pay local business rates.

The inaugural Penarth 50-Mile-Market was due to be opened at 10:00 this morning at the Paget Rooms by the Labour and Co-operative MP for Cardiff South and Penarth, Stephen Doughty.

Earlier in the year local residents had complained about the 50-Mile-Market’s original scheme to set-up its regular monthly market  inside Penarth’s Grade II listed Turner House Gallery – a building gifted to the townspeople of Penarth by the local Victorian philanthropist James Pyke-Thompson .

Turner House Gallery and its paintings was bequeathed to the people of Penarth

Turner House Gallery and its paintings was bequeathed to the people of Penarth

When the scale of public outrage became clear, the  idea was dropped and the Paget Rooms – owned by Penarth Town Council – was hired as an alternative venue.

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  1. Lorraine Barrett says:

    Local businesses would have had the chance to participate if they wanted to. Maybe Mrs Browns is a franchise – the one here is from Rogerstone.

  2. pompousfruit says:

    At least Cogan Hall Farm is allowed to have a stall there. They couldn’t get into Penarth farmers market as there are already enough meat stalls.

  3. Christopher David says:

    They appear to be two spate businesses with the same name. Neither are franchised. I hope local business with support this Penarth venture. Markets here in France are a huge success with towns having regular markets on set days throughout the year. They are very will supported by the French and other nationals. I can even get pasties in the one at Piegut!

    • Graham Breller says:

      Pie gut?

      • Mark Foster says:

        Graham, vous devez ecrire en francais. Christophe Davide, alias Monsieur Cabane de Plage, le plus grand poseur du monde, ne comprend pas l’anglais ou le gallois. Il ecrit qu’il peut acheter Clarks Pies a Piegut, qui se trouve en Dordogneshire.

        Well done Paula Brown I say.

    • pompousfruit says:

      Farmers markets are a success in Cardiff especially Riverside Market though the Roath and Rhiwbina markets aren’t as popular as before.

      • Christopher David says:

        Ha Mr Marke Fostere- alias Ian D I’m amused, but absolute crap translation – installer? “wrong one you have my little one” (Tolkien ascent) … heh. Oh and your knickers are showing 🙂 Cmon- give us more. x

  4. Betty E says:

    Mrs Browns Bakes is run by Paula Brown from Rogerston, Newport who does lots of local events around South Wales! Need to check your facts Penarth news!



  5. Christopher David says:

    Ha yes Mr Breller- its pronounced Peejuew, However I don’t tell my Welsh visitors such as ID this, I just invite them to their namesake. Betty E its you that needs to check your facts. Despite my typo above (it should read separate) there are TWO businesses of this name. Hoisted BOOP ! 🙂

  6. All traders had the opportunity to apply to the market to trade. Surely new products popping up in Penarth once a month can only be a good thing for the area?

  7. Mike Yorke says:

    The gallery’s lose. Doubt there was actually that much negativity to it in the first place. The gallery never seems open so would have attracted more people in to it to buy front the market holders and then see some art work and maybe even buy some of that!

    Good luck to the Market in the Paget rooms. I am sure it will do well.

    This “news” article isn’t really news now is it. If other stalls that may be from a little further afield weren’t there then it probably wouldn’t go ahead. In time, I’m sure the more “local” stall holders will increase.

  8. Georgie says:

    Little harsh BettyE -,Penarth Daily news is usually exact with their facts, and we are grateful to them for bringing up to date news to us, things we wouldn’t ordinarily hear about, so I say well done Daily News keep up the good work

  9. Paul says:

    Its called marketing, not distance selling…

  10. Johnabutt says:

    I went to this event and all the stalls were fine. Some were overpriced but some offered good value. The coffee from the ‘pop up’ cafe was nice as were the goodies being offered to go with coffee. All in all it could become a good addition to the town’s calendar.

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