The postman's knock in Penarth Road this morning was a little louder than usual

The ‘postman’s knock’ in Penarth Road this morning was a little louder than usual (Photo Misia Kuczys)

Penarth Road in Cardiff – the main route into the city from Penarth – has now been re-opened after being shut by crash this morning

A Royal Mail parcel lorry and a police car were apparently in collision – as a result of which the lorry crashed into the shopfront of a cafe and youth information centre called “The Buzz” near the junction of Penarth Road and  Clare road. Rush-hour commuter traffic from Penarth into Cardiff  diverted but is now back to normal

The Royal Mail van driver is said to be shaken but not seriously injured . However the two   police officers in the police vehicle were taken to the taken to the Emergency Unit at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff where they received treatment for “non-life threatening injuries”.

Quite how the accident happened is, as yet,  unclear.


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  1. Paul says:

    What would cause a 3 ton truck to lose control and crash into a shop.
    Should large trucks be banned from using this road, to get to their depot.
    What is there to protect further shops and possibly people from being damaged.
    Whats the safety record for these vehicles traveling around the country delivering mail.

    Just saying…

    • AK says:

      Royal Mail vans are well known for making sudden manoevers without warning.

      Stopping at post boxes, crossing to the wrong side to deliver a parcel, scrabbling through paperwork for the next delivery. A competent police driver should have known this.

      No doubt the officers will be off for a few months on full pay suffering whiplash injuries.

  2. Tim P. Jones says:

    Maybe it was the police car doing slightly more than 30mph that caused the lorry to lose control?
    Either way since there was police car was involved in the crash the incident should be investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. But I bet it won’t Alun?

    • Paul says:

      Yep, Ive read that report since, in another newspaper. Either way, its a dangerous situation, which could have resulted in tragedy…

      • Which newspaper did you read that in, Paul? I tend to see police cars speeding everywhere and assume that they might not be as careful as they should be but am struggling to find specifics on this crash, and am wanting to illustrate it.

  3. mark Llewellyn says:

    Accidents happen, just glad no one was seriously injured.

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