A Bristol Channel pilot arrives at Penarth Pier to board Waverley for her departure to the West.

A Bristol Channel pilot arrives by launch at  Penarth Pier last night to board Waverley for her departure to the West.

The vintage paddle-steamer Waverley brought down the curtain on her shortest-ever schedule of sailings from Penarth last night.  

The popular paddler had undertaken only a three-day programme of excursions from Penarth Pier during what turned out to be a weekend of disappointing weather. Last night she  departed into the damp dark mist of a late Monday evening, heading for Swansea and – ultimately – her home waters on the Clyde.

The ship’s sailing from Penarth last night appeared to be delayed by the necessity to wait for a Bristol Channel pilot to arrive by launch from Barry. In the past Waverley‘s captains would always have been qualified to navigate all the channel’s tricky waters, ports and piers.

Once the pilot was aboard, Penarth Piermaster Peter Andrews and his staff cast off Waverley’s warps.

As darkness fell Waverley quietly slipped away into the mist.

As darkness fell, Waverley quietly slipped away from Penarth Pier and away into the mist.

Without even a departing toot on her ship’s whistle, the elderly lady’s paddle wheels bustled into action as she gathered up her skirts for a night voyage to Swansea  – leaving many local supporters with the hope that she’ll return to Penarth next year .

Meanwhile the MV Balmoral‘s season continues and she’ll continue sailing from Penarth Pier into October.

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  1. whatsoccurin says:

    Sad that she had such awful weather-last night was like a late November evening-and while “will ye no come back again” was serenading Bonnie Prince Charlie, many of us were serenading footballer” Bonnie Prince Gareth” with “Don’t send me home”! I have noticed that the Barry pilots seem to be appearing more frequently with a number of cargo ships leaving Cardiff and then heading “up” channel around the sand bar.

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