The remains of a car burned out at Cosmeton Country Park last night

The remains of a car found burned-out at Cosmeston Country Park, Penarth last night (Photo Nina Ward)

It looks as though joyriders are again organising unofficial car rallies and burn-outs on Wednesday nights in Cosmeston Lakes Country Park – on the outskirts of Penarth.

South Wales Police are investigating the discovery of a burned-out Ford hatchback car last night in the tree-covered parking ground of the park . There appeared to be no one in the car at the time of the fire.

The car registration WM03UWD  (originally painted black- but it’s been burned to bare metal) was a 1299cc  2003 model and still had valid vehicle excise tax  but the MOT certificate had expired at the end of August.

The car was left in a prominent area of the car park - close to the main entrance

The car was left in a prominent area of the car park – close to the main entrance

Cosmeston Park Staff say they are not allowed to move the vehicle until the police give permission.

In 2014 residents living in the Lavernock Road area of Penarth had complained to the police  about the then-regular  late-night activities of “petrolheads” in Cosmeston Country Park – which they used as a night-time venue for their “Top Gear” style car-drifting antics.

Gangs of up to 40 young drivers were descending on Cosmeston every Wednesday night to drive their cars in  “donuts”  – with tyres smoking  – or use fields in the park for impromptu rally-cross races. Now it looks as though they are back.

Police say they have powers under Section 59 of the police reform act to take action against anyone driving in an “anti-social manner” – even on private land without permission of the owner . On a first occasion they can be “warned” and if the offence is repeated anywhere in their own or someone else’s car – the vehicle  can be seized and impounded.



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  1. Paul says:

    The speeding along Lavernock Road to and from Cosmeston every night has been getting worse for months. Time for speed cameras, points some fines. Don’t warn the idiots, they don’t pay any attention. The camera which monitors speed that has been put up just encourages them to see how fast they can pass it, someone is going to be killed on that road soon unless something changes.

  2. John says:

    The answer is obvious – lock up Cosmeston at night with a steel barrier at the car park entrance. The same should be done at the Clifftop car park.

  3. MH says:

    Could it also be that a car caught fire,smoker drops cigarette in car, OAP destroy evidence after bank raid!

  4. Christopher David says:

    I’m warning you- don’t nick another car and bur it here………………..right.

  5. snoggerdog says:

    theres no need for that harsh kind of language,please think of others will do,traumatising young men with harsh words could lead to bed wetting & mental issues.change the subject slightly what do these policemen look like

  6. Ron Foxton says:

    I saw a policeman in the borough once.

    No, really.

    It was February 18th and he was near the pier.

    He called me a cheeky monkey and told me to stop scrumping or he’d march me to my parents house…

  7. Mgg says:

    I sent my car for scrap for fifty quid . Havnt got destruction certificate yet after 3 months . Wonder if they put it back on the road ? Think ive been done Wish I’d left it at Cozzie set alight and claimed on insurance .

  8. Mari Jones says:

    Kids also frequently skid around the clifftop car park at night and race along Plymouth Rd next to the park – only a matter of time before they knock someone down.

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