People are often seen smoking outside the public entrance foyer at Llandough Hospital

People are often seen smoking outside the public entrance foyer at Llandough Hospital

Smokers discarding cigarette-butts away in the grounds of Llandough and Heath hospitals are being given on-the-spot fines of £80 a time  as part of a renewed drive to reduce hospital litter.

The Fixed Penalty Notices are being issued  following the UHB’s decision to renew its contract with City of Cardiff Council, allowing what are called “Waste Education and Enforcement Officers” on the sites.

The notice reads " This smoking shelter is strictly available for anxious patients and visitors only."

There were once “Smoking Shelters”  at Llandough Hospital for people who needed a cigarette – but these were withdrawn in 2013

Anyone dropping litter on the grounds (both inside and out) can be penalised under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The University Health Board is promoting the initiative to support its No Smoking Policy, which forbids smoking on all of its sites.

Reception Manager at the Heath Suzy Collins says  “Cigarette butts make the hospital look unclean and the smoke that gets into the Emergency Unit can be sickening. Hopefully this will deter people from smoking outside the entrance.

It’s not known if any those fined to date are NHS employees.


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  1. Martin Coffee says:

    It’s telling that they didn’t contract Barry’s enforcement officers at Llandough which is NOT in Cardiff.

  2. Paul says:

    Its an anomaly, why have smoking at all, at a health treating complex, huh!

  3. AK says:

    Cigarette smokers are the worst, most inconsiderate litter bugs

  4. Isaydingdong says:

    Smoking is a self inflicted death sentence, if they continue to smoke despite all the help and warnings withdraw their healthcare and fine heavily for the disgusting mess they create

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