576 new homes are now being proposed for the Upper Cosmeston Farm site - on Penarth's Southern boundary

576 new homes are now being proposed for the Upper Cosmeston Farm site – on Penarth’s Southern boundary

In the latest amendments to the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s contentious LDP (Local Deposit Plan) a huge 146% increase is proposed in the housing provision at the Upper Cosmeston Farm development.

Instead of the original allocation of 235 new homes for the greenfield site, it’s now planned to increase that figure to no less than 576.  These figures do not include the existing – and already built –  residential development at Upper Cosmeston.

The Upper Cosmeston Farm residential development used to make the limits of the sprawl into the countryside - but not any more.

The Upper Cosmeston Farm residential development used to mark the limits of the sprawl into the countryside – but not any more.

This latest new addition to the so-called “Local Deposit Plan” is buried in a catchily-named document called  “Matters Arising Changes/Draft Affordable Housing & Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Guidance Consultation.”  which has now been released (without maps) on the Vale Council’s website.

The document says “Due to the increase in the size of the allocation the appraisal indicates an increased negative score in respect of the loss of greenfield land. Nevertheless, the appraisal indicates that the impact of the development may be mitigated through sensitive site layout and design.”

The site is just outside the town boundary of Penarth . Like the Vale of Glamorgan Council, Penarth Town Council is Labour-controlled and has not discussed or made any comment on what is now to be a 576-home development  on its doorstep – even though it will have considerable effects on Penarth .

In Sully, Penarth’s neighbouring village, the Saving Sully Group has already pointed out that the Upper Cosmeston Farm Development will add to the Cardiff-bound commuter traffic which will be generated by the 1,000 or more extra homes which planners are attempting to shoe-horn into the village of Sully.

A large proportion of traffic on the roads of Penarth is heading through the town towards Cardiff

A large proportion of traffic on the roads of Penarth is heading through the town towards Cardiff

The Vale document says that although Upper Cosmeston Farm is  located 3 kilometers  from the town centre, “it still has reasonably good transport links to Penarth and Sully”.

So many more people would be living in the Cosmeston area – on Penarth’s Southern Boundary – that there’s a tacit acknowledgment that Penarth’s already-crammed local primary schools will not be able to cope with the extra pupils  – and a new school will have to be built at Upper Cosmeston Farm.

Evenlode Primary School Penarth

Evenlode Primary School Penarth is the nearest school to the new 576 home development

The document states that “land has been allocated ” for the proposed new school  at Upper Cosmeston Farm which will “meet the anticipated need for school places identified and will also help to build sustainable communities by providing a local community hub”

Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines) Deputy Leader of the Vale of Glamrogan Council

Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines) Deputy Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council

On the proposed new 576 home increase at Upper Cosmeston Farm, the Vale dismisses any effects on wildlife and nature by saying “the extension of the site would not affect sites of nature conservation importance. Overall it is considered that the assessment of the extended site is generally positive, reflecting its sustainable location close to associated transport links and amenities”

The new iteration of the plan carries an amended forward by Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines) Deputy Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council  – who now appears to be the driving force behind the Vale’s heavily criticised scheme.

The Vale Council has begun a 6-week consultation on all the latest changes in its  proposed  “Matters Arising Changes” document . This will continue until October 28th .

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  1. Paul says:

    So are they gonna build a bigger road to cope with the increased traffic, no, I thought not. Quart into a pint pot, springs to mind….

    • Peter Church says:

      You wont need any roads cause the developer will bung money to the council for sustainable transport (token cycle lane) so they can cram in more houses and get away with less parking spaces.
      The council in truth will get 576 new band G council taxes a year, which is over a £1m this money can then be spent in Barry and on Liz Burnett’s twitter bill!!

  2. Mark Foster says:

    If you elected a political party that would repatriate immigrants there would be no need for this development. You could also stop most of the murders in your large cities and provide proper health care for your aged citizens instead of shamefully letting them die through lack of medical treatment.

    • Louise C says:

      I think you’ll find that hospitals and care homes are staffed by immigrants. You’ll miss them when they’re gone.

      • Ian Symonds says:

        Totally agree Louise C. It is a shame that a site which should be used as a forum to discuss this planning proposal is being used to expound views which many of us find distasteful and offensive. We are all immigrants.

      • Peter Church says:

        I think following Brexit we will have to end this never ending people ponzi scheme. There will be responsibilities to staff these roles from within the current UK population and not to steal talent and the young from other countries.

      • Wow, well said + my view is that his anti-immigration ranting is another good reason to build all these houses + thousands more to tackle the housing crisis + house ALL immigrant families.
        I’ve left my post totally supporting this housing development below!!!

      • Paul says:

        Carol, yes there are some people who rant about immigrants and at the same time there are people who cannot differentiate between refugees and economic migrants. Both groups of people are equally narrow minded. immigration brings a lot of benefits to a country but having unchecked immigration only leads to problems. Louise is right in what she says, there are a lot of EU and non-EU staff working in our hospitals. There are also a lot of people who come here and add nothing. This country simply cannot support every economic migrant who would like to live here, we should be concentrating attention on those who need help desperately and not on people who just want to live here. The UK has a great record in helping others in time of need, and it should continue but an open door policy isn’t sustainable.

  3. Anne Greagsby says:

    Save our green fields & stop CARMAGEDDON.

    • Christopher David says:

      Don’t always agree with you but love that Carmageddon. I think we have to face it. Penarth and Dinky poo are stuffed.

  4. penarthblog says:

    The railway line could be extended from Penarth to Forrest Rd bridge which could help relieve some pressure on roads in South Penarth, unfortunately beyond that point, the track has been built on, if not for that, a train service to Sully would have been very useful.

  5. Paul says:

    Why build here? Why not cowbridge? Why not somewhere on the a48? Why build in Penarth instead of somewhere else. That answer seems to be the jobs are in Cardiff and this is as close as the vale can get. Plus it makes Penarth just that bit more joined to Barry. Eventually one big sprawl with cosmeston as a bit of parkland. No infrastructure should invalidate this, it’s madness. The sooner the vale council is consigned to host to the better.

  6. Penarthal says:

    “The sooner the Vale council is consigned to host to the better”????????.

  7. Sue Thomas says:

    is is madness. Well -greed actually. The Welsh Government owns this land & lots of other land at Lavernock etc. It is shocking that they are planning to build on greenfield sites. Utter Madness”!! Imagine the traffic congestion too. Ambulances cannot get through now!!!!!!!!These beautiful fields will lose the wildlife etc. The residents excuse me do not want this!!!!!!!!!

  8. Max Wallis says:

    There’s no “need” for these houses in Penarth or anywhere in the Vale. Labour’s LDP is 44% above official housing projections. The reason, Cllr Lis Burnett said, was that Labour is “ambitious”. Now they estimate fewer unplanned (“windfall”) sites than they first thought, so Burnett would make up the numbers by allocating more greenfields on Penarth’s fringe.
    Not that there’ll be new roads and transport facilities to match. They have no proposals for traffic from the hundreds of houses already planned for Sully, Dinas and Penarth, so they just add a few hundred more. Developers will have to play a game of pretending to “mitigate” the impacts. The Vale has been cut out of rail electrification and city-region ‘Metro’ plans. They don’t even plan to build our poor local cycling network, just a contribution to Sustrans’ long distance NCN-88 ! What to do? Just object with vigour, like Sully, and join with others to spin out the LDP process till next May’s elections, when a new Council can decide to reject the LDP just like Caerphilly Council has done in response to people-pressure.
    Consultation details and Links are available at https://pt.co/qfIxhU59L5

  9. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Yet again the Vale planning department and the Vale Labour administration ( helped by the lack of any credible opposition from the Conservatives) have demonstrated their complete and utter contempt for the residents of Sully, Cosmeston and Penarth in proposing these massive numbers of new housing in an already increasingly congested area.

    I have at every step during the consultation period opposed the Labour party’s proposals to originally site 235 new houses at Cosmeston as well objecting to the Conservatives ( yes Anthony Ernest I’m talking about you) original plans for 650 houses in Sully, as well of course the ludicrous plans for a new park and ride facility at Cosmeston park.

    To hear that they now wish to increase the housing allocation to 576 at Cosmeston almost defies belief! Add in a new school with the inevitable morning and afternoon drop off and pick up traffic chaos, a proposed park and ride site plus the increased traffic from 350 houses in Sully and only a fool could think that this is a viable plan.

    South Rd and Lavernock Rd are already acting as the now abandoned Dinas Powys bypass scheme, you don’t have to be a genius to work out what a 1,000 new homes and a park and ride will do to traffic and other infrastructure problems in the area and the effect on Sully and Penarth. Don’t forget to chuck into the mix the thousands of new houses being built in Barry much of the daily traffic from which will also be using Sully and Lavernock Rd to get to Cardiff on a daily basis.

    The hopelessly inept Vale planning department even admit to negative aspects in their written proposal.This of course is the planning department which endorsed Taylor Wimpey’s report that 500 new houses at Cog Rd would result in an increase of just 13 extra cars on the road during the peak traffic period.

  10. Dave says:

    It’s inevitable at some point but that point is not now. The merrier harrier junction will need a flyover, the houses on the corner knocking down and perhaps even the pub going to accommodate a big enough junction to cope with all the traffic. Perhaps an alternative is to extend the 20 mph zone in llandough all the way to Sully. Speed bumps all the way down cardiff road and redlands road and more bus lanes. St Cyres was School was rebuilt a bit small should have gone large with it for an extra 30p ……………

  11. Paul says:

    Don’t panic, there are infrastructure changes planned.
    Lis says they plan for an allotment ….
    I’m speechless.
    Please object to the ruination of this town before it’s too late

  12. John says:

    Sorry but who are the people electing Lis Burnett?

  13. AK says:

    “This of course is the planning department which endorsed Taylor Wimpey’s report that 500 new houses at Cog Rd would result in an increase of just 13 extra cars on the road during the peak traffic period”

    I am convinced that Traffic Planners walk to work on an off road footpath, and work in single occupancy offices. They are presumably the same ones who think that traffic lights solve traffic problems.

    They have also decided that the new Ocean Way bypass will not actually be joined to the ‘flyover to nowhere’ outside the Butetown Tunnels, instead it will join the roundabout with…..traffic lights.

  14. Paul says:

    This is not Lis’s or anyone else’s fiefdom to do as they want, vote them out and vote in someone who gives a damn instead. It wouldn’t be the first time that people have tried to have their voice heard and met the political elite’s stonewall.


    Roll on the next election, time for new blood instead of the same tired faces

  15. Not for the first time Cllr. Mahoney (ex UKIP – now unknown) berates me for allegedly supporting new houses in Sully. Incorrect and inconsistent like much else he espouses ! The reality is that some 6 years or so ago local landowners were invited to submit THEIR proposals for housing development and the Vale Council was duty bound to CONSIDER those ideas. In fact the outcome was that Swanbridge Road would become a RESERVE SITE if other land banks were insufficient to meet the then demand. That is not the same as “Conservatives approving X hundred houses” which is what the Sully Councillor alleges. Of course the decision by the Labour dominated Vale Council’s Cabinet to release the potential of the 300 acres at Cosmeston Farm, Fort Road and Lavernock Point (all owned by the Labour dominated Welsh Government incidentally), is another reason why the Labour Party in Penarth (you just can’t make it up !), do not want any criticism or comment on their socialist style policies of creating Housing Development Blocks at Cosmeston, just like those in Eastern Europe. At least Mahoney and I agree on one thing – depose Labour and get some sensible thinking and practicality back for residents of Penarth and Sully which I (and possibly he) would like to see.

  16. Christopher David says:

    So Mr Ernest. Do you support any proposed developments in Sully and Penarth / Cosmeston? Yes or no? If yes could you give us a hint as to what? And do please stop calling departments of councils “cabinets”, they are not. Lets stop the granding up please. It encourages the pompous and wanabees.

  17. Juliet Newman says:

    It’s a ridiculous proposition. Penarth doesn’t need more housing. We’re packed to the gunnels as it is. Traffic is a massive problem everywhere.

  18. a lot of fuss being made about building lots of new houses when in fact there is a housing crisis + we need millions more new homes built in the uk. The Council has my support anyway because it is at least trying to positively address the housing crisis issue!!!
    I think much anti-housebuilding complaining or opposition is to do with ”nimbyism” which happens when any change or new development is planned for somewhere that’s been stuck in the past for so long!!!

    • pierre says:

      There is no housing crisis in South Wales. The south east of England where the majority of big business resides and is attracted to yes, but not the sea side town of Penarth.

  19. Christopher David says:

    No we don’t need more houses in Penarth / Sully Ms Lawson. What we need is a plan to reduce (world) population. Do the stats and figures excluding how many cement lorries will be needed if we follow your philosophy. Its easy stand on the moral high ground. Much harder to be honest and tell us how it is. Meanwhile the “ego empire” builders continue to plan misery. Its about money and power. But if we have to have more houses, why not build better transport links too the valleys- and (much cheaper) houses on brownfield sites up there? They need to regenerate their economies.

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