"See No Evil". The camera on the tall post outside Tenovus is useless

“See No Evil”. The CCTV  camera on the tall post outside Tenovus in Windsor Road is useless

Penarth’s closed circuit television cameras – originally installed to keep the main streets of the town under 24/7 surveillance – don’t work and haven’t worked for years.

The revelation has apparently been made by a South Wales Police officer who’s told town centre retailers that the closed circuit tv cameras don’t work.

The CCTV camera on the outside of the Principality building Society just stares at the ground

The CCTV camera on the outside of the Principality Building Society just stares down at the ground

The admission came in the wake of an accident on the zebra crossing outside Boots the Chemists when – according to a local retail source – police admitted to local shops that the cameras were not capable of providing any evidence.

The two cameras in Windsor Road have pan and tilt heads and ar mounted atop substantial posts. But they don't work

The two remote control cameras in Windsor Road have zoom lenses, pan and tilt heads and are mounted atop substantial posts.The only problem is that they don’t work .

CCTV cameras in the town are located :-

  • Outside the Tenovus shop
  • Outside Barclays Bank
  • On  the Principality Building Society – examining the pavement
  • Outside No 6 Stanwell Road – surrounded by tree foliage
This CCTV Camera on Stanwell Rd is within a few feet of the home of the South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael

This CCTV Camera on Stanwell Rd is within a few feet of the home of the South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael

Cameras are also listed as being installed on  Plassey St, Station Approach and Plymouth Road .Currently there said to be 72 surveillance cameras in the Vale of Glamorgan  .The ageing and obsolescent analog cameras in Penarth  were originally set up by the American cable company CableTel (later NTL) at the time that the firm installed cable tv  in the town in 1997.

The Vale of Glamorgan CCTV control room

The Vale of Glamorgan CCTV control room

All of the CCTV cameras are supposed to be  linked by landline to the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s monitoring room at the Civic Offices in Barry.

Here civilian officers monitor the screens keeping an eye out for criminals – particularly shoplifters and driving offenders and inform the police accordingly.

Suspicions began to grow about the efficacy of the Penarth cameras when the Vale Council began publishing statistics of the number of people apprehended after being videoed committing offences on CCTV. All of those arrested were in Barry and none at all were in Penarth  – even though Penarth has about 15 shoplifting cases every month .




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  1. Mike baker says:

    Whether they work or not, that is a very interesting tactical move, ‘Tell all the crooks that the camera’s don’t work’….that is sure to stop crime !!!!

  2. Ivor Bagman says:

    If you look back
    I told you this
    Last week.

  3. Martin Coffee says:

    I’m in two minds about this.

    It’s typical of Barry to maintain their own CCTV and to leave Penarth’s. derelict.

    On the other hand there’s too many “big brother” cameras in the UK.

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    I think its outrageous about the cameras , we have no Police in the town to speak of , a Police station with no access , even the so called ‘hobby Bobbies ‘ seem to have either had their hours cut or reduced to part time, nice to know we can rely on the Police in Penarth . Surely you remember them they were meant to deter crime and uphold the law . I myself had to report threatening behaviour against myself some time ago , even though it could have been possible to call the Police to the location and speak to the offender (who remained on the site ) I told them , if it happened again I would ask them to attend the situation but as as it was I told them my call will have logged the incident and as I have also kept a note on the time and date etc . The female Police officer said to me over the phone , “well we will have CCTV footage if you change your mind about us taking further action” . Now we are told the cameras are not working , this will be welcoming news for any criminal element . Just as a comment , who paid for the cameras and their upkeep?.

  5. Guido says:

    This is no surprise as I reported an incident some years ago in regard to an incident in regard to the then pedestrian crossing outside The Bears Head involving a motorcyclist driving between pedestrians actually on the crossing, only to be told later that all the cameras in the area were not working and had’nt been for some time.

  6. Paul says:

    These cameras are off the screen…

  7. Penileaks says:

    Pretty obvious that the one at the junction of Plassey Street and Glebe Street has not worked for some years, as nothing has been done to control parking around the chip shop there and the camera in that position could easily picked up and prosecuted all the offenders if it was working. Might even have helped for that one and the other around the town to be kept in working order with the monies raised.

  8. Louise says:

    Well that’s good to know isn’t it? So all the drugs exchanging hands that I’ve witnessed have gone unnoticed and unchallenged. Well done Penarth.

  9. Mark Foster says:

    They cannot make the cameras work because then it would harm community cohesion. Almost all the criminals are immigrants to Penarth. Now we know why the police never release CCTV because they have made a strategic decision not to have any. Its time we woke up to what’s been going on with these evil people.

  10. Frank Evans says:

    It’s barry over penarth every time. Total disgrace our labour councillors.

  11. David Moorcraft says:

    So the cameras in Barry ARE working – but not in Penarth , since a long time ago!
    And Penarth’s political links are being moved closer to Barry ( Proposed Boundary Voting changes ) and AWAY from Cardiff, where our work, leisure and history are closely entwined.
    You couldn’t make it up !

  12. Peter Church says:

    So if Liz had a post-it note placed on her car in Penarth (if she ever visits) there would be know way of finding out who did it?

  13. John says:

    Big Brother isn’t watching you

  14. Frustrated resident says:

    Penarth is supposed to be a highly desirable place to live (according to recent press articles). Increasingly, I am finding this more and more difficult to understand. Just look at the state of the roads, pavements, derelict shops, hopeless security infrastructure etc etc.. Where exactly does our council tax go??

  15. LKJ says:

    I also was made aware of this a few years ago when I reported what I believe was an assault against a minor in the centre of penarth town. I saw a “man” slap a child so hard it took her off her feet after getting into a row with the “man” I called the police I stated that the incident had happened no more than 5 minutes previous and was directly opposite a cctv camera. The police then told me that the camera hadn’t caught it, to which I responded that was ridiculous because because I had checked to see which way the camera was pointing at it was near enough directly at where the incident took place. Later an officer told me that in fact the cctv wasn’t working in the town that day! I honestly believe that the police purposely try to avoid dealing with crime in penarth as a way to keep the crime statistics down and uphold the prestigious penarth reputation.

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