Penarth Pets has just re-homed its last rabbit. Now it no longer sells live animals

Penarth Pets has just found a new home for its last pet rabbit. It no longer sells live animals

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has told a pet shop in Penarth town centre that it cannot sell any pets on its premises without first qualifying for, and then obtaining, a new kind of licence from the council .

The “Penarth Pets ” shop –  at 22 Windsor Road – is next door to Boots the chemists and has been in business for 8 years.

However proprietor  Alan Peters says that all the accumulated expertise and knowledge of pet health, and of handling a range of different animals and their diets, no longer seems to be enough to satisfy the authorities following the introduction of strict new regulations governing the licensing of pet retailers.

The new tighter restrictions on pet shops are in the process of coming into force in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The new tighter restrictions on pet shops are in the process of coming into force in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The regulation of pet shops used to fall under the Vale Council’s “Standard Conditions for Pet Shops” which was based on the 1951 Pet Animals Act and the 2006 Animal Welfare Act but is now being replaced by new even- tougher regulations .

Mr Peters says if he wanted to sell animals at his Penarth shop  it would now be necessary to have at least one member of staff who holds a City and Guilds Pet Store Management Qualification in order to be considered for at Vale of Glamorgan Council Pet Shop Licence  – and such qualifications can take three years to obtain.

Pet store owners are accusing  the Vale of Glamorgan Council of “moving the goalposts” as far as their business is concerned.

One business in Barry, which still has has a large stock of live  tropical fish, rabbits and birds, has reportedly had to  put up notices saying “No Animals for Sale” – and is not being allowed to sell any of its remaining stock.

There are no more pet rabbits for sale in Penarth

There are no more pet rabbits for sale in Penarth

Meanwhile in “Penarth Pets” in Windsor Road, Penarth is specialising in sales of pet food and pet accessories .   The last pet rabbit it had in stock, has just been given a new home

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  1. Fiona Whitfield says:

    Good so many Cats -dogs need homes from shelters some shops take the kittens too early from their mums so this is good as far as im concerned

    • Rachael arapis says:

      I agree .. Was in this shop today and there was a tiny kitten howling on its own .. I commented and was told it had been homed 3 times in 3 days!!

  2. Paul Fenton says:

    Typical answer from a pet lover but there’s more to life than cats and dogs.
    Funny enough I went in the shop last week and spoke to the proprietor who was lovely and he explained his predicament when I enquired about buying budgie. It’s sad that my grandchildren can’t visit the shop to see the various animals anymore. Perhaps Fiona can recommend a tropical fish or budgie shelter than I can visit.

    • Freddie says:

      Typical answer from a non pet lover, Paul Fenton. Animals do not exist solely for your grandchildren’s entertainment. If you want to take them on a jolly to gawp at animals for free, why not go on a tour of the shelter where they can be further educated in the effects of ignorant, selfish people with no respect for cat and dog welfare?

      • Fiona Whitfield says:

        Take them to a farm which will get them to see animals roaming where they should be outside why not the Gardens? Shua have days where they can help socialise the kittens for future owners by stroking them and talking to them which takes so much pressure of the over worked volunteers who deal with un wanted animals

    • Fiona Whitfield says:

      Well why cant you just contact a breeder and I don’t feel ashamed to bean animal lover as I hope you are if you own budgies!

  3. plainjane says:

    I have no pets and am anything but a pet lover. Keeping any animal as a pet in a cage for human amusement is wrong – that includes budgies – leave them in australia in the wild where they belong

  4. whatsoccurin says:

    Elderly neighbours always say that Penarth Centre is “not what it was”. However it has survived better than many Town Centres and Pet Shops are not to everyone’s taste. However in the past few weeks the Vale Council has opposed local traders who sell ice cream,tyres and now pets. You do wonder whether the “Barrycentric” Council wants Penarth to thrive.

  5. Christopher David says:

    Maybe its time we stopped imprisoning birds and animals!

  6. 249ers says:

    Looking on the RSPCA’s website a search for animals available for rehoming in the Cardiff area brought up 18 birds including Rio and Brazil a pair of budgies, Magic a Rosella parrot, over 100 rabbits including Daisy a tortoiseshell rabbit, Rocky a Lop eared rabbit, plus pages of guinea pigs, small ferries, reptiles and even horses.
    Maybe those seeking a pet should visit rspca.org.uk for animals looking for a home near you!

    • Rich says:

      18 birds? of which ‘Magic, the closest is in Taunton. Rio & Brazil? live in middlesex.
      100 Rabbits? of which 7 are in Newport, the others further away, with Rocky living in Brent Knoll. etc. etc.
      Maybe those trying to argue with facts, should make sure those facts are correct?

      BTW – I wholeheartedly agree with rehoming from shelters etc.

      • 249ers says:

        A small distance to rehome an animal in need of love and care

      • 249ers says:

        I put in my post code to look for these animals. I agree Many are not local but if you want to rehome an animal distance should not be a problem and maybe these charities would help by bringing animals to you. We travelled to Ripon for our much loved cats. My point was there are pets out there waiting for loving homes you just have to look.

  7. Peter Church says:

    Next thing they’ll stop flowers being grown in enclosed urban spaces, like roundabouts as they prefer to be in rural water meadows.
    The councillors said it was “cruel and unnatural” and that’s why they had to get 30 new £1000 chairs. But enough about their bottoms back to animals and plants.

    • Fiona Whitfield says:

      The point I was making is that so many kittens are unwanted and Shua cats home have saved loads of cats like mine -abused-starved ect .

  8. John Lewis says:

    Oh well off to Cardiff to buy pets it is then. I appreciate the Vale trying to do the best thing, but surely they should give a bit of leway here if the relevant qualification takes 3 years to obtain.
    So how do the shops get rid of their stock in the mean time if they are not allowed to sell them? Not right doing it like this. Least of all to the creatures caught in the middle.
    The Vale do make a habbit of doing these things without covering all their bases.

  9. Christopher David says:

    “So how do the shops get rid of their stock in the mean time” Wow “pet lover”? Sums it up. Just leave animals and birds to a reasonable degree the wild eh! Do shut down the dodgy ones selling primates, exotica such as lizards and snakes and rare species that undermine efforts of conservation please.

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