Bring your dog on holiday to the Vale - but look out for those cliffs

Bring your dog on holiday to the Vale – but look out for those cliffs

A campaign to attract more dog owners – and their dogs – to come as tourists to Penarth and the Vale of Glamorgan  is to be launched next month by  the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

People who are sensitive to puns should look away now: the scheme has been named “Paws in the Vale”.

Dog owners are prepared to pay a premium, to bring their pooch to places like Penarth

The Vale says dog-owners are prepared to “pay a premium“, to bring their pooch to places like Penarth –

The Vale Council’s  Senior Regeneration Officer Carol Adams has been outlining the scheme to the Vale ‘Local Access Forum’ – a body that advises the council on improving  public access to local land for “open-air recreation and enjoyment”.

The idea of the pilot was to test the concept of “dog-friendly tourism” – examining the possible benefits of such a scheme ….and the potential pitfalls.

On the plus side it is claimed that :-

  • there is a reported “growing trend towards becoming dog friendly”
  • the Vale of Glamorgan Council says UK pet industry is worth more than £23,700,000,000 (£23.7 billion) a year .[PDN Note: The source of this figure is not cited by the report] 
  • Since 2011, pet friendly bookings have risen by 132%
  • Dog owners are prepared to pay a premium for “pet friendly” accommodation

On the minus side, however, some problem areas were identified including:-

  • Dog excrement not being disposed of properly and / or ruining crops”
  • Livestock being “attacked or killed by dogs”
  • Dogs being shot” – if they worried livestock
  • Dog-walkers being “injured by cattle”
  • Dogs and owners “falling off cliffs”.

The pilot scheme is seeking to establish whether these negative aspects  can be “mitigated”  – so that dog-owning tourists won’t be unduly deterred from visiting the Vale .

A Countryside Dog Walking Code is now available and a Code of Conduct for both residents and tourists is being developed to “encourage responsible dog-friendly tourism”. The “dog-friendly marketing campaign” is being launched next month,

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  1. Lynne Price-Haskins says:

    This will only add to more Dog mess, as yesterday while travelling down to Argos on the Waterfront retail park from Hayes Point we witnessed this Woman waiting for its Dog to do its business and when the Dog had finished the Woman just walked away.
    How would they feel if we or tourists wanted to go and instead of looking for a lavatory we just did it where we stood. It would not be nice and also Dogs mess can lead to disease.
    It’s absolutely disgusting ….. And grown ups should be at least educated enough to know it’s wrong or s it just laziness !

    • Richard says:

      Random capitals, incorrect personal pronouns and conjunctions, missing hyphens, question marks and possessive apostrophes…Call me old-fashioned but I think “grown ups should be at least educated enough to know it’s wrong or s [sic] is just laziness !”

  2. Paul says:

    I’m not really a dog person these days but it’s a great idea. As for the pitfalls, a few signs warning people about cliff edges would be sufficient – apart from the dog poo issue of course. Take a walk around gower and see how it’s done.

  3. LLoyd says:

    They forgot the town’s preening dog haters. Didn’t someone set up a Twitter pooh watch too – that should give any dog owners thinking of giving their money to the Vale a flavour of the welcome they can expect.

  4. sjleworthy says:

    i’m a keen dog owner but can only see more mess being created. the amount of people i see not bagging up after their animal is amazing. or bagging up and leaving the bag in the gutter.

  5. Sophie says:

    Yes Lloyd, I agree. I certainly won’t be bringing my dog to the Vale – full of people who shop at Argos, can’t string a sentence together, and have double-barrelled names!

  6. Micky Take says:

    Go aaway All you Dog walkers. Have you seen the film Deliverance? We doesn’t like dogs here, doing there Toilet on the Pavement. How would They like it If we did pooh on Them !!!!

  7. Ian Perry says:

    It’s a shame that the council hasn’t decided to make the Vale child-friendly – or people friendly. Playing fields and public gardens without the unpleasant hazard of dog excrement would be a start. We also have numerous attractions that are only accessible for families with cars, as walking and cycling infrastructure is either non-existent, or built to a standard that does not make walking or cycling pleasant.

    • John says:

      One could also says public gardens – or any public place – without the unpleasant presence of pampered, noisy children

  8. Clive James says:

    Yet another waste of public money.

  9. snoggerdog says:

    ive been told by people who live in the vicinity that there is a “dogging” area at cosmeston which is quite popular after dark,also being as we are rubbish dumping friendly,maughn lane is very popular,& car parking friendly,on pavements,dropped curbs,corners,double parked,yellow lines etc, i hope i havnt upset richard with my grammar,i attended cogan academy for young gentlemen and mr ashcroft ? thought it better to read to us,usually the adventures of biggles, & i still struggle with being PC even today.

    • James Bigglesworth says:

      I hope you don’t mind me saying, snoggerdog, that I love your posts so I hope you won’t be put off by snotty pedants with too much time on their hands. I’m not PC either – what a bore that is. Long live Biggles.

  10. Chris Shamb says:

    Please don’t let Penarth go to the dogs!

  11. Christopher David says:

    Oh don’t worry about Richard snogger- he’s a prescriptivist poppycockafarian and doesn’t count. Oh he’ll work it out 😉

  12. Sad lab says:

    Why not re-name local atractions to be Dog friendly ? Dog’s messed on Country park has a nice ring to it don’t you think ?. Any suggestions the seafront and even the pier are regular victims of ***t and run by dog owners and Just waiting to be re-named for the sake of more tourists.I agree with Ian there are better causes that need encourageing and support.
    BTW I love dogs but not all their owners I’m afraid and I hope my spelling/grammar bothers someone becouse they obviously have nothing constructive to contribute and must need a little exitement in their day.

  13. Poo rules my life says:

    More bins around Penarth and Cosmeston to put the bagged up dog poo would help. I pick up my dogs shit but carrying a bag of poo around for an hour isn’t pleasant for me or the people I meet.
    And the horse poo just gets left there. Mini mountains of poo in the middle of the path. But that’s ok????

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