Tree surgeons at work in the grounds of Headlands School yesterday

Tree surgeons at work in the grounds of Headlands School on Saturday September 17th.

A second planning application has now been submitted to fell yet more trees on Penarth Head – on the campus of  Headlands School.

The trees in the grounds of Headlands School are some of the largest in Penarth and form a major part of the Headland scenery – the “Pen yr Arth”   – and contribute much of the headland’s distinctive green and leafy look when viewed from across the Bay .

The Headlands Clearances: Plans for Headlands and oather sites mean the last trees left on Penarth Head will soon be gone for good.

The Headlands Clearances: Plans to remove trees from the Headlands School campus and other sites nearby mean that what’s left of an ancient forest – may soon be gone for good – as will the wildlife .

The Headlands School campus includes part of what was once said to the "ancient forest" of Penarth

The Headlands School campus includes part of what was once said to the “ancient forest” of Penarth

There are now no fewer than two separate planning applications requesting council permission to carry out  tree-felling on the campus of Headlands School.

On June 22nd 2016 the first tree-felling planning application was made by contractors Mitie Landscapes Ltd to fell 19 prominent mature trees in the grounds of Headlands School – all of which have Tree Preservation Orders on them. This first Headlands scheme would involve felling:-

  • 1 X horse-chestnut,
  • 4 X sycamores,
  • 1 X holm oak,
  • 2 X cherry trees x 2,
  • 1 X Ash (snapped limb)

In July 2016 Penarth Town Council’s planning committee voted to recommend that the Vale of Glamorgan Council should refuse to permit the tree felling.

On that occasion the chairman of the planning committee, Cllr Neil Thomas (Labour Cornerswell), left the meeting after declaring a conflict of interest – as he is a governor of Headlands School. (A report of the full July debate in the Penarth Town Council Planning Committee is on )

The Vale Council itself has still not announced whether a final decision on whether this (first) scheme can go ahead.

On September 14th 2016 however, the taxpayer-funded  “charity” Action for Children – which operates Headlands School  – submitted a second tree-felling planning application which would involve the felling of several additional trees  on the Headlands campus.  This new application asks the Vale Council to grant permission to

  • Fell or reduce “a number of trees within TPO No. 01-2010” .

The agents for the September 14th application are Humphreys Tree Services.  Neither Penarth Council nor the Vale of Glamorgan Council have yet considered this second application as it is still barely a week old and still in the process of consultation. The actual number of trees to be felled in this application has not yet been published.

On Saturday September 17th tree surgeons with a Humphreys vehicle were at work on the Headland School site  – although it’s not clear which trees were receiving attention that day.

The Headlands School campus is listed as a location for future housing development in the Vale of Glamorgan's latest updated version of its controversial Local Development Plan

The Headlands School campus is listed as a location for 65 new houses in the Labour-run Vale of Glamorgan Council’s updated version of its controversial Local Development Plan

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  1. Mark Foster says:

    Remember this is all because the Labour and Tory parties want to build more houses on the site to house the immigrants they are continuing to bring to this country to gerrymander the electorate in their favour at the behest of their world masters. If you don’t get rid of them, you won’t have a country left.

    Labour sent out “search parties” for immigrants in a policy which has created a “problem” for British people unable to find work, the Labour grandee Mandelson has admitted.

  2. penarthblog says:

    Housing immigrants? Oh please! Grow up!!

  3. Miles says:

    “Tax payer funded ‘charity'”. You really do have it in for charities don’t you? All you ever use is the term tax payer.

    • Monty Zumar says:

      It is a charity (no need for the parentheses) and is “tax-payer funded” only to the extent that local education authorities are able to pay the fees of students if they consider that a placement at Headlands is the appropriate way to meet the student’s statement of special educational needs and disabilities.

  4. whatsoccurin says:

    I know it is only “A” level geography speaking but those trees do seem to be doing a good job holding the cliffs together.
    A friend worked in Headlands many years ago-at that time the “main building” was used for boys as “Nansen ” “St Vincent” and “Somerville” Houses-the main emphasis was on “care” rather than education, for “troubled” boys and essentially provided a 365 days per year home for them, even though many stayed in touch with their families. I recall the “Echo” called it “school for vandals.”
    Nowadays the emphasis is on education, I believe on a 5 day per week basis.Even though “Action For Children (N.C.H) is a charity, youngsters are funded by their Local Authority.

  5. Anne Greagsby says:

    Today it is reported re the State of Nature in Walesthat the Erosion of wildlife ‘s staggering’ …. so stop chopping down Penarth Trees We should value biodiversity not destroy it with overdevelopnent, increased congestion and air pollution.

  6. :O just shocking they’re considering such wholesale & widespread destruction of the untamed wilderness across little under-developed Penarth!!
    –But the anti-immigrant racism I sense from the opening post, – & continued negativity towards redevelopment & much needed housebuilding taking precedent over trees, – leaves me hoping our Vale of Glamorgan Council grant FULL planning permission for as much tree-felling as they can!! :))
    It’s time for a change!!

  7. hahaha, SO agree with Heather we need more housing to tackle housing crisis anyway so why make trees more important?? They just take up so much space in our town anyway + most are too big. Council should probably just clear most of Penarth’s big trees then just plant some smaller ones in certain places where they can easily keep them pruned/cut back.

    If Headlands School wants to build on their land where there’s lots of trees then ”TPOs” should just be overridden or something! I think alot of ppl who complain or protest about trees being removed aren’t considering progress (=nimbys)!!!

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