Penarth Labour MP Stephen Doughty is now ensconsed in the exclusive Caspian Point development

Penarth Labour MP Stephen Doughty is now ensconced in the exclusive Caspian Point development

The Labour and Cooperative MP for Cardiff South and Penarth, Stephen Doughty – has moved to new offices in Cardiff Bay within the premium office development No. 1 Caspian Point.

Owen Smith criticised the plush accommodation when it was rented by the Conservatives. Now Labour MP Stephen Doughty has moved in

Owen Smith criticised the plush accommodation when it was rented by the Wales Office. Now Labour MP Stephen Doughty has moved in

The top-drawer office block is the same one  which the Wales Office rented in 2013 – a move which then cost taxpayers more than £560,000.

When the Wales Office moved into the same building in 2013, the man who is now a Labour leadership contender –  Owen Smith  – described the expenditure involved  as “extraordinary” and said the Wales Office was at risk of  becoming known as the “Waste Office”.

Sharing the new offices with Doughty will be Cardiff South and Penarth’s Labour AM Vaughan Gething.

The address of the offices is 1 Caspian Point, Cardiff Bay, CF10 4DQ and the phone number is  02920 444055 . Doughty says appointments are “by request”.

Cardiff South and Penarth MP Stephen Doughty's new office shares the same address as the Wales Office - outside which he was protesting on September 16th

On September 16th Cardiff South and Penarth Labour MP  Stephen Doughty joined a womens pension protest demonstration outside 1 Caspian Place  – the address he now shares with the Wales Office

Comment today on Facebook Doughty says that ” I am renting one small room for my staff, utilities, phone, Internet and meeting room facilities etc.” and says he – like all other MPs –  is not allowed to spend more than £23,450 per year for such purposes .

A graph showing the expense claims made by Stephen Doughty Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth

A graph showing the expense claims made by Stephen Doughty Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth. (Data from MP’s Expenses Info / IPSA) 

The latest available figures show that between 1 Jun 2015 and 31 May 2016 Doughty claimed a total of £50,513.67 in expenses .

By April 2016 he was claiming at the rate of over £12,000 a month (a figure which includes staff costs) but the claims have now dropped back to more modest levels .

Today Doughty issued a tweet formally congratulating Jeremy Corbyn on being re-elected as leader of the Labour Party – despite his having resigned as a junior member of Corbyn’s front bench team in January as a gesture of disapproval.

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg cues Stephen Doughty to announce his resignation on Wednesday's BBC Daily Politics programme

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg cues Stephen Doughty to announce his resignation as a junior Jeremy Corbyn minister on the BBC Daily Politics programme in January. Now Doughty appears to be  mending fences with Corbyn who today was re-elected as leader of the Labour Party

Doughty had  been listed by the Daily Mirror as a supporter of Corbyn’s rival, Owen Smith, in the Labour leadership contest and was classified by the Corbyn camp as “hostile” to the Labour Leader .

Today Doughty – referring to Corbyn as “Jeremy”  – urged fellow Labour Party members not to indulge in any more internecine warfare and called for – as he put it – “No splits (or purges!)”.

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  1. Christopher David says:

    Oh well- he’ll be gone soon with a little luck. What’s his job now since he got drummed out as shadow business chap, after it was discovered he didn’t know what a company was? Can PDN find out if there is a break clause in the lease- hopefully an annual, or better quarterly one.

  2. Anne Greagsby says:

    Labour in hiding from the public in Wales or just from their own Corbynite members? Hardly men of the people if they have to highrise above them!

  3. Peter Church says:

    Jeremy Corbyn now (re)elected by a large majority as the (new??) Leader.
    I hope Stephen Doughty will now stands down with immediate effect as he obviously has no confidence in the Leader.
    Hang on what’s that you say Stephen? You do support him after all!!!
    Squirm 🙂

  4. Ms Jan Wilson says:

    I see you have hit a raw nerve with Doughty.
    His facebook page is all about how this story is untrue, what’s not on his facebook or twitter is anything about how he walked out of Corbyn’s cabinet and supported another loser, Owen this time. Boy does he always back a loser.

    Stephen, why don’t you tell us you have no support for Corbyn? instead of pretending nothing ever happened.

    • John Simon says:

      He has re-tweeted a comment from Liz (post it note) Burnett, much loved figure of fun on this great news site.
      The wagon are circling in the labour camp but its not the indians they should be scared of it’s their own chief!!!!!

  5. Fed Up With Dishonest Politics says:

    He tweeted for unity, hang on didn’t he walk out of the shadow cabinet saying he has no confidence in Jeremy as leader.
    Have I just entered some time warp or does he not remember what happened last January.
    Maybe someone can ask him what a limited company is and see if this really is a time shifting paradox.

  6. Christopher David says:

    What’s a limited company Mr Doughty? Is it the sole trader you bullied? Or is it the people you spend time with backing losers?

  7. jaspor j says:

    i typed into google stephen doughty and the word resignation came up and i’m feeling lucky
    no luck i’m afraid it was the resignation from earlier this year
    have you seen his left wing blog in the penarth times about how his constituency is being broken up talk bout sour grapes
    he says there are many reasons why it is wrong but mainly cause he’ll lose his seat i think

  8. John Simon says:

    Must laugh I read about Trot tots unite! the Young wing of Momentum the left wing pressure group that has now finally gained total control of the Labour Party.
    Will the Labour controlled Vale be doing something similar, Barry Socialist Boys Club.

  9. Frank Evans says:

    Funny I thought these offices were built to encourage private enterprise into cardiff.

    • Paul says:

      Exactly, all these new buildings should be about attracting jobs and skills into wales. Not about housing public sector workers and their bosses in swish offices at tax payers expense. Private companies have to live within their means, public sector has a tax payers wallet. Thats why it’s so important to look at what politicians have done when elections come along. Stephen might do amazing things for the people he represents, and we are all being negative in our views of him. I can’t say that I have seen any of that personally though – in my mind he’s a career politician with the usual ability to self publicise and get his picture online and in the papers supporting enough local events and worthy causes to make us think he’s interested in the proles. He’s not in politics to change the world, he’s in politics to earn a living.

  10. Christopher David says:

    Andrea- no & no.

  11. Sally says:

    I disagree, he is a man of the people, and DOES actually care, unlike a lot of politicians. Well I HAVE seen personally how he is a man of honour and can put his money where his mouth is. Stephen does do amazing things for the people he represents, you were right about that Paul.

  12. Christopher David says:

    Oh go on then Sally- give us some examples. What’s he done that’s amazing?

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