Cae Gwyn, Penarth is a residential area off Dinas Road

Cae Gwyn, Penarth is a residential area off Dinas Road

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has launched an Enforcement Investigation into the alleged inclusion of council-owned land into a residential plot in a Penarth private-housing estate and the removal of trees.

The site involved is listed as being adjacent to 11 Cae Gwyn – on a residential estate in the south of Penarth off Dinas Road

The Vale Council is investigating what it describes as “Removal of trees and change of use of council land to residential curtilage”.


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  1. andrew sarchus says:

    Tell us more

    • Monty Zumar says:

      I don’t know whether that’s appropriate Mr sarchus. It’s probably a private matter, best resolved between the homeowner and the council rather than public discussion.

  2. andrew sarchus says:

    Depends on whether its in the public interest, i.e. is it misuse of, even possible theft of public land? If lt’s been reported it may be an indication its in the public interest? I make no allegations, I just ask for information. Oh and the removal of trees is concerning. That act is not always awful even if on private land. Nope- probably our business if the description above is accurate.

  3. Monty Zumar says:

    I agree that it’s not always awful to remove trees.

  4. Peter Church says:

    I noticed this a year or so ago, the end house seemed to have annexed part of the path.
    I commented to a friend I was walking with that it did look strange.

    The google image you really want is this one I think.,-3.1924888,3a,66.8y,315.88h,92.66t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sM4iaxM1wvhALFKvBsgEkow!2e0?hl=en

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