Today's Sunday Times article on Penarth is on page 19 of the Home supplement

Today’s Sunday Times article on Penarth is on page 19 of today’s Home supplement

The Sunday Times has again highlighted the charms and attractions of Penarth in a full colour page in one of its Sunday supplements.

Writing in today’s edition of the Sunday Times “Home” supplement, Tim Palmer reports  under the heading “Why it’s Hot ” that “There’s nowhere more upwardly mobile in Wales than” what he calls  “Cardiff’s seafront super-suburb” .

One paragraph in The Sunday Times notes some debatable downsides of life in Penarth

One paragraph in The Sunday Times notes some debatable downsides of life in Penarth

Mr Palmer says that Penarth, which was once a “staid retirement-friendly Victorian seaside resort” is now “the landing spot of choice for the glitterati of the Principality” . He notes that luminaries like “opera singer Bryn Terfel and footballer Joe Ledley (along with his luxuriant beard) are among those who have moved in”.

The report says “Young professionals are flocking to enjoy cafe culture that now rivals  Cardiff city centre  and Penarth has a top-notch secondary school which is a big pull for families – many of whom are moving into the period villas that are steadily being turned back into single dwellings”.  Tim Palmer also notes that Penarth “makes regular appearances on TV shows such as Casualty, Sherlock and Dr Who”    .

After a tour-d’horizon of Penarth properties and restaurants, the Sunday Times article concludes by saying “Why we love it. A seaside suburb on a rising tide”




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  1. penarthblog says:

    The secrets out! Och noooooo!

  2. Proud Penarth Resident says:

    “Cardiff’s seafront super-suburb”
    Not a mention of Barry in the whole article, its funny when you get an objective perspective on things.
    Well done Penarth, this is in-spite of so little money being spent from the Barry controlled Vale Council.

    • Colin Davies says:

      Why would an article about Penarth mention Barry? This article wasn’t politically driven, so completely irrelevant to bring it up!

  3. Fiona Whitfield says:

    Funny though how when in England no ones ever heard of Penarth so when you say Barry Island-Cardiff and Its between but more Cardiff end then the English know the geography if not the place.

  4. Frank Evans says:

    Please no more chavvy bars in Penarth
    Send them Barry, ahh I forgot there is no privately generated money in Barrygrad.

  5. Anne Greagsby says:

    Great…but encourages developers to grab every scrap of land for more flats. We lose our trees, our bio diversity and get massive congestion instead with too much pressure on local services.

  6. Good for the Town… but we all know its a nice place and driving in and out can be a pain….
    Very happy to be involved in the place… Watsons a bit gutted he didnt get a photo opp
    and they missed the International Wine Challange Wine Merchant of the Year (Wales) … oh and Watson.
    *NB those that keep bringing up the spend or lack of it by the Vale in Penarth vs Barry – articles like this are probably part of the problem… people read them believe the hype and think well thats it Penarth is great so we dont need to invest.. where as if as many suggest Barry has had cash pumped in and is not getting the accolades then some might argue it is why cash still gets put in?
    you back a horse you dont stop shouting when it goes behind… you shout louder!
    remember its all £ and politics … which is built on PR and is as much about what you are seen to be doing , as what you actually are achieving.
    but BIG love Penarth

  7. Tim says:

    I wish the Sunday Times would keep its mouth shut. Now all the grotty people who’ve already moved here will think they’re it, and more chavs and wannabes will come in their droves.

  8. Rob says:

    Nice place, shame about the people.

  9. Big Davey says:

    Imagine where Penarth could be if the council and vale got behind Penarth instead of using it as a piggy bank for the lazy.

  10. Mark says:

    I don’t get it. All I ever see is ghastly rough women with huge backsides and legs like tree trunks jogging round the place as though they’re the bees knees.

    • MBW says:

      How very rude! Obviously these poor women with your so called ‘huge backsides’ are trying to do something about it – and I hope you don’t bump into one of these so called ‘rough women’ but if you do I hope they rough you up!! Plus what on earth has this to do with the article in the Sunday Times?

  11. Peter Church says:

    The council are rubbing there hands in glee, image if we had a Welsh council tax revaluation?
    That big pipe that sends all our money to Barry would have to be expanded and as usual Penarth would pay for it.
    As others have said, please be quiet about how nice Penarth is, I don’t want my house to increase anymore in value Thank You!

  12. Grapas says:

    I settled in Penarth a couple of years ago after growing up in the Gwent valleys and then going on to spend 12 years living overseas, I am also a member of a local running club; If I take on board Tim and Marks comments this suggests I should be a grotty, chavvy wannabe with a ghastly, huge backside and legs like tree trunks, thanks for making me feel so welcome in this beautiful town gents! I look forward to bumping into you pair of adonises on my next run around the marina so I can see what a real Penarthian looks like 🙂

  13. Andrew Worsley says:

    I totally agree Rob I couldn’t have said it better myself , nothing wrong with the town just a fair amount of those who live in it, of course their are some nice people around but your much more likely if your an outsider to be subject to scrutiny and some form of approval from the locals . The local pastime is gossip , a fair amount of it malicious and vindictive , humour is not present or understood , so a sense of humour will do you know good in Penarth as they just DONT GET IT and beware if they don’t get your humour they wont get you either and youll go on the malicious gossips agenda . Awful people who don’t know you from a hole in a wall , will be informed of all the THINGS YOUR NOT and you wont know whats said therefore unable to dispute it , as I hinted at before its a local Pastime , oh unless you have lived in the town since childhood or born here or have family members here too. Well done the nice people as for the rest ugh!,
    shiver down the spine.

    • Mervyn says:

      You’re absolutely right in all you say. Completely love the sentence beginning ‘Awful people you don’t know from a hole in a wall…’ Spot on.
      The gossips ought to take a look at themselves but they they’re too busy being insular and malevolent. Then again, just because they don’t have a sense of humour doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep yours. They’re laughed out of court in our household – if they could only hear what we’re saying about them!

  14. Andrew Worsley says:

    oh by the way who the hell is Watson ???????????

    • Graham Breller says:

      Ask Holmes.

    • Mgg says:

      Watson is a well loved and respected local figure who is revered by all those who go around actually saying hello And giving a smile and wishing people a good day . Watson and his staff do not reflect the bitter and twisted persons of whom most speak of .

      • Alice says:

        I agree Mgg. He raises my spirits when I see him in the window like a lion couchant. Watson to switch on the Christmas lights please!

    • *Covers Watsons ears*
      Hes a big handsome chocolate Labrador… often found draped in The Bottle Shops window, if not hes either seeing in a delivery… shaking down customers for treats or off on a jaunt to the pier.
      He essentially thinks he is the king of Penarth

  15. Colin Davies says:

    Clearly the article missed out the bitterness and resentment of the Penarth resistents

    • Danny says:

      I agree, Colin, but what can you do about gossips who’ve probably never lived anywhere else? If you point it out, they call you bitter and resentful!!!

    • Big Davey says:

      yep we are all resisting and irresistible 🙂

    • David Moorcraft says:

      I’m a lifetime “resistent” (as you put it) of Penarth (70 + years) and I move from the Rugby Club via the Yacht Club, the Busy Teapot to the Albion and Golden Lion hostelries ; Penarth ain’t perfect , but I don’t see bitterness or real snobbishness, just people enjoying and appreciating living in a very pleasant environment – and yes, with a sense of humour.

  16. Jonathan says:

    Penarth – nice to be beside the sea (at least people can’t build on it)
    Lovely (what’s left of it) architecture
    nice to be near Cardiff but nice to be away from it.
    but this town is also a seething pit of sneering, preening, money and status-obsessed wannabes with a misplaced sense of superiority. Anyone who points this out is called jealous, bitter etc Underneath these people must be quite unhappy, hence the atmosphere of the town not being what you might call welcoming or jolly.

  17. Andrew Worsley says:

    The item featured gives a totally false impression of Penarth , the town centre is awash with places to eat and drink where does the author choose? probably the most expensive place to eat and on the seafront plus the Custom House the only places mentioned in the town itself is Bar 44 and Foxys thus a totally false and bereft of accurate facts . As for the “We’ll Keep A Welcome” that old Welsh ditty , you wont find that a appropriate in Penarth itself . The town has the most nationalistic pub i’ve ever encountered if your not Welsh , give it a miss is my advice, only thing missing is some sort of swastika, and it has its almost resident hard cases. Elsewhere you will find the notorious local humourless gossips who stand outside pubs wondering who to demonise or gossip about next. If they don’t understand you beware as you are likely to be targeted .

  18. penarthblog says:

    Gossipers? Nationalistic? I don’t recognise those descriptions or any of the others.

    • Danny Oakentrode says:

      Birds of a feather….

      • Danny Oakentrode says:

        If you don’t associate with such people, you won’t be familiar with them. They tend to congregate, just as you probably prefer like-minded people. It’s the old saying….

      • Nigel says:

        ‘Birds of a feather’ also tend to protect their own flock.
        I don’t suppose the gossips in this town realise they are malicious and boring. They’re hardly likely to see their own faults, are they? On the contrary, they probably think they’re key, positive-thinking players in a benign, progressive town. Nobody can tell ’em because they know best – and will keep on telling you so until you are cowed by their superiority.

      • Olga St. Hurd says:

        But you’re the exception.

      • Nigel says:

        As I despise gossip, then yes, I suppose I am.

      • Olga St. Hurd says:

        Whatever made you join in, then?

  19. Andrew Worsley says:

    Well Penarthblog you obviously have not come across any of it , lucky you , dare I ask if you were born in the area? Oh and you need to discover what Nationalistic means and how to spot it and the gossips , pity your unaware of them, but then again some people are more tuned in or sensitive or more aware, and as ive been agreed with by others on here its not a figment of my imagination .

  20. Ralf says:

    Usual bunch of suspects – this time moaning about gossipers !!

  21. Ian says:

    Here comes the sneering – wondered how long it would be.

  22. penarthblog says:

    So much rudeness here.

  23. Andrew Worsley says:

    Thank you Ian and Ralf for giving us an example of the very people we were discussing , I should have added to no sense of humour by many of the locals unless its warped or inappropriate.

  24. penarthblog says:

    OK there’s a lot wrong with the town, but shouldn’t we celebrate the free publicity of this article.

    • Danny Oakentrode says:

      This winds up the native Penarthians. Many do not view Penarth as a tourist destination, but as a residential town. Many want shops and services to suit Penarthians, and not those that suit visitors. When you insist that articles such as the this in the Sunday Times are good ‘publicity’, it annoys me, and many others.
      Most businesses rely on townspeople, with only a few depending upon visitors. This is why many long-standing residents are suspicious of visitors and newcomers. To me, and many others, Penarth is NOT a tourist town. So, we don’t really mind the charity shops, and don’t really care too much about all the cafes and restaurants, but we need a post office, a book shop, grocery shops, newsagents, supermarkets, etc., and car parking doesn’t bother us too much either way, because we can get a bus to town, or walk up if the weather’s good.
      My priorities are getting the everyday items I need locally, and as long as I can do that, I’m happy to see new businesses have a go.

  25. Andrew Worsley says:

    Glad you finally came around to mine and others points of view penarthblog.

  26. Tim says:

    Careful, or people will start to think the lady doth protest too much…

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