It's hardworking local families who are being Put under pressure by the Vale's inflation-busting hikes in Council Tax - says Andrew R T Davies

It’s hardworking local families who are being put under pressure by the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s continued and sustained inflation-busting hikes in Council Tax – says Andrew R T Davies

Penarth’s Conservative Assembly Member Andrew R T Davies has again called on the Labour-controlled Welsh Government to freeze further increases in council tax across Wales.

South Wales Central AM Davies singles out for particular criticism the Labour-run Vale of Glamorgan Council for its succession of inflation-busting increases in Council Tax .

He says Vale Council imposed a 3.9% increase in 2016, a 3.9% increase in 2015, a 4.5% increase in 2014 and a 4.8% increase in 2013 – all of which placed huge pressures on hardworking people.”;

Penarth  Conservative AM Andrew R T Davies is calling for a freeze on Council Tax to help hard-pressed local families in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Penarth Conservative AM Andrew R T Davies is calling for a freeze on Council Tax to help hard-pressed local families in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Andrew R T Davies – who is Leader of the Welsh Conservatives – and Conservative Leader in the Welsh Assembly says it’s a “worrying sign” that some councils are placing an “over-reliance on bailiffs” to force families to pay up .

He says “It is clear that high council tax bills put huge pressures on hardworking families across Wales,  – and here in the Vale,  people know that all too well with inflation busting rises over the past few years.

David adds “It is a worrying sign that authorities are relying on bailiffs to reclaim council tax arrears, sometimes for quite trivial amounts. At the end of the day, bailiffs charge fees – and sending them in too early will see the Council get back less than they otherwise would.”

He says “While people must pay their council tax – and it is not an optional extra –  these incidents show the pressures that Council Tax puts on people. The Welsh Government have so far refused to implement a Council Tax freeze here in Wales and I urge them to reverse that decision to help Council Tax payers across the Vale”

A report by Citizens Advice Cymru showed that almost 6,000 people asked for help with 16,000 council tax problems in 2015-16, up 7% on the previous year.


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  1. Peter Church says:

    My council tax, plus police bit, plus town council bit. Accounts for 25% of my net income far more than water/electricity/insurance/phone all put together.
    This is the price you pay when there is a big demand to buy your home.
    Supply/demand, too many people trying to buy too few houses, immigration doesn’t help either.

    The amount I pay compared to 10 years ago has gone up 150%
    My income in that period? less than 20% increase.

  2. Christopher David says:

    Should send the bailiffs round to some of the £100,000 PA plus amateur managers and big expense persons in their £750 chairs. Its scandalous the waste. The double standards cause upset and resentment.

  3. david kerslake says:

    They don’t know what to waste money on next they ve just recurfaced Romily schools roundabout in barry when there was nothing wrong with it .Now thay are replaceing the seats on Nells point Barry Island putt a disc cutter through the old ones instead of saving them They couldn’t organise a kids tea party.

  4. Chris Franks says:

    At the same time as increasing Council Tax they are reducing cash to schools. A part of the problem is that the Conservatives councillors hardly open their mouths. Plaid provides the main opposition in the Vale.

  5. Ian Perry says:

    This is Andrew RT Davies who campaigned for Brexit, won, and has left us with huge legal bills. Tax payers money is going to lawyers and civil servants based in London as they try to deal with the mess the country is in. Fortunately for RT Davies, his handouts for being a rich agricultural land landowner, seem to have been protected.

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