Generations of Penarth children have used the Cliff-Top play area but it's facilitees are long overdue for replacement

Generations of Penarth children have used the Cliff-Top play area but its facilities are long overdue for replacement

A budget of £100,000 has been allocated by the Vale of Glamorgan Council to update the Cliff Top play area on Peanrth’s Cliff Walk.

The council has announced that it plans to carry out a complete refurbishment in order to – as it puts it  – “turn the play area into a cutting-edge facility”.

The refurbished facility – the Vale promises will contain some “bold, attention-grabbing features”. However  the council doesn’t spell out exactly what these new features will be.

A "Climbing Wall" proved to be a popular attraction for children at Cliff Walk during the Summer Festival

A Scouts  “Climbing Wall” proved to be a popular attraction for children at Cliff Walk during the Carnival Day  – but it was only there for the day. It’s the kind of idea which could be incorporated into the refurbished play-area.

Scarred by negative public reaction to its  attempt in 2014 to install an unwanted skateboard rink  in the Paget Road children’s play area, the council is consulting the public via  an  online survey on its website about what’s wanted at the Cliff Top and is to hold a “drop-in session” to garner the views of local residents.

The Cwrt-y-Vil play area is also to be refurbished as part of a general upgrading of  playgrounds in Penarth .

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  1. Christopher David says:

    “Cutting-edge” playground! I thought it was all swings and roundabouts.

  2. 249ers says:

    There is a consultation questionnaire on the Vale’s web page so that people can give their opinions and ideas for all three Penarth play facilities that are to be refurbished.

  3. Kate says:

    Maybe the council would like to replace the bench outside Barclays bank before allocating all of these funds for new play equipment when there does not appear to anything wrong with what’s there?!

    • snoggerdog says:

      im with u there kate,i never use that bench,(im a stand up kind of guy!) but when i see the decrepit bench in our town centre,always in use & theni see the bench at the bottom end of marine parade,never in use, i think bring back the PUDC,(&the chun ho of course).

  4. Anne Greagsbya says:

    Where are the benches we were promised? Suddenly Vale labour has loads of money to spend when a few months ago they couldn’t afford a few flowers for the roundabout in the centre of Penarth….is there an election coming up?

  5. Jane says:

    There are other parks in Penarth that are desperate for an upgrade i.e. The park in st davids crescent is awful! There is nothing wrong with the park facilities at the cliff tops!

  6. Andrew Worsley says:

    Look before anyone starts don’t forget its the Vale Of Glamorgan Council , I repeat THE VALE OF GLAMORGAN COUNCIL , do you expect consultation??? do you expect a sense of priority? do you expect level headedness? do you expect sensible priorities? do you expect the Council to address the issues of the people Penarth before anything else? Lets get it right this ‘so called ‘ Council has its own agenda which means it ignores all concerns or requests outside its own ideas. If the Council were the crew of the Titanic they would have got rid of all the lifeboats before setting sail . Look the Council know what they are doing ………..ITS JUST THAT NOBODY ELSE DOES ……OR CAN GRASP JUST WHAT THAT DOING IS???? Yes we need potholes filling in , ignored apart from petty tinkering , we need new benches in the town centre , we are having more and more people visiting the town especially in summer but same awful looking street furniture, we learn that NONE of the CCTV cameras work in the town centre . The Council stopped people planting flowers on the roundabout despite themselves not being up to the job , and strangely enough although they had no time to plant flowers themselves they found time to rip out all the plants donated by kind hearted people. Yes and before anyone says anything THIS COUNCIL KNOWS WHAT ITS DOING ALRIGHT!?? Its just that nobody knows or ever will know what that is.

    • Peter Church says:

      LOOK andrew, before ANYONE ELSE REPLIES. its just polite to STOP SHOUTING about the VALE OF GLAMORGAN COUNCIL……we ALL know they are rubbish, they don’t SPEND ANY MONEY IN PENARTH, while throwing money away on VANITY PROJECTS in barry???!!@@##!
      i BLAME THE councillors.

    • Steve says:

      Zzzzz zzzzz zzzzz

  7. 249ers says:

    Maybe the complaints and interests expressed on these pages represents the demographic of the users. I read these pages regularly but I am getting tired of the moaning and complaining. If people don’t like the way the Council is run stick your head above the parapet and stand in the next elections or volunteer to make a difference.
    In my experience money is allocated to specific areas so playground money cannot be used to provide benches and visa versa. This article was about consultation about our playgrounds and revitalizing them for the younger generation and their carers not seating in the centre of town or flower beds. I too would like to see more of both in our town but I would also appreciate some new fun stuff on all three parks.

  8. Paul says:

    “Peanrth’s Cliff Walk”? Is this a new tourist attraction, if so, where is it……

  9. Mgg says:

    There is a need to remember where the different pots of money come from and who is organising how it is spent . Also what projects have already been reported as on going, Try to avoid lumping everything under an election sweetener banner . surely Some projects have been underway for sometime and now reaching fruition completely separate from any suggestion of electioneering .

  10. Christopher David says:

    Well said Mr Church. So 29er great- who are you and what do you stand for ?

  11. Andrew Worsley says:

    Yes and im tired of the moaning too about the Council give them a chance … oh and another one and another one , look its not all bad , ive heard stories from bygone days when the Council did what Councils do or did do, or used to do what they did, and when they did it , and people knew they had done it because it was done proper…..errrrrrrrrr apparently.

  12. Old sea dog says:

    Great news for the hundreds of families and their children who will use the new play parks.

    Let’s hope that the designers and installers do a good job (with no ‘cutting edges’), and everything pointing in the right direction.

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