Station Approach where diners in local restaurants witnessed violent incidents on Saturday night. The CCTV camera is said to be inoperative

Station Approach, Penarth where its reported diners in local restaurants witnessed violent incidents on Saturday night. The CCTV camera is said to be inoperative

More information has been divulged by South Wales Police about the violent clashes involving scores of youths – some of them allegedly armed with knives and metal bars – near Penarth Railway Station last Saturday night.

It’s now been established that there have been 5 arrests so far – with more youths likely to be arrested shortly.

One eyewitness said the incident involved between 20-40 youths of both sexes, and said there had been a “stabbing” or face-slashing incident in Station Approach . Diners in two local restaurants and a wine bar are said to have witnessed events.

Plymouth Road, Penarth where police carried out multiple arrests on Saturday night

Plymouth Road, Penarth where police carried out multiple arrests on Saturday night

The melee in Plymouth  Road evidently occured within what should have been the full view of the Stanwell Road  CCTV camera.  However it’s understood that  none of the CCTV cameras in Penarth (operated by the Vale of Glamrogan Council’s  “Safer Vale Partnership”) actually works.

Inspector Gary Smart of South Wales Police

Inspector Gary Smart of South Wales Police

Last night Inspector Gary Smart – in response to Cllr Neil Thomas (Labour Cornerswell) – gave Penarth Town Council a detailed briefing on the  incident – the most serious outbreak of violence to occur in the town for many years.

Inspector Smart told councillors that the case was a dynamic one – in which enquiries were still in progress and information was still coming in.

The Inspector said that a group of youths had “come across from the Cardiff area” . He said he didn’t know whether or not the fight had been – as he put it –  “pre-arranged” .

Inspector Smart said that “disturbances broke out in a couple of areas in Penarth” which the police responded to  . One of the areas, he said was Penarth Rugby Club [an area which had not been mentioned previously as a location of the violent clashes ] and Penarth Railway Station” 

Inspector Smart said “The good news for us is that we’ve got lots of witnesses on it, which we are chasing-up at the moment “

He told the council that there had now been 5 arrests  and “more people will be coming-in quite shortly” in connection with the incidents.   He said that those arrested came both from “South Cardiff” and from Penarth itself and Penarth Police were working on the case with colleagues in Cardiff .

Inspector Short said that the police response to the violent incidents had been “very good”. Police officers from Penarth,  from Cardiff and from Barry had called to the scene – including  “specialist units”.

Councillors were told it was a “very dynamic and on-going inquiry at the moment” and as “younger people” were involved officers had been active in communities and doing “lots of work in schools” throughout the week since the incident .


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  1. Anne Greagsby says:

    Just as the police on the advice of labour ditch pact meetings. ..

    • newsnet says:

      The police are holding “drop in” PACT sessions at West House rather than separate ward PACT meetings. The first such meeting is on October 10th from 17:00 to 19:00

  2. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Well how about a dynamic enquiry and answer from our esteemed members of the Vale cabinet including Penarth’s very own Peter King and Lis Burnett as to why no CCTV cameras are operational in the Vale?

  3. Andrew Worsley says:

    I agree Kevin Mahoney forget the silly ‘cutting edge’ playground idea ( no one has asked for ) AND GET THE CCTV CAMERAS FIXED (which We are asking for) or remove them , at the moment they are useless and a mockery. May one ask anyone who knows , how many CCTV cameras are working in Barry? …………. I would bet a pound to a penny , its more than in Penarth . And we heard a while ago that the CCTV monitors are now stationed in Bridgend , but as no cameras are working in Penarth that neither here nor their, so to speak, apart to ask how many working CCTVs are in Bridgend?..

  4. Andy says:

    Completely agree, the cctv should be fixed as a high priority!

  5. snoggerdog says:

    insp gary doesnt look bovvered.

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