The entire roof of the St Lukes Avenue apartment block has now been removed - with tenants still living below

OCTOBER 5th The entire roof of the St Luke’s Avenue apartment block has now been removed – with tenants still living below

Penarth Council tenants who have already endured months of delay in maintenance work on their apartment block at St Luke’s Avenue are now entering their fifth week without a roof.

The plight of the tenants was first reported by PDN last month (see ) and has since been followed up by other local media .

The St Lukes Avenue, apartment block - which is still - after 3 weeks minus half its roof

SEPTEMBER 29th  When PDN first highlighted the story on September 29th the St Luke’s Avenue apartment block had half its roof tiles missing. Now they’ve ALL been taken off – and tenants are just keeping their fingers crossed and hoping it won’t rain

At the end of September half of the rooftiles on the  apartment block had been removed – leaving the roof lining exposed beneath and several tenants having to cope with rainwater leaking through their ceilings.

Subcontractors who were supposed to be doing the job were allegedly “ordered off” the site. A second set of workmen was brought in – and then they too were off the job.

In the last week however yet another team of workmen has turned up – but all they have done is remove the remaining section of intact tiles from the St Luke’s Avenue apartment block – leaving the entire building without any roof tiles at all.

In the meantime tenants  – who are still occupying all the council flats beneath – have been left hoping that it won’t rain. Several of them have complained to the Vale Council about the chaotic way in which big budget maintenance scheme has been carried out .

The Labour-run Vale Council has apologised for the inconvenience

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