The Outhouse by Loyn and Co overlooks the Wye and Severn Valleys and is constructed in concrete

The Outhouse by Loyn and Co overlooks the Wye and Severn Valleys and is constructed in concrete

A BBC News vote to find Britain’s favourite new building has secured another accolade for the Penarth  architects Loyn & Co – run by Penarth Civic Society President Chris Loyn.

Chris Loyn president of Penarth Civic Society

Chris Loyn president of Penarth Civic Society

The building – called “Outhouse”  is a “sleek, modernist concrete house built in a rural beauty spot” in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, as a home for two artists.

The house is actually embedded into the side of a hill and is designed to hug the contours of the countryside . The building has already won other awards and was one of  six entries for this year’s Riba Stirling Prize .

More than 36,000 votes were received and Outhouse, which was the only private house on the shortlist, was the runaway winner.

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  1. Anne Greagsby says:

    Good for him but we don’t want any concrete monsters in Penarth conservation areas.

    • Alwyn says:

      Not likely, Anne. Chris fits his designs to the local environmeny

      • Jane Foster says:

        The one I saw he designed for a front garden in Paget Place a few years back was certainly a concrete monstrosity and not at all in keeping with the surroundings. I can’t find the plans on the council website any more so hopefully it was binned.

    • Bobby says:

      Speak for yourself Anne!

  2. penarthblog says:

    Not a carrot in sight!

  3. Mgg says:

    Huh just like our architect to spend his time designing farm buildings in the countryside what about designing some decent buildings in his home town . Such as the Windsor kinema the old Robert Smith site , get a shed on the roundabout , beach huts at the esplanade , design a new car park after demolishing west house , redesign Turner House as a supermarket , the list is endless of stuff that needs making better in fact Mr Loyn should clone himself in order to keep up

    • Bobby says:

      Are you offering to pay for his services?

      • sjleworthy says:

        absolutely. you think he works for charity Mgg? he certainly would do all of that if he was commissioned to do so.

        but then, his ‘concrete’ style is most subjective. clearly a lot here cant see his vision which certainly wouldn’t suit the town schemes you talk about 😉

  4. Alwyn says:

    Well done Chris. The house looks marvellous and fits its environment excellently. You’re a credit to Penarth!

  5. sjleworthy says:

    Well done to local talent i say. Having worked on a couple of Loyn schemes in the past they are pretty ‘out there’ design wise. not my personal cup of tea.

  6. snoggerdog says:

    we had an outhouse when i was being “dragged up” in grove terrace,it didnt look anything like that though!

  7. Andrew Worsley says:

    Well I was brought up in a 2 up 2 down terraced house , no bathroom , toilet across the yard , no hot water and frost on the inside of the bedroom windows on really frosty nights. Eat your heart out Chris Loyn you don’t know your born!!?.

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