The twin Brooks brothers as they appeared in earlier rounds of the X Factor TV show as singing duo "Brooks Way"

The twin Brooks brothers as they appeared in earlier rounds of the X Factor TV show as singing duo “Brooks Way”

The wannabee Penarth pop-singing duo “Brooks Way” – comprising the twins Josh and Kyle Brooks – have been taken out of the prime-time ITV talent show “X-Factor”   following allegations that Josh Brooks assaulted his girlfriend Amelia Clark – breaking her nose.

Josh Brooks is strenuously denying allegations – reported in the Mail on Sunday –  that he attacked Miss Clarke during a party at the end of last December.

Josh Brooks has told the Sun on Sunday that “A fight broke out between me and another male at a party. Amelia, along with others, tried to break it up and she was accidentally knocked in the process. It was never my intention to hurt her or put her in danger and this situation is way out of my character”‘

Josh and his twin brother Kyle – both 17-years-old  – were due to perform on the X Factor show after winning through earlier rounds of the talent contest .

Former St Cyres pupil Amelia Clarke posted this picture of herself on Facebook

Former Penarth schoolgirl Amelia Clark posted this picture of herself on Facebook

Amelia Clark – who lives in Sully – is reported to have had a 4-year relationship with Josh Brooks during which – she alleges – he was abusive towards her .

Amelia – who is understood to have attended St Cyres School in Penarth – is quoted by the Sun on Sunday as having  told a friend she was kicked in the face by Josh Brooks – breaking her nose but had not pressed charges. The Mail on Sunday says that ” X Factor bosses are now investigating the claims and that he sent threatening messages to her”.

The X Factor’s presenter Dermot O’Leary told TV viewers last night : Sadly, due to circumstances, Brooks Way will not be appearing this evening.’

The Brooks twins – who both attended Stanwell School, Penarth tweeted to their fans Such a shame we can’t be there tonight … hope everyone is enjoying the show.’


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