Police officers on Victoria Road Penarth last night

Police officers on Victoria Road Penarth on October 8th 2016  (Photo Tom Crooks)

South Wales Police have discounted earlier reports that large numbers of youths were on the streets of Penarth again on the night of October 8th   – in the wake of the previous Saturday’s armed clashes between rival gangs of youths from   Cardiff and from Barry (which resulted in 4 serious injuries and at least 5 arrests) .

On Penarth’s Victoria Road at 23:00 last night yet residents witnessed a lot of police activity but South Wales Police have now told PDN  [on Monday October 10th] that the number of youths was small compared with the numbers encountered the previous weekend.

A Victoria Road resident had said he had been told by a police officer here had been  300 youths involved in a melee last night – but police have now discounted this account.

A Victoria Road resident found this morning that a knife had been thrown into his garden last night by one of the gang of youths which confronted each other in the Penarth last night

A Victoria Road resident found this morning that a knife had been thrown into his garden last night by one of the gang of youths which confronted each other in the Penarth last night

A knife was later found thrown into the front garden of a house in Victoria Road – evidently by someone attempting to dispose of a weapon and this has been recovered by the police.

South Wales Police made no comment  on the situation in Penarth over the weekend. No press statement was issued – and only on Monday night was the position clarified.

A police van on Stanwell Road, Penarth at the junction with Plymouth Road last night

A police van on Stanwell Road, Penarth at the junction with Plymouth Road last night

The early part of the Saturday evening (Oct 8th) evening had passed off  peaceably with  no obvious sign of increased  police presence on the streets – although some police vehicles were in evidence in the town centre.

Buses were replacing trains from Penarth Station last night

Buses were replacing trains from Penarth Station last night

Penarth Railway station was closed and the  train service suspended because of maintenance work. Buses were ferrying  rail passengers to and from Cardiff . (Most of the youths involved in last week’s fracas are understood to have travelled to Penarth by train.)

PDN sources say the Saturday night massed and armed gang-fights have now become   regular Saturday-night events.

The gates of Penarth Atheltic Club were open after 20:00

The gates of Penarth Athletic Club were open after 20:00

The gates of Penarth Athletic Ground – scene of serious and violent clashes last weekend – were still open after 20:00 and some youths could be seen loitering in the large and unlit grassed area but it now seems there was no repeat of the violence which occurred seven days earlier.

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  1. RetailGuru says:

    More poor policing! My goodness, this was as a totally predictable event and they can’t even deal with it! What does Inspector Gary have to say about this then??! Useless!

  2. Peter Church says:

    Penarth violence happens on the street
    Often when rival gangs just meet
    When they are up for a fight
    Best to do it in the dead of night
    However the Cameras are broke, so no need to be too indiscreet

  3. Paul says:

    Welcome to the “wild west” of Penarth.
    Did they come in covered wagons (stagecoach) or was it in cars……..

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    This is an absolute outrage and a disgrace both in the Councils failure to ensure the CCTV cameras were working and the failure of the Police to keep law and order and ensure a Police presence in the area to deter such actions . Worst still they were warned of this activity and it still it took place,!!!!! and the fact that the gates of the Athletic Club were left open defies , logic , reason and common sense. With lacksidaisical Policing ,with a pathetic , under performing and negligent Council who can neither get its priorities right or do its job right . May one ask a simple question a member of the Council would probably struggle with !!? WHAT WERE THE CCTV CAMERAS INSTALLED FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE???? if your not going to maintain them and yet give the people a false sense of security , they shouldn’t be on the Council in the first place , I do know If I was their boss i’d SACK THE LOT OF THEM they are a liability and a total farce.

    • RetailGuru says:

      Strong words Andrew, and I agree with them all.

    • Paul says:

      They are clearly in collusion wiv these yoofs, as no deterrents in place, seemed to indicate they advocate, letting the melee’s take place.
      I blame the parents myself, surely they must know where little Johnny (or big johnny) tarquin or kyle is at nite. Especially when they come in late at nite, bruised, covered in mud, grass,or don’t turn up at all. How are they even getting back, there not dumb enuff to walk.
      Is this the true state that gov is happy with, for the teens of today (our future citizens of tomorrow).
      Lord help us…….

      • H says:

        Hi Paul.

        I would suggest that before you make comments based solely on the newspaper articles you have read, that you don’t make any and think do I actually know what happened? I think you will find that the answer is NO!!!!

        I will tell you as someone that does know what happened that the parents of the 4 boys that were assaulted knew where their children were and also how they got home. Some of the children contacted their parents to go and get them after the assault. They spent the whole night in hospital with their children after some of them being taken in by ambulance.

        Whilst I know the word gang means a group of people, in the article it is made out to mean street, fighting gangs who have planned this event. I would like to inform you all that 4 13yr old boys (with no weapons) were set upon by 20/30 older boys with bats, belts, bricks and other things.

        The police were fully aware of possible events the weekend just gone as many people informed them. I myself did as did other parents and also the schools that the other children went to. If there were repercussions this weekend then I’m sure with the correct organisation they could have been prevented.

        I would also like to say that 3 of the boys that were arrested were NOT the people who carried out the assaults. They are still freely walking the streets.

  5. Terence says:

    It’s like Brooklyn innit.

  6. Lindsay says:

    I was in Victoria Road about 11pm last night and saw nothing

    • Sud says:

      It obviously didn’t happen and this is all a Tory put-up to discredit the Labour-dominated powers-that-be.

      • Lindsay says:

        I couldn’t comment on that but I do know that the bus parked outside the station had a sign saying that it was a rail replacement due to engineering works. That doesn’t support the notion that it was there to circumvent possible disturbances.

      • Peter Church says:

        Lindsay said it didn’t happen, so don’t argue.

        Bah, 4 legs good, 2 legs bad, bah!

  7. JimiB says:

    Judging by the grey pictures, I would say that the events happened well into the night, encouraged by the fact that the street lights were dimmed or switched off altogether. I have always maintained that the crime rate would shoot up like a rocket if the lights weren’t switched on. And now it’s happening, and I ask myself if that is only the beginning of something a lot worse to come.

  8. Andrew Worsley says:

    Dare I even ask if the railway station had working CCTV, if it has are the Police checking the footage to identify gang members ??? after all the Police it appears have little else to do, surely they can find time to do this ? You wait now.! we will find out the station CCTV is not working either .. I bet a pound to a penny i’m correct.

  9. jm says:

    this happened about 20 years ago in dinas powis, yobs would hop on the trains to have punch ups, take drugs etc … life was a misery for decent residents, the police and council were extremely slow to act until some buildings and cars were set alight.
    eventually it was found that they came mainly from barry and cardiff and were congregating in dinas powys because they fekt there was little policing and a retail outlet was letting them buy lighters (for sniffing).
    i hope that lessons have been learned! please ….

  10. Mark Foster says:

    If this is really happening in Penarth, why is nobody in the MSM reporting it? Not the Penarth Times, Wales On Line, the Daily Mail, the BBC etc.

    Perhaps it isn’t really happening, as Lyndsay intimates. Perhaps its a conspiracy. If it really happened, you wouldn’t know about it if it were happening all over the UK. Perhaps this is how a Civil War starts.

    • Woowoo Wizzywoo says:

      Amazing! From nothing happening to civil war in a couple of sentences. We have yet to learn what happened, but speculation isn’t just rife – it is reaching epidemic proportions.
      I await the official statement. I suspect this is all out of proportion.

      • Paul says:

        Something is going on somewhere judging by the number of Blue lights flying past my house over the last few nights.

      • Woowoo Wizzywoo says:

        I had the same thing, which turned out to be a fire at the Jaflon restaurant. You can hardly blame the police for being absent when you are citing their presence as evidence of some mysterious cover up.

  11. Penileaks says:

    Whether what is alleged to have happened did happen, I have no idea, but is true that local police forces and politicians (often with the active encouragement of central governments), often fail to report these type of incidents, particularly where there may be a racial element involved.
    Some years ago I spoke at length to some fairly elderly residents of Dover, who told me that there was a very high incidence of burglary and violent assaults in their area and also Kent in general.
    It was alleged by them that this sudden increase aligned exactly with the sudden surge in illegal immigrants into the area through the port of Dover. They also stated that hardly any of it got reported in the local or national press (they used to hear via word of mouth), and the local understanding was that the release of information surrounding these incidents, was being deliberately withheld.
    Whilst working in a Scandinavian country recently, I was hearing (from local work colleagues), of all sorts of assaults and attacks in various towns and cities in the country, but they again claimed that these were very rarely reported in the local media, as the country’s government did not want to mention that in the main, it was recent arrivals of different cultures involved.
    I also have many work colleagues based in Munich and they tell me that there are suddenly many incidents in and around the city that apparently ‘disappear” when it comes to the public reporting of them and that again it is the German central government supressing the figures to support their policy of welcoming all others into their country.
    Then we have the high incidence of assaults and rape (I have personal knowledge of one and second hand knowledge of another), in the central Cardiff area,
    As far as I am aware (regularly reading the local press and watching our local and national TV services), there is very little reporting of such incidents and the only one that I can remember recently, was from around this time last year, when there were a series of rapes in Cardiff centre and the Cardiff University Students Union insisted on them being publicised as they had involved new students to the area and they wanted to warn other strangers to the area that the risk of attack existed. If i recall correctly, eventually two separate men were arrested and charged, both from a non UK cultural background, one from the Cardiff area and the other from Newport.
    These last two were reported because the Uni SU insisted on it to protect others. The rest and other assaults do not often get reported and this latest set of incidents in Penarth, were seemingly going down the same route, with the local Police initially saying that they knew nothing of the first incident………..until of course many of the local residents and businesses started confirming the rumours and then suddenly the Police did know about it !
    My guess is that the same suppression of bad news about people of a non British cultural background is at force here. the sooner the government and policing authorities begin to tell the truth, the better in my opinion.
    Over to you Mr Michael………………………….

    • Lindsay says:

      Ahh right, I wondered how long it would be before Alun Michael was blamed. Maybe Stephen Doughty and Vaughan Gething are part of the conspiracy as well.

      • Paul says:

        Alun Michael is the PCC. We have no police or working CCTV in Penarth which is scandalous. If Michael was a Tory then Doughty and Gething would be among the first to condemn him for not doing his job. If they won’t then we should. Why do we continue to put up with these third rate useless politicians? Our PCC is not doing his job and our MP, his family friend, is unwilling to criticise him. No surprise since he owes Michael for gifting him his constituency.

      • Peter Church says:

        You never seem to see wrong in labour Lindsay, lend us those red coloured specs you wear.
        Who should we blame? My neighbours cat?
        No CCTV, yes the cat broke them.
        Lack of Police, money flowing out of Penarth and into Barry, that’s the cat again.
        Semi retired Labour Police Commissioner??
        All absolutely nothing to do with late night violence in Penarth.

        Could you tell us who is to blame?

      • Lindsay says:

        I’ve not made any party political comments, Peter. Anyway, if it were true that I “never seem to see wrong in labour” I’d certainly be outnumbered on here. It’s not always true that those who shout loudest are the wisest.

    • Woowoo Wizzywoo says:

      So much speculation on such little evidence. Did anyone actually SEE anything?

      • Lindsay says:

        That’s exactly my point Woowoo. Plenty playing the blame game and the usual party political claptrap.

      • Penileaks says:

        From a later comment, it is patently obvious that not only did local people see what went on, but that they were actively involved, whether by choice or not.
        Both yourself and Lindsay seem to be trying to put all these reports down to ‘speculation’ with no evidence. It appears that all the evidence that anyone should need, was lying on hospital trollies in UHW..
        As I commented before, over to you Mr Michael. That’s the Mr Michael that is the head of the Police force in our area, a Police force that cannot apparently police (surely this is the job description) ,and of a security system that does not work because the monitoring of it has been transferred to Bridgend and the system already in place down there is not compatible with the system in use in Penarth (this last bit not speculation, but direct from a serving member of the Police force in our area).
        I suppose that i can now expect more denials that these incidents ever happened and that no one in local government or the local Police is to blame are no doubt on their way 🙂

  12. Andrew Worsley says:

    Well lets get it right about Alun Micheal the so called Police Commissioner he didn’t know it when criminals were stripping lead from the building next door to him, they most likely could have jacked up the building, put it on wheels and towed it away and still he wouldn’t have noticed. Its always comforting to know the Police are alert , on the job and ever vigilante , it sort of gives one a glow and feeling of well being and security, and with the zealous and rapid response , fingers on the pulse of the Police in this town I don’t think anyones in any danger, its not like were getting invaded by warring gangs putting lives at risk is it??????.

  13. Andrew Worsley says:

    Oh didn’t you know Lindsay that Alun Micheal used to champion the Somalis living in Cardiff when he was an MP? I was told there were 20,000 Somali votes he could count on during any election ?(that’s why any challenger starting from scratch didn’t have a chance of unseating him). If all I have said is true and I see no need to doubt it, maybe its the warring gangs way of returning the favour to Mr Micheal by using his ‘turf’ so to speak to stage their fights ?????? a fitting tribute indeed!!!!. Of course i’m only referring to one section of a gang in this response, no doubt the rest of the gangs are from all over the place.!!?.

  14. Andrew Worsley says:

    I am Lindsay thank you maam ,I was discussing the situation from another angle , sorry you didn’t catch on , but nice to se your keeping everyone on their toes.

  15. C b says:

    I am an adult family member of 1 of the attacked kids, who was put in hospital.
    May I also add. One of the parents raced to get their child and was stabbed upon doing so. Also had their vehicle vandalised. The parent was in hospital and had emergency surgery. Police didn’t act until a week later.
    None of this is being published via wider media. I would love to know why?!
    They DID turn up again Saturday. I know that for a fact. Police were indeed called.
    What happened? Nothing!!
    It is continuously happening. The police are well aware of this. So why isn’t there more police patrolling.
    It’s been an ongoing problem some June/July.
    The group of youths are coming from grange town. They have walked away with kids bikes. Showing knives and replica guns. (I can only presume it’s a replica gun if it’s real then surely they would of shot someone by now) 14/15 year olds having a knife and a replica gun held to their throat and head.
    The police need to act and fast. They’ve only arrested a few of the group once. Someone is going to get killed. I am not over exaggerating.
    Knowing kids have been hospitalised and an adult seriously injured needing surgery.
    What next? These are not kids. They are 18+ most of them. Some are under age.
    It’s disturbing that police aren’t taking it seriously enough.
    I will be talking to the parents. As they need to tell people exactly what has gone on.
    Stop people speculating on partly written stories.

    • Penileaks says:

      I suspect that you need to read my earlier post to understand the answer to your question on why these incidents have either been partly reported, or not reported at all.

    • snoggerdog says:

      wales online, last week had a story about youths causing mayhem up the valleys(treorchy?) this week LOTS of clown storys , nothing on violence in penarth.i was allways led to believe the UK was an open country &the baddies were all over in vlads place,lilly allen z celeb was on the bbc this am telling us all about the calais jungle,funny that she didnt mention the suppressing of home news which is more relavent to us ……………funny old world

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