Some of the local residents attending last night's public meeting to discuss the newly enlarged Upper Cosmeston Farm development

Some of the local residents attending last night’s public meeting to discuss the huge new  Upper Cosmeston Farm housing development – now to be more than twice its original size

More than 50 local residents living in Cosmeston, Lavernock, Sully and Penarth attended a public meeting at Penarth Athletic Club last night to plan their strategy to oppose the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s new allocation of 576 homes at Upper Cosmeston Farm .

LDP Upper Cosmeston

LDP Upper Cosmeston

The scheme is a newly-amended part the Vale Council’s “LDP” (Local Development Plan) – the latest draft of the document in which the council earmarks the sites across the Vale on which its required quota of 9,950 new homes can be built.

The original Vale Council “LDP “had allocated a total of 235 houses at Upper Cosmeston Farm.

Last month however the LDP was “tweaked” by the Vale Council in its so-called “Matters Arising” version – in which the number of houses allocated for Upper Cosmeston Farm was arbitrarily increased to 576. 

Objectors say the Vale Council is slavishly obeying the diktats of the Welsh Labour Government and is paying little or no regard to the effect on the transport and educational infrastructure of Penarth, Cosmeston, Lavernock and Sully (a village which alone has a potential of almost 1,000 new homes in prospect).

It’s argued that the projected new homes are unnecessary, not needed and – if built – will create even worse commuter traffic jams in Penarth, even greater gridlock on junctions like the Merrie Harrier and force yet more children into local schools which are already oversubscribed.

Cllr Kevin Mahoney (left) and Cllr Bob Penrose. Both are Independents and represent Sully on the Vale Council

Cllr Kevin Mahoney (left) and Cllr Bob Penrose. Both are Independents and represent Sully on the Vale Council – but emphasised that the newly enlarged scheme for the Upper Cosmeston Farm development could have a considerable impact on congestion and schools in Penarth

The presentation and question-and-answer session was given by Cllr Kevin Mahoney (Independent, Sully ) with Cllr Bob Penrose (Independent, Sully)  – both of whom are members of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, but are opposed to the current Labour administration’s proposed housing allocation for the now-enlarged green field coastal site at Upper Cosmeston Farm.

576 new homes are now being proposed for the Upper Cosmeston Farm site - on Penarth's Southern boundary

576 new homes are now being proposed for the Upper Cosmeston Farm site – on Penarth’s Southern boundary – potentially putting another 1,000 commuters on the road through Penarth every morning

Cllr Mahoney described the new plans as “horrendous”. He explained that he and his fellow independent councillors had already lodged objections to the original 235 home plan for Upper Cosmeston. However as the Vale council had now  more than doubled the number of homes allocated (to 576)  anyone wishing to object to this revised figure had only until October 28th to submit objections to the Planning Inspector.

Cllr Bob Penrose said the objections to the new total of homes would be similar to the previous objections – but it would be necessary to re-submit them again in the light of the new higher figure. Cllr Mahoney urged local residents to put their objections into their own words and not follow a template or the text of previous submissions.

One objector who had signed a letter with 70 signatures objecting to the previous scheme – asked whether the letter was just “regarded as one” (objection). Cllr Penrose said that was indeed the case  it would only be regarded as one.

Cllr Mahoney said that objectors should not all put in objections citing the same issue. The more objections there were, the better – but they should be about a variety of issues.

A new primary school is supposed to be built by whatever developers take on the build of the huge new part of the Upper Cosmeston housing estate.  However last night members of the audience questioned whether such a primary school would ever actually be built.

Cllr Bob Penrose (Independent Sully)

Cllr Bob Penrose (Independent Sully)

Cllr Bob Penrose revealed that in the case of developments at Wenvoe  the developers simply paid a so-called “Section 106” financial contribution for education services and children living there were  “bussed”  to the nearest existing primary school until such time as the primary school would be built. Residents said that in some other cases promised schools had never actually been built.

It was pointed out that the only primary school in Penarth which is currently undersubscribed is Fairfield – all the rest are jam-packed and have no room to cope with any more kids. Fairfield Primary, however, is the school which is the furthest distance from Upper Cosmeston.

Cllr Penrose said the Welsh Government would not accept any reduction in the housing figures it had allocated to the Vale of Glamorgan [ the issue is how  the Vale Council has distributed that allocation] . He said Cardiff had run out of land for housing and didn’t have enough to fulfill the city’s LDP requirements

Cllr Mahoney said  the Vale of Glamorgan was already the biggest commuter county in Wales and was “20% over the mean average”. None of the proposed new houses would have workplaces nearby – every single new house would “have workers going towards Cardiff” .

Members of the audience were asked to re-draft and resubmit their original objections and encourage as many other people as possible to do the same so that they were relevant to the figures in the new “Matters Arising” Local Development Plan .

Cllr Kevin Mahoney (Independent Sully)

Cllr Kevin Mahoney (Independent Sully)

Cllr Mahoney was asked whether there had been any liaison with Penarth Council.

He replied that most of the Penarth councillors were also Vale councillors  . There’s not a peep out of them. There doesn’t seem to be much help from them – they’re mostly Labour councillors in Penarth”  .

Cllr Mahoney said that  Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines, Deputy Leader of the Vale Council) was  “battling against” his point of view. We [i.e. the four Independents on the Vale Council “get no support from anybody” .

It was noted that the land involved already belonged to the Welsh Government and  strategies such as extending Cosmeston Country Park to the coast to maintain a “green wedge” [thereby reducing the number of houses]  – couldn’t be realised in the timescale available before the Planning Inquiry.

On how oral evidence should be presented to the Inquiry, it was suggested it might be more effective for residents to obtain the services of a single professional representative to speak behalf of residents rather than have several oral contributions.

The forthcoming formal examination of the Vale of Glamorgan’s Local Development Plan (LDP) is to be carried out by Planning Inspector, Richard Jenkins – who is charged with determining whether or not the plan is “sound”. The Inspector is bound by law to  base his judgement on “the evidence available, the representations made and the particular circumstances of the LDP and the area”.

The Inspector’s report will then detail the changes the Vale Council will have to make to the Local Development Plan .  His decision will be binding on the council.

The 6 week consultation period on the so-called “Matters Arising Changes” or “MACS” will close on Friday 28 October 2016. 

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  1. Christopher David says:

    It has to be a power trip on behalf of VOG. Maybe they think it will increase the power of future resistance to abolishing them! The valleys needs help in developing its micro economies. Why are the WG not getting involved, blocking these ego driven fools and planning valleys generation rather than clogging up Penarth and Sully?

    • Lindsay says:

      Really Christopher, you do talk some tosh. Good fun though, keep it coming.

    • Colin Davies says:

      Probably because more people want to live in Penarth and Sully than in the Valleys, and the developers know they can receive a premium for their houses. Why build 600 homes and sell at an average of £80k when you can sell at an average of £250k

      • Christopher David says:

        Yes Mr Davies intelligent contributor. But as I’m sure you know that not even touches the wider issues. House pricing, central policy (probably none) local infrastructure, wider infrastructure, local and wider demand and economics. All should be factored in given our land mass and density ratio’s. Also your economics on (inferred) build margins are a little askew but I get the point. Power- profit and ego with the usual sycophantic cringingly hand wringing jobsworths (or maybe little earners) will waive their me me sweaty palms in support 🙂

  2. Mel says:

    576 houses is obscene.

  3. Ford Prefect says:

    People who live in new houses built on green belt object to new houses being built on green belt.

    • Michael Garland says:

      The houses at Lavernock Park were not built on Green Belt, they were built on a brownfield site once used as a cement works and were only built to cover up the eyesore that was left behind. The proposed development is also not being built on Green Belt land but is being built on a greenfield site currently used for agriculture. The land surrounding Lower Cosmeston Farm currently used for grazing and the riding school will disappear with the Livery Stables and Riding School becoming unviable and closing down.

  4. Bartholomew says:

    It’s so inconsiderate of those millennials to be reaching their 20s in the middle of a housing crisis and expecting to be able to move out of their parents house into an ugly blotch on the landscape

  5. Elizabeth Windsor says:

    My loyal subjects,

    I think you’ll find that this is actually my land. I will not have it wasted by being empty. However in recent years it has ceased to be “cool” to adore the queen and I am finally putting my foot down. You may have permission to build your little peasant huts to live in, but only after you have completed my request. You will build me an enormous theme park on this land called Windsorland which must have at at least one 120m high rollercoaster with at least 4 loop-the-loops, and an 80m statue of me made of marble in the middle. I will send my assessors to the site at the end of February 2017 and if the criteria have been met then you may build the houses around the theme park. I will also throw in a pair of tickets to my garden party because I have a few spare since Catherine and William blew me off to go on their “holiday of a lifetime”.

    Liz x

  6. Andrew Worsley says:

    Err sorry our Gracious Queen who is forever victorious and keeps the rain over us , this is Wales and some here do not recognise your rain , I do realise that you were shown photos of Cosmestan Medieval village and you thought this was the first phase of the housing plan completed. Oh and you did say you could see nothing wrong with such well built homes, according to the report in the Sun. As for the theme park your majesty who rains over us , that idea was first put forward on this forum by me your humble serviette , you probably got that idea from that artickle?? Anyway Queen who rains over us , your welcome to bring your dogs to the park and you can pick a swan to use for upping!!! as all swans are property of the royals, who rain over us , so im told? Errrr Queen (who rains on us) do you prefer to be called Queen or Majesty ??? let me know when you next take your dogs a walk . signed Your Loyal Serviette .

    • Ivor Bagman says:

      It’s a doily
      You nincompoop
      A servyet is
      An unmated
      Cossy dog !!

    • Elizabeth Windsor says:

      My loyal Handkerchief,

      One had believed that those photographs were taken in Barry, not Cosmeston Medieval Village! One is most amused! One established Barry as a place to send the uncivilised Welsh republicans who refused to let one rain upon them. Whence Windsorland is completed I shall send the dissident gangs of Barry who invade your glorious Penarth there to be theme park workers, and one shall rain upon them until they learn their lessons. One does enjoy one’s trips to Penarth, and one will be arriving at Penarth station next Wednesday in the royal train to take the corgis to Cosmeston lakes. One shall also be taking 2 of Cosmeston’s finest swans back to Windsor, since Phillip accidentally shot a pair of ours last weekend.

      See you soon,
      Liz x

    • Ma'am says:

      One does not rain, one reigns

  7. snoggerdog says:

    cnl gaddafis statue was ground to dust,yer maj,it would only be a matter of tlme…………

  8. Peter Church says:

    Back to reality Penarth, I’ve had enough of Liz, who thinks she ruled over us plebs.
    However, I do have respect for the Quenn!!

    576 houses will equates to over a 1000 cars, cause these ain’t cheap houses, all will be purchased by two full time earners, both out working. Where might they work? Captains wife?
    I suspect the vast majority will be heading into Cardiff or further a field.
    No money for extra road transport or more buses or trains, instead the developer will bung a few thousand quid for a few more pavements to be turned into cycle lanes.

    Don’t stand for it, call for a local referendum to stop this over development.

    With elections coming up next year the likes of Labour Councillor’s Burnett and Moore who are very unpopular as it is, will just cave in.

    • Elizabeth Windsor says:


      One is very fond of the residents of Penarth and one would not like to think of them suffering from the increased traffic. As such, one will be having a new motorway built between Penarth and Cardiff

      You’re welcome,
      Liz x

      • Peter Church says:

        Dear Liz,

        I think you may well have gone way above your station?
        There is only one Lis who rules over us here in Penarth

        Check out her twitter account if you need to find out what’s happening in….. Barry!

        In Penarth, its PDN for the real truth.

        Your loyal subject
        Peter (not dissolved yet) Churrch

      • Frank Evans says:

        Lillabeth Saxcoberg I think.
        Still better than Lizzy Barry.

    • Lindsay says:

      “We simply need to build more homes” (Theresa May), “Quite simply we’re not building enough new homes” (Philip Hammond), “I’m not afraid to stand up and say that this country has not built enough new homes” (Sajid Javid)

      • Andrew Sachus. says:

        Some people never develop enough to think for themselves. Often a trait of the LIQ Sycophantic hider behind apron strings. Mother knows best.

      • Lindsay says:

        Just thought I’d get the views of a few movers and shakers into the debate. Not necessarily my opinion but I wondered if it might strike a chord with some regular contributors. By the way Andrew, where have you been recently? I was beginning to think that, like the dinosaurs, you had drifted into extinction.

  9. Andrew Worsley says:

    How very dare you snoggerdog your talking about our majesty that still rains on us , we all love her and her dogs and Prince Phil , Willy , Harry ,Annie, Eddy err and the wives and their kiddies and all the others and lots of other stuff and people you need to rain.

  10. Andrew Worsley says:

    Think it was someone else not snoggerdog if so we apologise. To continue I knew youd be amused your Majesty Queen who still rains as good as ever. Can I ask a favour of your higherness , you know Barry that us loyal serfices in Penarth don’t like , can you get sum men to mek Barry into a proper island again ??? and put ones Council on it , failing that your Queenship can you use the island of Steep Holme instead, you can install some steps and probably an escalator for others . Then if its alright wiv you Queen can we merge Barry with Penarth and close down the hopefully no longer in use Council Offices , if im not being to presumpt errrrr presumper.. errrr if im not being too forward can we have the Council Offices in the Washington Buildings . Hope that wont be too much to ask your Higherness …….??? your loyal serfant errrr ME.

  11. E vole says:

    So how do I object? Even with 1 car per household @ 576 this will result in congestion escalating from being frustrating to intolerable.
    Build elsewhere in the vale, out towards St Athan or llantwit. Actually get rid of the arcades at Basra beach and build there.

    • Bobby says:

      Make sure you put in your objection that as long as it’s not in your back yard then you’re fine with it E vole.

  12. Ivor Bagman says:

    Bring on the development
    It will attract more
    Sad old queans
    To cosmeston carpark.

  13. Andrew Sachus. says:

    Caribbean “Lindsey”. Not quite extinct yet- my parents had a sense of humour.

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