The Upper Cosmeston Farm residential development used to make the limits of the sprawl into the countryside - but not any more.

Cosmeston ( or Lavernock Park”) residents live outside the town boundaries of Penarth but councillor Cllr Anthony Ernest now thinks they might prefer to become part of Penarth rather remain under the relatively weak Sully and Lavernock Community Council.

A proposal that Lavernock might become a part of Penarth is being mooted by a former Mayor of Penarth Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward) who is also a past chairman of the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward)

Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward)

Cllr Ernest says there would be “several benefits for residents if they came into the town”. He says that ” Lavernock Park, (or Cosmeston as some prefer to name it), had gained nothing from being “lumped in” with Sully, and that most residents saw their future within Penarth, not least with schools and shopping.”

Floating out the idea, Cllr. Ernest  says  “Having represented Lavernock in the past for a number of years, I was acutely concious that residents in the large and very popular estate contributed heavily to the precept of Sully [Community] Council, yet never had anything in return for their Council Tax levies.”

The area of Cosmeston which Cllr Ernest calls "Lavernock Park" would - he argues- be better off under Penarth Town Council

The area of Cosmeston which Cllr Ernest calls “Lavernock Park” would – he argues- be better off under Penarth Town Council

Cllr Ernest says the 1,000 existing residents of what he calls “Lavernock Park” have “no facilities”  – largely because the powers of smaller councils like Sully Community Council are relatively limited and asserts that  “Lavernock is no better off under Sully than some much smaller villages in the rural Vale.”

He says he is “very concious also that the local councillors for that area try hard to be effective, but they suffer from a lack of funding and political representation at higher levels”

Cllr Ernest says that if what he called “Lavernock Park (and only Lavernock Park) were to come into Penarth, residents would undoubtedly benefit from improved representation and undoubted investment from a much better resourced local council, and they may well want to consider this at a time when they are threatened by yet more housing developments, that threaten to obliterate the boundaries between Penarth and Sully with nothing to show in return”

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  1. Kevin Mahoney says:

    This of course being the Mr Anthony Ernest who was caught out along with his Conservative Councillor colleague Sarah Sharpe when representing the ward containing Lavernock Park and Sully, both having voted through the Conservative party’s previous LDP plan for 450 houses to be built at Cosmeston and 650 houses at Cog rd Sully, even more that the Labour party are currently proposing

    Mr Ernest then went round claiming to residents that he opposed both plans, but was caught out when it was realised that his name and vote was captured on the Vale of Glamorgan website, unfortunately for Mr Ernest his views had been noted by one of the very few votes that had been recorded in the minutes of the relevant meeting and is still displayed there to this day.

    One can only assume that Anthony Ernest has forgotten that his vote had been recorded.

    So there you have it, both Conservative and Labour parties including Mr Ernest are both in favour of 1100 new houses between Lavernock Park and Sully overwhelming road networks GP, Dental, School and other services, and in Mr Ernest’s own words ‘obliterate the boundaries between Penarth and Sully”

    It’s very frank of Anthony Ernest to link his name to having voted in favour of just such a proposal.

    Of course independent councillors represent and vote in the interests of their residents without voting how they are told to according to party instructions in the way that councillors from the larger political parties do on a regular basis within the Vale of Glamorgan council.

    I’d suggest that Mr Anthony Ernest and his fellow party representatives are part of the problem rather than the solution, and have physically already demonstrated this with their own proposals to concrete over the Penarth, Cosmeston and Sully area almost in it’s entirety.

  2. Colin Davies says:

    Cllr Ernest’s cunning plan to get re-elected to County Council!! He is of course a Community Councillor so can naturally demand a change of electoral boundaries which would have implications for both Sully and Penarth… I would think retirement be the better option!!

  3. Peter Church says:

    We don’t want Lavernock park in either Sully or Penarth.
    The Vale of Glamorgan has turned into one giant dormitory for Cardiff as it is.

  4. Elizabeth Windsor says:

    One has not been fond of Mr.Earnest since he attended my garden party and ate the last salmon and cucumber sandwich before oneself had had enough. One had to construct a crisp sandwich instead which was ghastly. Please rest assured that one will see to it that Mr.Earnest does not get his way and that Lavernock Park will remain firmly part of Sully

  5. Interesting to hear your comments – as always. Obviously Lavernock Park residents feel that they are getting good value for the quite large sum on money they pay each year to Sully for receiving nothing in return. Can anyone name something that has been done with your hard earned money in the last few years in Lavernock Park, or are residents absolutely happy with paying up for nil facilities – e.g. a Childrens Play Area, new seating, a carnival event of some sort, a nicely lit Xmas Tree. Or are these facilities that you are happy for PENARTH to provide at no cost to Lavernock. Not exactly equitable, of course. But you CAN always ask your local council in Sully to provide these facilities, but you are not likely to receive a favourable reply. (Incidentally local councillors are not “big earners” – we do it as a purely voluntary service to our community).

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