The wooden Suggestion Boxes were misleadingly labelled as "Ballot Boxes" and used the politically-loaded term "Regreterendum"

The wooden Suggestion Boxes were misleadingly labelled as “Ballot Boxes” and used the politically-loaded term “Regreterendum”

Five hundred people are said to have posted comments on the Brexit result in the outdoor box “ballot”,  described – in politically-loaded terminology – as a “Regreterendum”  in Penarth .

Anyone could “vote” in the referendum as many times as they liked without restriction – posting their comments on paper slips in the six wooden “ballot” boxes sited around the town. The “results” therefore have  none of the legitimacy of even an opinion poll – let alone that of the actual referendum itself .

Six "ballot boxes" were located around Penarth

Six “ballot boxes” were located around Penarth

It is clear however that a some of the  minority of people who didn’t like the result of the real referendum  have used wooden “ballot boxes” as an opportunity to put pencil to paper and have an anonymous whinge about it.

Other paper slips meanwhile  seem to indicate many others accept the result with equanimity and just want to get on with implementing it.

One box was physically damaged in what has been described by the anonymous organisers as an incident of  “brexage”.

One posting alleged  there had been  “misinformation” from the Leave Campaign  [presumably, none at all from the whiter-than-white “Remain” camp] – and called for another vote to be carried out [similar to the re-run that the EU forced on Ireland].

Others expressed the forlorn hope that “the decision will be overturned.” whereas some claimed “Our lives are ruined.”

One posting said  “To the Welsh who voted to leavee you sold us out.”

But the most frequently expressed pro-Leave sentiment was “Less of the negativity – I think a decision has been made – let’s be positive and make the most of it!” and to the whinging Remainers“You lost. Get over it.”

One commenter noted  “My family fought two world wars for Europe, lost an empire, millions of lives. It’s madness having Turkey/Ukraine as allies. If you don’t accept democracy move to Brussels!”

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  1. Lindsay says:

    People having an “anonymous whinge” eh? Not at all like Penarthians.

  2. Louise C says:

    As a proud remainer, we have to accept the result and move on. I feel very sorry for Mrs May, if things go badly the leavers will blame her, rather then their own stupidity. My only comfort will be decades of ‘we told you so’ but that’s really not much comfort at all.

    • AlyP says:

      I am a proud Brexit-eer and for the record I am not remotely stupid. I have a vision of a fairer Britain. Just because you didn’t get it your way does not give you the right to label everyone as stupid, ill informed bigots! If the vote had gone in the other direction that attitude would not be acceptable, so have the dignity to quietly accept the democratic view of the majority of the British public and lets see what we can achieve together, instead of name calling childishness.

  3. snoggerdog says:

    you remainers could move (if they will have you)to a dictatorship,making sure that you agree with all of the diktats first or persuade your local mp to vote say…best of three & if that doesnt work make sure mp tries to push through what you want.not the majority (who really havnt got a clue, what they want.

  4. Peter Church says:

    Where ever I saw these boxes, I removed the EU stickers and put them in the bin.
    The cheek of who-ever was responsible, we voted, you lost, get over it!
    Move to France or Germany and send us a post card.

    • Elizabeth Windsor says:


      Really, one had had enough of being flown out Germany to exchange faux-pleasantries with Frau.Merkel, so one staged a referendum so one might finally be able to spend a Saturday afternoon watching Antiques Roadshow. One is glad you’re so pleased with the “result” but please don’t take too much credit for it

      Viva la UK,
      Liz x

      • Penileaks says:

        Impersonating the head of the royal family is surely a crime in this country and you should be sent to the tower, incarcerated for many months and then hung, drawn and quartered, but don’t worry yourself too much, the EU Human Rights Act will no doubt come to your rescue and you will be sentenced to 6 months hard labour cleaning the loo’s at the Calais Jungle camp.. and may even get compensation for all the worry and anguish that the whole episode ………suspended for two years until the camp is gone and you are forgiven completely !

  5. Frank Evans says:

    If I see anymore of these boxes I’ll take them for my wood burner.
    EU + UK – UKIP ÷ £ – € = Missery

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