The public pavement beneath the front balcony of Penarth Yacht Club was closed to the public on Tuesday morning whilst emergency repairs were carried out

The public pavement and roadway beneath the front balcony of Penarth Yacht Club had to be closed off with road cones and safety tape  on Tuesday morning whilst emergency repairs were carried out

It’s emerged that thieves have stripped lead from the roofs of various buildings on Penarth Esplanade – including Penarth Yacht Club.

PDN eyewitnesses  had reported that four police cars were spotted at the bottom of Bridgeman Road at 03:15 on Tuesday morning Oct 11th 2016 – but South Wales Police had said later that day they had no knowledge of any incident on the sea front and had no information as to why any police cars were there.

Dozens of heavy lead weatherproofing sheets have been torn from the balcony roof of the Penarth Yacht Club

Dozens of heavy lead weatherproofing sheets have been torn by the thieves from the balcony roof of the Penarth Yacht Club (Photo Tony Kirtland, Commodore Penarth Yacht Club)

One of the buildings which  had lead stripped from it in the pre-dawn raid on Tuesday morning, is Penarth Yacht Club – which is a Grade II listed building.

Here a gang of three thieves had allegedly climbed onto the roof of the balcony that runs across the entire front of the building and removed almost all the sheets of lead which protect the roof from the elements.

The lead sheets were rolled up and dropped down onto the road below to be loaded into a vehicle.

Some of the lead thrown from the roof knocked a chunk of masonry out of the original Victorian stonework of the club balcony

Some of the lead thrown from the roof knocked a chunk of masonry out of the original Victorian stonework of the club balcony

Some of the heavy sheets of  lead caught the balcony stonework as they were thrown to the  ground and at least one smashed a large chunk of masonry out of the original Victorian stonework.

The alarm was raised by a member of the club staff who alerted the police. The thieves apparently ran off when they heard the police coming but were later said to have been  found hiding at Windsor Court at the pier end of the Esplanade. Three men are understood to have been  arrested but  police yet to confirm or deny that the theft took place or that they have made any arrests .

Large sections of the Yacht Club's balcony roof have to be repaired

Large sections of the Yacht Club’s balcony roof have to be repaired where lead has been removed.

Safety tape and road cones sealed off the front of the yacht club building later on Tuesday –  preventing anyone using the pavement directly beneath the balcony. The cost of rectifying the damage is likely to be in excess of £20,000. 


On Monday October 17th  – a week after the robbery – South Wales Police issued the following statement “South Wales Police attended Penarth Yacht Club on the Esplanade at approximately 1.50am on Tuesday, October 11th, following a report that three men were trying to gain entry to the premises. On arrival officers discovered that the suspects, who had fled the scene, had managed force entry via one of the doors to the building, and that a large amount of lead had been removed from the roof and balcony and hidden in a commercial bin the street below. Three men, one aged 18 and two aged 19, were later arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage and have been bailed pending further inquiries.”

It’s not yet confirmed whether other buildings on the Esplanade may also have been stripped of lead in the same raid.





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  1. Penileaks says:

    Surely the nice new spy camera just up the hill from the Yacht Club will have picked who was involved …………….. or does that not work either ?

  2. Mark Foster says:

    What sort of political game is Alun Michael playing with the police force in this town? Its time to remove him from office.

  3. Penileaks says:

    Strange goings on within the local force methinks and total confusion comes to mind to describe it all.
    First we have the recent trouble in Station Approach, that the Police apparently turned up to, but denied all knowledge of………..until they suddenly remembered a day or so later that they had actually attended the incident.
    Now we have this incident at the Yacht Club, for which it is reported by eyewitnesses, that the local bobbies were in attendance in some numbers – ‘but South Wales Police had said later that day they had no knowledge of any incident on the sea front and had no information as to why any police cars were there.’
    Does the right hand know what the left hand is doing ?
    As head of the local force – and an expensive head at that – Mr Michael needs to get a grip of those under his control (or lack of it) – have they attended ? Yes they have……no they haven’t…….yes they have…….no they haven’t……………….
    Is this the beginnings of an online pantomime for The New Theatre ?
    May i suggest the title for this production be ‘Carry on South Wales Police’, directed and produced by Alun ‘I know nothing about policing’ Michael, starring a cast of disorganised bobbies who are not sure where they are or where they have been. All a perfect recipe for the presentation of a great ‘Carry on’ production and which could eventually lead to the revival of the Ealing comedy brand. I love those and eagerly await it’s release🙂

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    You couldn’t make it up , no CCTV cameras working , gang fight venue, etc etc it just gets worse, and it seems one section of the Police were unaware what another section were up to. Its like a comedy or would be if it wasn’t , so pathetic and shameful. The Police in Penarth might as well pack their bags and go to Barry , we wont miss them as we never see them now (well hardly). As for that ‘man of action’ Alun Micheal , you know the ‘so called ‘ Police Commissioner , I do really hope he is not getting paid for shoddy work. As I mentioned in an earlier post the house next door to Alun Micheal was also stripped of lead and he knew nothing , talk about under the nose of the Police. Now we have this ridiculous and shocking news , it seems Penarth has become a target for gangs and thieves and that word has got around to unsavoury or criminal characters that , with no effective Policing the town is ripe for easy pickings and unlawful behaviour . I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking this kind of set up is totally unacceptable!?. I just like to finish in saying COUNCIL DO YOUR JOB or put someone in place who can , no CCTV cameras working WHAT ON EARTH DID YOU INSTALL THEM FOR ???? As for the Police , remember Penarth , that town who’s population your paid to serve and protect ? well YOUR NOT DOING IT!, so in effect your getting paid for failing in your duty to the town as a whole. Some one needs to pull their socks up sharpish , I fully expect to read soon that the clock on the roundabout in the town centre has been stolen, ooops! im giving thieves ideas , but now’s the time to ‘nick it’ no CCTV no Police to speak of.

  5. snoggerdog says:

    does anybody know where or when the secret policemans ball is being held this year?

  6. Chris Shamb says:

    Find these SCUM!!

  7. Andrew Worsley says:

    I am very surprised at the lack of response to this item when its such a shocking state of affairs , I think I may be getting some idea why Councillors behave as they do to Penarth !!?? but I hope i’m wrong .

  8. The Tax payer says:

    I can understand what Andrew is saying. But most people have given up as no matter what they say nothing happens unless you live in the right area of the Vale or happen to know a Councillor or MP. And may be happy to part with some cash !!!!

    • Penileaks says:

      Oh, goody, goody, we’ve had violence in the town, theft from both roofs and mini busses in Cosmeston and now we have the a hint of bribery to our revered local politicians.
      Big story here I feel !

  9. Martin Coffee says:

    We all know that our “representatives” in Barry read this fine newspaper but I find their silence regarding our CCTV problem deafening. Please could one of them let us know when it is going to be repaired?

    One thing is for sure. This lawlessness is going to escalate until our CCTV is repaired.

  10. AK says:

    I don’t think working CCTV will help to prevent theft, but may help to catch the culprits.

    What would really help is a police presence in the town, instead of sitting in their cosy offices behind the police station filling out paperwork.

  11. Andrew Worsley says:

    Spot on AK!…………Just one thing to add I did see the Police today, well to be honest a Police van going at about 30 MPH heading for Penarth Police Station . well ‘ the building ‘ bet they couldn’t wait to put their feet up after pounding the beat around town, whilst keeping us all save and sound knowing they are their to protect us and turn to , yep no worries with such an alert Police force in town.

  12. Ivor Bagman says:


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