A warning has been posted on Facebook after students and teachers were robbed at Cosmeston Country Park

A warning has been posted on Facebook after students and teachers were robbed at Cosmeston Country Park

South Wales Police are appealing for help in tracing thieves who stole clothes and valuables from a Peugeot minibus being  used by a group of teachers and their students at Cosmeston Country Park.

The group was from St David’s Sixth Form College in Cardiff who had been out exploring the park as part of their studies – but on returning to their minibus in the car park found it had been broken-into and clothes, wallets, phones, and car keys – had been stolen.

The car park at Cosmeston Country Park is no longer considered a safe place to leave possessions

The car park at Cosmeston Country Park is no longer considered a safe place to leave possessions

The theft occurred some time between 13:00 15:00 on Thursday this week (October 13th) but has only now been made public – largely because it leaked out on Facebook . The Facebook post said “Some students had no dry clothes to change into or car keys for the drive home”.

With the story out in the public domain South Wales Police issued a statement saying  “We would encourage anyone with any information to contact the police on 101, in the hope that no one else has to deal with a similar incident.”

Police ask that if anyone has any information please contact (Crimestoppers) on 101 or via 0800 555111, quoting reference 1600395813 (the crime reference number) .

The Facebook post which first broke the story says “Please let other people know this is happening. The area was very busy so if anyone saw anything please contact the college or police.”

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  1. AK says:

    There have been signs warning of thieves operating in Cosmeston car park for many years.

    One of the more intelligent students or staff should have taken the lead and looked after valuables. Presumably someone was supervising from the land ?

  2. 249ers says:

    I wonder why the robbery was only made public after it was leaked on Facebook. Cosmeston is a busy place, even on a Thursday afternoon, I’m sure someone must have witnessed the incident, even if they did not know what they were observing was a robbery.

    • M.T. says:

      This delay in asking for witnesses or even releasing video of crime seems to be standard police procedure. It was weeks before witnesses were asked to come forward after a fight in Bar44 or following the theft of Quad-bikes from Windsor Rd.One exception was the dog theft from outside Sainsbury’s. Details were released almost immediately and the dog recovered the same day!

  3. whatsoccurin says:

    This does fit in to earlier discussions on PDN-Penarth area is now seen as a “soft touch”-police are neither seen nor heard so park where you like,do whatever petty thieving you like, ride unlicensed motor cycles around the town, have a Saturday night rumble-who cares! The problem is this reputation does not go away-some time ago a friend saw a man breaking into cars in a Beacons Car Park-my friend noted his car number and the man was convicted-he was from Manchester and said that he regularly travelled to the Beacons as theft from cars was so easy-once Penarth has the reputation of being a “soft touch” it will not go away.

  4. Clare morgan says:

    Surely educated enough to know not to leave valuables in vehicle? Not good advert for college or cosmeston

  5. Andrew Worsley says:

    I totally agree whatsoccurin another example of the woeful Policing in Penarth and the inadequate treatment of the affair . And I agree with MT if the news had been released earlier and an immediate appeal for witnesses put out the crooks could have been recognised and arrested . But no once again a lack lustre , pathetic performance from the very body paid to serve and PROTECT . The real heroes in Penarth are without doubt the Fire Brigade, if the Police and the useless Council took a leaf from their book they may get some recognition and praise , same with the Police, but that wont ever happen the Police are lethargic and indifferent , whilst the Council is childlike , incompetent and couldn’t care less.

  6. snoggerdog says:

    south wales police issued a statement ? that sounds as rare as the steak i sent back in clevedon a good few years back now.

  7. Mgg says:

    Rare steak? t hedgehog ? Kangaroo?

  8. Paul says:

    With such an array of valuable belongings being left in a locked vehicle, surely a member of staff, could have stayed behind.
    Duty of care, anyone………….

  9. driver says:

    Police is useless looking for our help now

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