All Vale of Glamorgan Councillors are to receive an increase in their salaries

All Vale of Glamorgan councillors are set to receive an increase in their salaries for the first time in three years

All 47 members of the Vale of Glamorgan Council are in line to get a pay rise under the latest draft recommendations of the “Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales”.

The salaries of ordinary Vale Councilliors will rise to £13,400 a year – with extra payments if they carry responsibilities like chairing committees  or are members of the 5-strong so-called ‘cabinet’ of the council.

In making its determinations the Remuneration Panel  says ” Although public sector funding continues to be constrained , the Panel considers that a modest increase in the basic salary is justified and has determined there shall be an increase of £100 (which equates to 0.75%) from Spring 2017 to the basic salary for members of principal councils.”

The panel says the increase for councillors will “help to limit further erosion of relative levels of remuneration in the basic salary paid in recognition of the duties expected of all elected members”.

All 47 Vale of Glamorgan Councillors would become eligible for the new higher basic salary of £13,400 per year in the next financial year (2017/18). In addition, under the latest Remuneration Panel determination, up to 18 Vale councillors can be appointed as so-called “Senior Councillors”

The two highest paid councillors  are Depityu Leader Cllr Lis Burnett Labour St Augustines) and Leader of the Council Neil Moore (Labour Cadoc Ward)

The two highest paid councillors are Deputy Leader Cllr Lis Burnett Labour St Augustines) and Leader of the Council Neil Moore (Labour Cadoc Ward)

Leader of the Vale Council (currently Cllr Neil Moore) would  receive £48,100 p.a . (which includes the basic £13,400 a year).
Deputy Leader of the Vale Council (currently Cllr Lis Burnett) would  receive £33,600 p.a. (which includes the basic £13,400 a year)  .

The Vale of Glamorgan Council can now – if it wishes- pay all five members of its so-called ‘cabinet’ at the rate of £29,100 a year (which includes the basic £13,400 a year)  .

Chairs of “Level 1” committees  will be paid a salary of £22,100 (which includes the basic £13,400 a year)
Chairs of “Level 2” committees will be paid a salary of £20,100 (which includes the basic £13,400 a year)

Leader of largest opposition group is now eligible to be paid £22,100 (which includes the basic £13,400 a year)  . The leaders of other political groups can be paid £17,100 (which includes the basic £13,400 a year)

All councillors can join the  Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS)


  • Car travel expenses can be claimed at 45p per mile for up to 10,000 miles a year
  • Car travel in excess of 10,000 miles year is to be paid at 25p a mile
  • An extra 5p a mile is claimable for every passenger carried on official business
  • Motorcycling councillors can claim 24p per mile for travel on official business
  • Bicycling councillors can charge 20p per mile for official teavel
  • When away on official business,  councillors can claim reimbursement of subsistence costs of £28 per day for meals, including breakfast, where not provided in the overnight charge.
  • Overnight stays in London are reimbursed at the rate of £200 per night and £95 a night elsewhere. If staying with friends and/or family, councillors can claim £30 a night

The draft determinations of the Independent Remuneration Panel are due to be discussed by a council committee later this week .

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  1. Colin Davies says:

    Right, that’s it, I’m definitely running for Council now!!!

    • Lindsay says:

      Please do.

      • Colin Davies says:

        Is there an appetite for more independent councillors?

      • Danny Oakentrode says:

        A silly question. It all depends what policies an independent will follow, commitment, and how they cope with a group of councillors used to political manoeuvring. Furthermore, how do they handle criticism?

      • Colin Davies says:

        I don’t think it’s a silly question as you put it. A lot of people will not vote for an independent irrespective of their polices, just because they are not backed by or affiliated to a major party. People are set in their ways and very few vote on policy they vote on party hence the mess we’re in currently!!

      • Christopher David says:

        No its not a silly question Mr Davies. Its just Lindsay / Oakenrude being silly. Your points are well made.

      • Danny Oakentrode says:

        It certainly is a silly question, because it is unanswerable. There are several instances of candidates dropped by political parties deciding to stand as independents – some successfully, while others failed to convince the electorate.
        Voters usually have, at least, a passing acquaintance with the policies and principles of the major parties, so are usually more comfortable in electing the candidate who represents their favoured party.
        It is impossible to generalise about independent candidates in the same way. Most elections include some independents, often fringe candidates of wildly opposing views. To ask if there is an appetite for independents is inane.
        I was certainly not being rude, but I thought it was obvious why Colin Davies’ question was meaningless.

  2. gary petherick says:

    lis burnett as good as 2 men missing

  3. Christopher David says:

    Send in for application via purple post it note. Hey will the lemon juice faced one support the pay rise?

  4. Anne says:

    No allowances for bus using Cllrs? Aren’t they supposed to encourage bus use? They could raise or delete allowances for car users and raise the allowance for cyclists as they require less parking space and don’t contribute to congestion and pollution.

  5. Eyes and Ears says:

    genuine out of pocket expenses fair enough but £30 to stay at someone’s house and £28 per day for food!? I know we all like a moan on here but that really does take the mick. It would be cheaper to employ someone to take care of booking hotels etc so that the best deal is found.

    • Lm says:

      They can stay with me and give me the £30 per night!
      I expect our rates will rise substantially now after this and the cut in funding just announced!

  6. Elizabeth Windsor says:

    My subordinate councillors have been very loyal to me by keeping you lot under control. They deserve their exuberant salaries and luxury hotel rooms

  7. The Tax payer says:

    Total waste of our time making any comment. Most of them should be in crown court for what they do

  8. Christopher David says:

    A big sycophantic theme running here. As for “appetite for independents”. Some here don’t understand a caveat when they see one, naïve types but yes there is certainly is an appetite for independents- credible ones as Mr Oakentrode points out. And where “political” postings are concerned like Police Commissioner,the fair minded may say it should be mandatory candidates are independent. ,

    • Danny Oakentrode says:

      Do you know what ‘sycophantic’ means, or do your minions refrain from correcting all your written errors, not just grammar and spelling?
      I don’t see any posts that are broadly supportive of the Vale of Glamorgan spending habits. Most of those that comment do so in pejorative terms, and I see a disapproval theme running here – a 180 degree volte face from your conclusion.

  9. Christopher David says:

    Posts broadly! Silly Question 🙂 Actually the above has been edited but then who likes namedroppers eh! But one would hope you were bright enough to see the Vale supporters running through many posts on PDN. As for my sloppy grammar I’ve found mild dyx lex ia has never really held me back, a bit better at other things you see. Which is why I don’t have to suffer “I think I’m clever because I have an English GCSE” grammar Nazi types in the summer months. As for Your pejorative comment hah ha, well I don’t know about volte-face (just to correct you know it all, you missed the hyphen) but I know a two-face when I see one. Up the independents luv.

    • Danny Oakentrode says:

      Do you not have any original thoughts, or does retirement drive you to write something… anything… even if it is only a vacuous response to others?
      Regardless of other articles, your comment about sycophants is irrelevant on this thread, and doesn’t make any sense within the context of this article and the comments above.
      My point, which I’ll happily repeat, is that the weight of opinion is AGAINST the Vale councillors – in this article and in most others.
      Furthermore, the notion that independent candidates would somehow automatically be better than party candidates is a huge assumption, and in fact, they would be much more likely to be unknown quantities than official party candidates, as they would not be compelled to follow a recognised party line and declared policies.
      In blindly favouring such dark horses, it is obvious who is being naive, Christopher.

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