This phone box in St Luke's Avenue Penarth is one of the three local kiosks to be removed

This phone box in St Luke’s Avenue Penarth is one of the three local kiosks likely to be removed

Telephone giant BT is planning to remove three public pay-telephone boxes in Penarth as part of its plans to scrap a total of 1,579 kiosks across Wales.

The cuts will halve the number of kiosks in Wales, take out  20 phone boxes across the Vale of Glamorgan and all affected local authorities and community councils are being consulted.

The Pill St kiosk in Cogan is one on the hit list of three earmarked for removal by BT

The Pill Street kiosk in Cogan is on the hit list of three payphone boxes earmarked for removal by BT

This week Penarth Town Council will be considering a report on BT’s plans to remove three local phone boxes. The kiosks affected are at : –

  • Castle Avenue
  • Pill St ( not Hill St as first reported).
  • St Luke’s Avenue

All three boxes on the hit list are are of the more modern design with three sides in glass and none are of the traditional pre-war red K9 type which are located within the Penarth Conservation Area. Those red boxes are safe, for now.

The phone kiosks earmarked for removal all have notices displayed inside them

The phone kiosks earmarked for removal in Penarth all have BT notices displayed inside them

BT say “notices of potential removal” have been put up on all the kiosks under threat . The argues they don’t get enough use to justify their maintenance costs.

A BT spokesman says the removal of payphones is carried out in strict adherence to guidelines from the communications regulator Ofcom and is carried out with the  consent of local authorities

There is however an alternative to removal . BT has an “Adopt a Kiosk” scheme which enables groups of local people and local councils to look after specific kiosks in their areas

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  1. Louise says:

    Turn them into free libraries, a local book swap shop. Lots of them in England.

  2. sjleworthy says:

    where’s Hill Street?

    i think it’s not a bad idea. they look eyesore, probably cost more than the make and are a pretty outdated commodity these days.

    • Andrew Davies says:

      Hill Street runs uphill in a westerly direction from the bottom of Plassey Street, opposite Holy Nativity Church, and it backs onto Penarth Heights.

  3. sjleworthy says:

    Hill Terrace you mean?

  4. Ivor Bagman says:

    Keep taking the tablets .

    • Betty Bagman says:

      Moses rang. He wants to know what you did with his. He can only find two.

      • Ivor Bagman says:

        Took em to uncle
        He said “wot’s da crack?”
        I said ” Wot’s da deal ?”
        He said “Half a quarter !”
        So I went to pieces.

  5. Fiona Whitfield says:

    Good though in an emergency as Im a tight wad and never put credit on my phone -Im paying for my teenagers contract and cant afford 2 -when hourly bus didn’t turn up when living in Dinas and I was meeting daughter for her orthodontics I really missed the phone box that used to be on Cardiff road as daughter was texting me thinking the worst Im 58 and some times need them ha ha

  6. Anne Greagsby says:

    Glad Clive place one safe for now…in need of a spruce up…

  7. Martin Coffee says:

    Having fallen foul of the police’s so called Witness Care Unit I use call boxes to anonymously report incidents or provide information. I’d hate to lose that facility though it’s easier now that I know that the town centre’s CCTV isn’t working!

  8. Paul says:

    Do people still use these antiquated, rectangular boxes any more…

  9. snoggerdog says:

    why not unplug them & leave them there like the cctv?

  10. Andrew Worsley says:

    Good thinking snoggerdog, well in a way , has any body heard yet when the CCTV cameras in Penarth are to be repaired ???? and funny how all 8 or is it 9 have been allowed to decline , were they never maintained ??? and why has the monitoring of CCTV cameras has been moved from Barry to Bridgend???? not that it effects us YET. Can I as a citizen appeal for any professional people who know how to service CCTV cameras and get them running again , put in a tender to the Council as they have made no attempts themselves.? I’m half tempted to say someone should get a petition up and once enough names are on it send it to the Council giving them a deadline to begin repairs on the CCTV cameras or repairs will be put out to tender by the public and any bill sent to the Council by the Council Tax paying public.

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