The Vale of Glamorgan Council HQ in Barry

The Vale of Glamorgan Council HQ in Barry

Although many local authorities are to receive their first increase in funding for two years, the Welsh Government’s finance secretary Mark Drakeford is cutting the cash allocation to the Vale of Glamorgan Council .

The Vale of Glamorgan’s Welsh Government funding for the financial year 2017/16 is being set at £150,200,000 – which is 0.2% less than it received in the current year (2017/17)  .

The total amount being paid to Wales 22 local councils in 2017/18 will be  £4.1 billion which represents £3,800,000 more than in this current year .

Gwynedd is the local authority which gets the largest  increase at 0.9% – but the Vale of  Glamorgan Council is one of 10 authorities which are getting less this time.

The Vale Council funds itself from the Welsh Government cash grant, from council tax imposed on local residents, from borrowing and from charges it makes for services.

The Welsh Labour Governemnt's Finance and Local Government secretary Mark Drakeford

The Welsh Labour Government’s Finance and Local Government secretary Mark Drakeford

Finance and Local Government Secretary Mark Drakeford says  “No council will have to manage on less than 99.5% of the cash provided to them last year.”

However Drakeford has warned councils against any plans they may have to  ramp-up council tax yet again .

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has consistently increased council tax by well over the rate of inflation in every year since the current Labour administration was installed.

Drakeford has told the councils they must  “consider carefully how to secure best value for Welsh taxpayers through effective and efficient service provision”.


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  1. Martin Coffee says:

    So that a 5% reduction for Penarth town and a 4.8% increase for Barry town.

  2. Christopher David says:

    Ha maybe, maybe a sell off of assets! How much do those £450 chairs add up to? Can’t remember how many bums needed seating. Still they’re probably only worth a tenner each second hand.

  3. Mgg says:

    WHat is the justification for giving more to some and less to others . ?

    • AK says:

      I suspect it is worked on a complex formula, related to the actual area – population mix, business mix, rural, urban areas, industry, coast etc. Schools have a similar formula for their funding from Local Government.

      It saves the politicians from actually making any big financial decisions – ‘here’s your formula funding, nothing we can do to give you more’.

  4. Paul says:

    “All 47 members of the Vale of Glamorgan Council are in line to get a pay rise under the latest draft recommendations of the “Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales”.

    The salaries of ordinary Vale Councilliors will rise to £13,400 a year – with extra payments if they carry responsibilities like chairing committees or are members of the 5-strong so-called ‘cabinet’ of the council.”
    oh dear, how are they gonna get their pay rises now.
    Something has to go, preferably its them………

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