Penarth Fire Brigade outside the Pier Pavilion last night after the smoke alert. (A PDN-reader photo)

Penarth Fire Brigade outside the Pier Pavilion last night after the smoke alert. (PDN reader photo)

Smoke from a smouldering pan triggered an evening fire alarm at Penarth Pier Pavilion last night .

A private birthday-party was being held on the premises under the supervision of Pavilion staff when a cooking pan, which had some food residue in it, apparently started to burn  – emitting enough smoke to set off the Pavilion’s automatic fire alarms.

Pavilion director Nadine Simmons made sure the drama didn't become a crisis

Pavilion director Nadine Simmons made sure the drama didn’t become a crisis

Pavilion Director Nadine Simmons and cafe manager Diane quickly had matters under control – but Penarth Fire Brigade is always automatically tasked to attend  if an electronic smoke alarm signal is triggered on commercial or public premises.

The incident was all over by the time the fire engine arrived. South Wales Fire and Rescue said the incident was caused by a “sensitive kitchen fire-alarm” .

Pier Pavilion staff all take part in routine regular fire drills .  The original Bijou Pavilion at the seaward end of the pier was destroyed in a disastrous fire in August 1931 – but fortunately last night’s incident amounted to nothing more than a burned pan.


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  1. Linda Davies says:

    So that explains all the bloomin’ ‘noises off stage’ too!

    Sorry to hear Phil still not up to much – is there something in the Cardiff Book Festival next weekend to tempt him? Talking of books, this morning whilst priming the window frames in Sam’s old bedroom I heard something brilliant on Radio 4. It was Lemn Sissay talking about the experiences of children in care/without their own family (as he was) and comparing them to Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker etc. He was humorous despite some of the awful things he was talking about. I know nothing about Lemn Sissay (ignorant me!) but was moved to look him up and discover his story and that he is a poet. So shall be off to the library/bookshop soon… Meanwhile he has done a Ted talk and various other things I can listen to. You are probably both more up to date than me and know all about him, but if not…..

    Miserable old day today; hope it stops raining for my Dyffryn gardening day tomorrow! xx


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