image21 An immediate 7.5 tonne weight-restriction should be imposed on the  A4055 Cardiff to Barry road through Dinas Powys according to local conservative councillor  Vince Driscoll.

He claims that when the £57,000,000 Eastern Bay Link Road, between Rover Way and the Butetown Tunnel completes the  A4232 peripheral road around Cardiff , the A4055 through Dinas will become “a grid-locked nightmare  like a Welsh M25,” .

The proposed route of the Dinas Powys by-pass. The Vale Council conceded it "would partially address" traffic issues - but the decision was still "No"

The proposed route of the Dinas Powys by-pass. The Vale Council conceded it “would partially address” traffic issues”

Cllr Driscoll says “The chance of a serious accident happening – particularly near the Infant School at the traffic lights – doesn’t bear thinking about” and wants heavy vehicles banned from using the route through Dinas.

Local Conservative councillors are writing to the Vale Council and to Jane Hutt A.M. for the Vale to ask her to raise the matter with the Welsh Government’s cabinet secretary for economy and infrastructure, Ken Skates.

The Labour-controlled Vale of Glamorgan Council  omitted to include a Dinas Powys By-Pass in its 10-year transport plan claiming the  emphasis should be on ‘walking and cycling routes.’

Until the by-pass is actually is built the Conservatives say a weight restriction is essential.







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  1. Steve says:

    Excellent idea. Good plan! Then the lorries will use Redlands Road and hopefully the lane past the schools to Sully. When it all gets gridlocked, the new housing estates in Sully and Cog will devalue and residents won’t be able to get access. Bring it forward immediately and put the developers off.
    Then get the Dina’s bypass built to sort it out later.

  2. Chris Franks says:

    Well it might be worth yet another try. Certainly heavy lorries should not be travelling through our community. It has been unfortunate that for years the standard response when Plaid asked for a ban has been that the police have refused to give their support and have said that they will not enforce it. Apparently the Police say that so many lorry drivers could simply claim that they are making local deliveries and so the ban would not affect them.
    Rather than simply calling on the council to act it might be more appropriate for the local MP to influence his colleague the Home Secretary and oblige the Police to respond. Such legislation is in the hands of MPs. Some leadership from Alun Cairns MP would be helpful. Parliament has not transferred many such powers to Wales. So it up to MPs to act.”

  3. Big Davey says:

    Does the Vale expect HGV drivers to get on their bikes.

    If we want the Vale to be isolated commercially then this is a great way to go about it.

  4. Ford Prefect says:

    The lorries should go up to Culverhouse Cross and down the link road. That is what it is there for. They are an extreme hazard to pedestrians. Most HGV drivers drive around far too fast, many are very complacent. They should be heavily restricted inside urban areas, and the sooner they are forced to use autonomous / semi-autonomous vehicles the better.

  5. Ian Perry says:

    Just seven months until the election…

    What about a 20mph speed limit through the centre of the village, and a redesign of the street?

    • Peter Church says:


      There is a big difference, Germans do what they are told. You trying removing traffic lights and road markings in this country and see what happens?

      Try it in the Rhonnda and if it works there then great roll out your tutonic bavarian scheme nationwide.

      Someone who lives in the real world.

      • Ian Perry says:


        Humans are humans wherever we are. The people in the UK are not a superior race (as Farage and co. believe), nor are we inferior, as those trying to keep us where we are, or take us backwards (like Farage and co.) believe.

        If we could replace the engineering approach to streets, to one around human behaviour and need, then we would see much safer and pleasant streets here in Wales.

  6. Frank Evans says:

    Can we have a wait restrictions on the Coogan dip as well?
    5 mins in the morning would suite me fine.
    You do need time to drink you coffee after all!

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