If the wheels are teh wrong side of the white line there'll be a ticket on the windscreen

If the wheels are the wrong side of the white line before lunch there’ll be a ticket on the windscreen

A veteran local councillor and former mayor of Penarth – Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward)  – has once again hit out at what he calls the “vast number” of Parking Charge Notices being handed out by Vale Council enforcement officers .

Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward)

Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward)

He says the targets are motorists who “inadvertently fail to notice well-worn paint markings on the highway”.

Cllr. Ernest says that almost every day he sees these notices “plastered” on the car windscreens of unsuspecting motorists who have not noticed the difference between sections of the roadway where Limited Parking hours apply all day whilst immediately next to these spaces are several spaces where Limited Parking is not allowed until after Midday.

He  says angry residents and visitors “quite understandably think that when they see a row of parked vehicles, that they can also park there quite legally” – but then find that “because they have missed a barely visible and faded 3 foot white line between two close parked vehicles, they have incurred a massive penalty, against which it is almost impossible to appeal.”

Parking outside the Co-op could be a very expensive decision

Parking outside the Co-op could be a very expensive decision for unwary motorists.

Cllr Ernest highlights two areas in particular  –

  • Outside the Co-op store and
  • Outside the Nationwide Building Society,

He says “day after day motorists are being caught out and being forced to pay often unaffordable fines to the Labour-controlled Vale of Glamorgan Council. ” – and the “cunning” penalty regime is  affecting both shopping and tourism.

Parking tickets are like buses - if you miss one there'll be another along soon

Parking tickets are like buses – if you miss one there’ll be another along soon

Cllr Ernest says “Unfortunately, it is frequently visitors to our town, who help keep our independent shops in business in these difficult times of high rents and rates, who are hit with these fines. Yet despite my drawing the Vale’s attention previously to the anomalies, when they said that over a £1,000,000 pounds had been collected in Penalty Charges in Penarth, they still failed to do anything about changing these unfair restrictions on motorists in the Town Centre.”

He says he recognises the need for goods vehicles to have adequate parking to deliver to local shops, but thinks the Vale Council  could do a much better job in making provision for “these giant lorries which take up so much space in a town with no off-street parking capability”.

Cllr Ernest invites anyone who agrees with his views to contact him at AMErnest@gmail.com so he can take the matter up with the  Vale Council ,


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  1. AK says:

    Perhaps they could concentrate their efforts on issuing tickets to those who park on zig zags, double yellow lines and dropped kerbs instead.

  2. Roger Taylor says:

    I’ve written to Cllr Ernest but not to support him.

    The dangerous and illegal parking outside the town centre is placing pedestrians and other road users at risk of injury or worse which the parking in the town centre is not.

    it is my opinion that Cllr Ernest should be putting his efforts into reducing the dangerous parking.

  3. AK says:

    In Cogan they just double park when they run out of spaces or fancy a bag of chips

  4. Barrie V Evans. says:

    I think that 50 years ago when councillors worked for nothing they did not need to generate vast sums of money to generate councillors wage and expense bills. So they introduce the double yellows etc and screw the motorist at every opportunity. The Vale Council is not unique in this practice as it has spread through our towns and cities like a rampant form of cancer. They shouild all remember “Dick Turpin wore a mask”.

  5. snoggerdog says:

    can penarth keep this £l,000,000 & plough it back into penarths infrastructure,no,thought not.

  6. Ivor Bagman says:

    I think they should
    Charge people who hog
    Benches in the town.
    I tried to rest my legs
    The other day , but
    The two men sat there
    Said – “We’re saving that seat
    for our mate – and don’t
    touch the bags !”

  7. Stephen Davies says:

    Having worked in the Transport and Distribution industry over the years, in certain towns there are restrictions on the times HGV’s can deliver. Most often early morning deliveries are required when there is very little traffic around. It amazes me that a simple approach such as no HGV deliveries after 8am could help the traffic in Penarth, but maybe that would be too simple and not generate any funds for the Vale.

  8. Thank you all for your comments, but the fact is that this cack-handed approach to restricting parking outside commercial premises is hitting LOCAL people (who pay Council Tax to the Vale in many instances), and a number of people have contacted me in the last few days to say that they agree with what I say. The wider issue of controlling traffic elsewhere in Penarth is an issue that I do not have control over at present, but I am always happy to pass on these issues to the “powere that be”.

  9. Chris Franks says:

    Not sure where the million pounds in fines comes from. I’d be interested to be advised. The facts are that in the last financial year £240,000 in fines were received across the whole of the Vale. After costs the surplus was £17,000. Windsor Road has 489 penalty notices. Other significant areas in Penarth are; Albert Cres 76, Glebe St 188, Hickman Rd 139,, Ludlow St/Lane 90, Plassey St 240, Station Approach 59, Station Rd 48.

  10. Dinas Powys & Vale Councillor Franks may possibly be right, but even if he is, the cost to the motorist and the Vale taxpayer is huge. The “Net Take” (just assuming he is right) was a lousy £17K with all the remaining hard-earned money swallowed up in wages, administration, legal fees and more…. What would the Vale do with that sum – maybe spend it on yet another increase for County Councillors or better still, re-paint those faded white lines outside the grocery store and building society in the town.

    • Lindsay says:

      This debate is puzzling me. Don’t we normally argue in favour of enforcing parking restrictions? I seem to remember a campaign, not so long ago, to name and shame miscreants. Are we now saying that we have to be selective in enforcement?

  11. The issue here is the visibility of the Goods Vehicle parking bays. Poorly painted markings on the road, signs that may be legal but certainly not clear to the average motorists, and a huge amount of frustration from those hit with a £60 fine. If you are one of them you may possibly sympathise with my views, but if you are a Goods Vehicle driver, then you may well take an opposing view !

    My aim is fairness and a wish to bring MORE motorists (visitors) into Penarth, not treat them as a nuisance to be driven out to the big supermarkets in Cardiff Bay, or Cardiff City Centre with its big multi-storey car parks. On the other hand, we need vehicles to move on after a short while, to allow another batch of shoppers to come in and spend their hard earned cash.

    (PS – Penarth does not receive a penny of the fines for any useful projects in the town).

  12. Lindsay says:

    I’m afraid I’m still puzzled. Is it your contention that more visible goods parking bays, renewed road markings and improved signage would achieve your aims? It has already been suggested that the revenue from parking penalty charges in Penarth is in the range £17k to £1m, which leaves plenty of scope for clarification. Now you say that Penarth does not receive “a penny” for “any useful projects”. Can we rely on this information? Is it possible to extrapolate any worthwhile statistics from the £17k or £1m, or whatever other figure we may come up with?

    I think we can all agree that parking in Penarth is a major issue, always has been and is likely to get worse. The answer is a car park but several generations have been unable to come up with a workable solution. Meanwhile, of course, we should encourage turnover of available parking space and part of this is enforcing time limitations by means of financial penalties. Most people who contribute to this blog seem to agree that dangerous and inconsiderate parking should also be penalised.

    Car parking is only part of the problem of attracting visitors. Equally important is ensuring diversity of the shopping experience and promoting reliable, affordable public transport.

  13. AK says:

    There is a car park undeneath Hyde Park in London, accessed from Park Lane, which accommodates thousands of vehicles. Perhaps NCP could construct one underneath Belle Vue Park.

    I rarely have a problem finding a space in Penarth for a quick visit – I may have to go round the block a couple of times, but I usually manage to find a space eventually.

    Part of the problem is caused by traders leaving their vehicles in time limited spaces all day long, and the enforcement people turning a blind eye. In addition, there are residents only bays lying empty during shopping hours because the residents are out at work.

  14. Lindsay – I don’t have youre Surname or an address to contact you directly – I am afaid that I disagree with some of your comments. I should say that I have received a number of private emails from local residents (and possibly visitors) who have had to pay £60 fines with little hope of a successful appeal. Only yesterday morning, the CEO was out and about booking people who did not see the pathetically thin white line which one white car was actually stradling, so nobody could see it ! Obviously I am raising this issue (not for the first time) as so many motorists say that the signage is “poor” and “not readily visible” as a Goods Parking area, between early morning and Noon. Penarth needs to welcome visitors and the income they bring – some scribblers believe that they should be hounded out of town if I read it that way.

    As for the money, it is of little consequence to Penarth, as it should be spent on HIghway related issues under the parking fines regulations. Apart from filling one or two potholes, not much else to show regrettably.

    As for a Car Park – where do you suggest we put it, whose land would be compulsorily acquired to build it on and where are the millions of pounds Capital spend going to come from ? Answers on a postcard please.

    • Lindsay says:

      We’ll agree to disagree on some of the matters we have both raised but, as for the car park, I know as well as anyone else that there is no suitable site. That’s why “several generations have been able to come up with a workable solution”.

  15. Can I just thank the many people who have contacted me since I first raised the issue of Parking Fines once again. Without exception these good people from Penarth have been caught out by the inadequate Good Vehicle only markings in the middle of a row of parked vehicles, where other motorists can park quite safely along the rest of the length of highway. I intend maintaining my campaign and invite other to join me if they so wish, particularly if they have been “robbed” of £60 or so.

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